10 WWE Names To Watch Out For In 2013, Photo Of Vince McMahon Boxing

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- WWE has a new feature on dot com listing 10 names to "watch out for in 2013." Their article says 10 superstars but The Shield and Team Rhodes scholars are listed in two spots, which actually makeup five stars. Below is the list:

  1. Team Rhodes Scholars
  2. Kaitlyn
  3. Antonio Cesaro
  4. Tyson Kidd
  5. Wade Barrett
  6. Ryback
  7. The Shield
  8. AJ Lee
  9. CM Punk
  10. Dolph Ziggler

Click here to view the feature in its entirety.

- We shared a photo of Vince McMahon boxing here on Facebook. Would you fight him? Tell us in the comments either here or on Facebook.

  • tna

    tyson kidd ?
    im surprised they bothered mentioning cm punk aswell considering its obvious he will be a massive player in 2013

    • izblack

      Punk still the most overrated wrestler on the roster.

      • Mohammad

        i agree as much as i like him he is slowly, BUT surly becoming the next john cena.

        • izblack

          Agreed, expect that Punk is 10x more annoying then Cena as well.

  • PainOfDemise

    Tyson Kidd?

    God I hope that means he's finally going to get a push.

  • SRP

    I’m surprised Cena isn’t on there.

  • Dave Barton

    1) Don't get Tyson Kidd's hopes up. Does anyone even remember he & Harry were tag champs? No? That's how much they've wasted his potential.

    2) If Punk is on that list, then why is there no Cena, Sheamus, Big Show, etc?

    • Pinkie Pie

      Hey, I DO remember when they were champs. I rather enjoyed their stable with Natalya. It was a shame that they were broken up and that Smith got released.

    • Jimmy

      Because CM Punk is still young and will be in the WWE long after Cena retires

  • Maz

    No John Cena? What about the miz 🙁

  • Kleck

    I wouldn’t fight Vince but I’d love to ask him questions over lunch sometime. Such a wrestling mind would be a pleasure.

  • Adamtrace

    I’d love to jump in and trade a few with Vince, but he would kick my ass! It would be wicked, I’d throw him off by pretending I was gonna make him kiss my ass!!!

  • Kyle Gordon

    Interesting that Tyson Kidd makes it on (not that that's a bad thing in any way, shape or form) but no Justin Gabriel. If I'm him I'd be worried for my job right about now along with Zack Ryder, although to be honest I wouldn't be surprised if either is one of these midcard bunch of talents that are being reported on a lot of sites (I'm not sure if this is one of them or not) that are thinking of asking for their release after WrestleMania.

  • AnacondaVise

    I'll believe when I see it.

    Tyson Kidd

  • Moe

    Let's hope Barrett doesn't get hurt again this time around.

  • justsomefan

    I'm surprised Daniel Bryan is not on that list.

  • Pluto

    I don't see what Tyson Kidd has ever done that has the IWC so high up on him. There are so many other wrestlers on the roster that are so much more talented then Kidd. At this point any fans of Kidd (if there are any too begin with) should just be happy he still has a job.

    • Jimmy

      Tyson Kidd does moves in the ring that i've never even seen before

  • Stoney

    when the shield split
    Ambrose would be a main event heel
    Rollins most likely a midcard face
    Reigns a main heel as well

    • Jimmy

      I think if Rollins can work on his promos and mic skills then he could be the next CM Punk, the first time I saw him on NXT I immediately thought of Punk

  • Jimmy

    I think Dolph is gonna be a major player heading into 2013, this is basically the year he becomes a championship maineventer, hopefully he gets a good run as champion