1000th Episode Of WWE Raw Does Monster Rating

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The 1000th episode of WWE Raw did a 3.8 cable rating off hours of 3.48, 3.95 and 4.09 with an average viewing audience of 6,019,000 viewers on the USA Network.

Obviously the show was a huge success for WWE.

  • chelu671

    Huge congratulations to WWE.

    • Ken

      Let's hope they can keep it up next week.

  • Ranfery25

    Wow wow wow! Hell yeaaaaaa!!!!

  • Richard

    a MONSTER rating. Richard sorta exaggerated. Lol.

  • Michael

    They need good matches and storylines to keep it up

  • ballzdeep34

    mann that’s good. Almost as good as everybody loves raymond has in syndication lol jk.

  • amaanakter786

    Congrats to WWE let’s hope it continues

  • Pizzaman

    Awwwww yah like a boss

  • Dave Barton

    They should consider having a 1000th episode every week.

  • Joe

    Wwe used to pull 4s and above weekly. I wouldn’t call this number “monster” but that’s just me. Good compared to the last few years I guess.

  • cmpunkisnotimpressed

    monster? remember when a monster rating was 5.0?

  • Blake

    Great job they earned it

  • Frenchfry

    wow thats a lot of people

  • mw

    its not that good i was hoping 10 and more

  • CynIsIn

    This is why TNA will never beat WWE. Sorry to say that, but if Hulk Hogan and Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy and going live at a better hour can't get the rating up, nothing will.

    • aj devilin

      tna could beat wwe if they had the right people running the company! but bad promoting,inept management,and not taking impact cross country to get noticed more is the reason why they are always getting ratings of 0.8-1.2!

      • Kyle

        Tna could never beat Wwe unless all the stars from wwe switched places with the bums over @ tna!!!!!

  • Kleck

    Would be interesting to find out what year did the WWE last turn in a 4.0+ rating

    • aj devilin

      the commercial free RAW i think in 2009(?) that show got a 4.5 rating

      • Kleck

        Can you even give a 30-60 second commercial a rating?

  • Alex P

    When was the last time they pulled off a rating like that?

  • Sythian

    Let this be a sign that you draw big rating by putting on an entertaining show. If only the first hour had kept up with the other 2

    • eric

      I think Vince mess that beginning hour up

  • snuggle

    With ratings like this Vince should attempt to get Brock and Rock full time by paying them whatever they want. I really enjoyed Raw it was awesome, if they book like this everyweek than there only competition will be the NFL.

  • Knowlsey92

    Bit disappointed that we don’t get it live in Australia yet, Cole said it was live in to Mew Zealand go figure haha

    • Miles

      We won’t get it until Friday evening

  • aj devilin

    tna will also have the NFL as competition too as NFL network's thursday night football begins in september.

  • eric

    This was entertainment great show mess Austin

  • Matt

    Good for them! Amazing news. I know a lot of people who tuned in to watch that haven't seen wrestling in over 10 years like my parents and some of my friends. Gotta love it!

  • PFElton

    "Monster" he says. Lmao.

  • George Takei

    Oh myyy

  • jeremiah

    This is nothing special IMO. I'd be willing to bet that next week their ratings will be down back to the low to mid 3's. The writing is what needs a massive overhaul. It's not really the wrestler's, its the writing.

  • Kevin

    I'm not surprised the ratings got bigger with each hour. I think a lot of people probably forgot that it was 3 hours, plus once the word got out that it was so awesome, more people tuned in to watch the rest of it. That final hour had to be the biggest, since the show was scheduled to end with the Punk/Cena title match.