Roman Reigns Entering Rumble First, Divas Title Match Added

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- It was revealed by Vince and Stephanie McMahon on this week's WWE Raw that WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns will be the number one entrant in the Royal Rumble match.

- Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte for the WWE Divas Championship has been added to the Royal Rumble pay-per-view card.

WWE Royal Rumble will take place this Sunday from the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. We’ll have exclusive live play-by-play coverage right here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com.

  • Dave Barton

    Forcing Reigns to enter as #1 pretty much ensures he’ll be eliminated last with a new champ crowned. But he’ll overcome other odds somehow so he can go on to WM and have his WM moment by winning the title back there.

    At least, this is the best guess a guy who’s watched wrestling for nearly 40 years can come up with.

    • sauce

      40 years eh? what was Bruiser Brody like coming from a fan who was watching during his career? just curious

      • Dave Barton

        Well, I was a young mark at the time. Wrestling was still 100% kayfabe and I was a child who bought it all as legit.

        In that context, my impression of Brody was that he was a crazy, damn near unstoppable beast who could only (possibly) be beaten by a similar beast such as Abdullah the Butcher. Dude was 6’8″ and near 300 pounds, he was genuinely intimidating with that wild hair & wild demeanor. At that time, I never got to see his 60-minute draws with Harley Race for the NWA title or his work in Japan, both of which were touted in the magazines as “proving Brody was a solid wrestler and not just a brawler.” Most everything I saw of him on tv was a wild brawler who screamed during interviews, popping in & out of the territories (Georgia, Florida, AWA) for short periods.

        I was later shocked when I saw him teaming with the ultra-babyface Von Erichs in Texas & couldn’t figure out what he could possibly have in common with them to form any kind of trust or bond with them (again, I was a total mark who legit believed it all). Here were these technical wrestling & wholesome grapplers, and they’re teaming with a maniac! I eventually settled on the idea that maybe it was just common enemies (Gary Hart & Abdullah the Butcher) that brought them together.

        I get to see Brody vs Abdullah at a local live indy show a couple years after the 20/20 expose with Eddy Mansfield & John Stossel, but also a couple years before Vince went public and admitted wrestling was show business. I was probably 15yo at the time, and I knew it wasn’t legit, but part of me still romanticized the rivalry between the two quite a bit. I mean, Brody vs Abdullah was a feud that lasted for almost a decade & traveled the territories worldwide, so I was very hyped to see them go at it. I remember standing in the aisle when the action spilled to the floor (which, in retrospect, was bound to happen) and fearing for my life when Abby bolted away from Brody towards the locker room…straight towards me. I never moved so fast at a wrestling show in my life. The sight of a 400-pounder *sprinting* in my direction was something I’ll never forget!

  • Wonderkarp

    I dont like this #1 Roman Reigns thing. I feel like it makes the rest of the roster look weak. He’ll have to go through 30 other guys to win. He’s already the Champion. It guarantees the only outcome for him is win, tie, or screwed And because of the story, he has to be at the ass end of the rumble before the end. And if they screw him, whoever wins is just going to be the sacrificial lamb to him. At first they booked him to lame, but now I’m afraid They’ll book him too strong.

    • Snap

      How, exactly, does it make the roster look weak? Did the roster look weak when Ric Flair entered #3 and survived to win the Rumble and the championship in 1992? I think we should wait until Sunday and see how the Rumble plays out and as long as it’s not a replay of the 2014 Rumble, Reigns shouldn’t come across as an invincible superman. Why is it okay for Shawn Mchaels, Chris Benoit and Rey Mysterio to start the Rumble and go on to win it, but it would be unacceptable for Reigns to do so?

      In 1995, Shawn Michaels and the British Bulldog were the first and last people in the Rumble (just as Steve Austin and Vince McMahon were in 1999), does that mean the Rumble was a waste of time for the other 28 participants and that they came off looking weak as a result? How about when Steve Austin had that run of four or five guys he eliminated almost immediately after they entered the ring and then sat on the turnbuckle looking at his “watch” while waiting for the next guy to arrive?

      The thing to remember about the Rumble is it is never having to literally go through 29 other participants as multiple “rivalries” occur simultaneously as the ring fills up. If anything, at least it makes sense that the McMahons are doing everything they can to stack the odds against Reigns in the Rumble.

      • Wonderkarp

        It was different for Mysterio, Benoit, Flair, and Michaels. Because they didnt walk in immediately as the champ. Reigns is going in and will be the central focal point for the entire rumble specifically because he is the man. It takes away focus from everybody else. The Rumble is now the Roman Reigns Show. Its similar to the 99 Rumble with Austin V McMahon. They took away from everybody else. The only difference being you had the entertainment of Austin and McMahon and the Bounty. there’s no surprise involved with it. Nobody expected Flair, Michaels, Benoit, or Mysterio to win the way they did because they were in the rumble with several contenders who could easily be pushed into the main event. But we know exactly whats happening with Reigns. Its….underwhelming now.

        • Snap

          With Ric Flair; I don’t think there was any doubt, especially for those who knew about him, that he was going to win the Rumble and the title. However, because Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan did such a great job selling everything, you believed that Flair was always on the verge of elimination and that the next competitor could be the one to make it to the end. For the record, though, once the WWF championship was put on the line in the 92 Rumble, there was no doubt in my mind that Ric Flair was going to win it.

          I see this year’s Rumble in precisely the opposite way, that since the championship is on the line that the defending champion SHOULD start first. It would be more underwhelming if Reigns were to enter late and essentially breeze his way to a win and retention.

          I’m also not going to make “exceptions” for whether or not somebody entering first and potentially winning is acceptable. It’s either an acceptable possibility for all or an unacceptable possibility for all. In fact, I would have to say Rey Mysterio’s win was just as “underwhelming” considering how WWE was doing everything they could to milk Eddie Guerrero’s death and gibing his best friend such a push (while continually pointing to the sky and invoking Eddie’s name) was just as predictable.

          There are still potential main eventers in the Rumble and it’s the string of injuries which has really hurt things. But the 92 Rumble was every bit the “Ric Flair Show” as the 97 Rumble was the “Stone Cold Show” so while I can understand from the people who don’t like Roman Reigns to not be enthused, I don’t see how it is any different to any other Rumble which has clearly showcased a particular performer.

          For what it’s worth, the Rumble has been somewhat underwhelming ever since it made the winner the #1 contender, as that stripped away the possibility that anybody could win it. Just as putting the title on the line limits the potential winners to main eventers, the past 20+ years of Royal Rumbles has been just as limited.

  • BlazeKing

    “WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns will be the number one entrant in the Royal Rumble match.”

    Le sigh… STOP REHASHING!!!!!!!!!!