10 WWE Stars To Watch In 2014

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Dot com posted a new article on New Year's Day, listing 10 superstars to watch in 2014. They are as follows:

  1. Big E Langston
  2. Brie Bella
  3. Titus O'Neil
  4. The Usos
  5. Xavier Woods
  6. Summer Rae
  7. Roman Reigns
  8. Ryback & Curtis Axel
  9. Damien Sandow
  10. Bray Wyatt

You can read the article in its entirety at this link.

  • Superfly

    I have not been impressed at all with Xavier Woods. I find him incredibly boring. I think Titus O’Neil could be great with his in ring work and personality.

  • Joel

    I would take Brie Bella, Xavier Woods, Summer Rae, Curtis Axel and Ryback off the list because none of them have proven any signs of moving up the ladder. That being said I would put Roman Reigns as number 1, Bray Wyatt as number 2 and Big E as number 3. WWE is very high on Reigns and will definitly want to bank on The Shield break up. He has a great look and some good ring skills. He’s not a promo guy yet but that doesn’t mean he won’t get better. Bray Wyatt has fit well into his gimmick and WWE has big plans for him even though his ring work isn’t very crisp. Big E will continue to be pushed because of his look but still needs to prove himself to be a valuable player in the ring and on the mic. Its all possible that Ryback could come back into the fold but because he has been pushed down so much it will take a lot for him to come back and be taken seriously. Axel will continue to do his run on the pre-shows and lose to lower card guys like Sin Cara because his run with Paul Heyman was a disaster. Summer Rae and Brie won’t move up or down the card because of how WWE views the Divas division. I believe that Summer Rae will live and die with the Fandango gimmick but if Total Divas is still on the air we will see the same amount of Brie. I’d move Titus and Xavier way down because they are both stuck with mid card gimmicks and won’t be moving up in 2014 but I wouldn’t count them out for big leaps in 2015 especially Titus. Sandow is very and should be higher but I don’t see him making any jumps until 2015. The Usos will stay at about the same spot that they are at now with a possible title run.