1,000th Episode Of WWE Raw Revealed; William Regal Addresses His Future

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- WWE announced on Facebook the 1,000th episode of Raw will take place on Monday, July 23, 2012.

- William Regal, who quietly disappeared from his position as an announcer on WWE NXT last month, wrote the following on Twitter:

  • Dave Barton

    Aha! So its REGAL who’s behind the “cyptic” video series!

    j/k…although I do love Regal’s classic ring work and his comedic abilities.

    • vmagic

      No, maybe he will be the new Raw GM! Well one can hope!

  • Ruck

    this will be the greatest milestone to the wwe yet! That is until Raw celebrates its 20th year on the air in 2013.

    As for William Regal, I really hope that when he re-appears, he makes the most of it because I feel he has everything to make, the ring work, mic skills, unique personality, only thing working against him is his age but seeing how wwe is slowly giving the veterans a moment in the sun, I hope Regal can bounce back from his failed run at the top a few years back when he was the Raw GM and the KOTR. It would be extremely nice to see him feud with Daniel Bryan! That has the potential to be one of the best feuds of 2012.

  • havoc525

    I hope they keep the title on Danielson, allow he and Regal to feud at least through February, maybe even let Regal have a title run, even if it’s just a couple weeks to drop it, preferrably back to Danielson.

  • Kevin

    Here's what I don't get. The WWE finally saw fit to give The King a title shot, and he lost. Yet along comes Daniel Bryan, and suddenly he's the champ. Why couldn't Lawler have won the belt, then lost it on the next Monday Night Raw? Hell, even if he won it, then lost it to a briefcase holder immediately, that would have been better than not winning it at all. I hate to see a man of Jerry Lawler's caliber having never won a WWE title.

  • Franco

    Rowdy Pipper never won A title either, but he is stil an Icon

  • hello

    hope he brings back the european title back. would be good 🙂

  • Steveuk007

    Am I the only one who finds Daniel Bryan boring as hell? In ring, with WWE limitations, he doesn’t stand out at all.

    He literally doesn’t have a character at all.

    • finly36

      AMEN IV NEVER LIKED HIM AS A WRESTLER. HUMAN BEING WISE HE A GOOD GUY NOTHING AGINST HIM HE….AAAKKK HE CANT BE RUNING WITH BIG GUYS WHY HE IS THAT SIZE. i cant belive it when he beats big guys. its just not beliveible. mabe have him fued with del rio, wade barret but never big guys like henery or show.