JR Discusses CM Punk, John Cena Turning Heel, Daniel Bryan As A Main Eventer, More

Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below are some highlights: –@CMPunk is WWE’s hottest performer at the moment and connects better than anyone I’ve seen in a while with the fans. I’ve seen average in ring talents that were able to connect with the paying customers earn big money and […]

Details On Three Matches Scheduled For Royal Rumble 2012

Next year’s Royal Rumble is scheduled to go back to the 30-man format, differing from this year’s 40-man format. Both the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship are scheduled to be defended. Click here for local event information. WWE Royal Rumble 2012 will take place Sunday, January 29, 2012 from the Scottrade Center in St. […]

Second Report: WWE Raw House Show Results (11/30/11) – Yokohama, Japan

Wrestling News World reader Hiroaki Kawafuji sent in the following report from yesterday’s WWE Raw house show in Yokohama, Japan: * Santino Marella b. Drew McIntyre. Before the match, Santino asked ring annoucer to call “1, 2, 3(San)tino(Japanese reading)”, and showed squat. During the match, Santino said “Ouch” in Japanese . Santino hit the Cobra […]

Why There Was No Follow-Up To Kevin Nash/Triple H on This Week’s WWE Television & Uncertainty Regarding Their Forthcoming Pay-Per-View Main Event

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Impact Wrestling Preview For Tomorrow Night; New Video

Below is the official preview for tomorrow night’s Impact Wrestling: – The GM “General Menace” Sting makes his return to IMPACT WRESTLING on Thursday night, and he’s on a mission – the inmates no longer run the asylum, because the warden is coming back! According to Sting, first on his list is dealing with World […]

Can A Main Eventer Request A Title Shot?, Jeff Jarrett’s Title Reign, Kharma’s Return, The Cody Rhodes Character

How much stroke does a main event talent have in WWE? For example, can they approach Vince McMahon and request a title shot? Title shots come down to the right situation and are ultimately guided under the direction of the WWE writing team and of course Vince McMahon. While a main event worker has more […]

JBL Victim Of Theft In Bermuda

TMZ.com has an article online reporting that JBL had his motorized scooter stolen in Bermuda. According to their report, JBL left his scooter parked in the police lot at the Bermuda airport only to return with it nowhere to be found. The longest-reigning WWE Champion lives on the subtropical island. Thanks to Wrestling News World […]