10-Man Tag Team Match Advertised For Monday's WWE Raw Supershow

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WWE is advertising a 10-man tag team match on Monday's Raw Supershow from Miami, Florida. The match will feature Wrestlemania XXVIII opponents against each other.

Monday's Raw Supershow will take place from the American Airlines Arena in Miami.

  • Steven

    I would imagine that Dwayne will not be in that match…..just a guess

    • William

      You might be wrong, "Dwayne" may just surprise you and all of the anti-Rock "Dwayne callers" and just be involved in this match. Remember last year he showed up the next night on Raw after WM27.

      • Razmos01

        He is already booked for raw after mania, so yea maybe he could be in the match, but i doubt it

  • RileyFan

    PLEASE let A-Ry be in this…

    • XKonn247

      I honestly can’t see why he wouldn’t be! I mean it’s not like he went from feuding with Miz to total no name, lucky to work superstars, barely any ring skills afterthought! I’d even bank he’ll be the challenger to the WWE title match at Extreme Rulez!!!!!

    • PainOfDemise

      A-Ry isn't going to be in that match, if you noticed it said "The match will feature Wrestlemania XXVIII opponents against each other". A-Ry isn't in Wrestlemania.

    • Guy Landau

      Why? He isn't on the WM card…

      • ViperDaughter

        WHat the hell. Are you death. He is not in the WM Card dumbass

  • Hunter

    Lmao, WTF are you smoking? How would it make any sense to have Riley in the match?

  • ViperDaughter

    I hop RKO is in it. =)