IGN Gives WWE ’12 “Amazing” Rating; Watch The Launch Trailer & Cena vs. Lesnar Here

The first review of WWE ’12 is in and it’s impressive. The popular IGN gaming website gave the game a 9.0/10 “Amazing” rating. If anyone knows anything about IGN, they know the publication is not overly optimistic so this is an excellent rating. Below is a summary of their ratings: 9.0 Presentation Some incredible work […]

Nigel McGuinness Working Retirement Tour; Details On Every Show Remaining

Nigel McGuinness is working a retirement tour that kicked off last Friday with 2CW in Watertown, New York. McGuinness worked against ROH Champion Eddie Edwards and received a standing ovation after the match. On Saturday, he worked for HWA against Chad Collyer. After already working two dates this week in Ohio, below are the remaining […]

Dragon Gate USA News & Notes

Here’s the latest updates from Dragon Gate USA following a successful tripleshot last weekend. -Dragon Gate USA will have a huge announcement about the promotion’s future on Black Friday at DGUSA.tv. This will change the face of DGUSA. -DGUSA’s next event will be January 27th in Los Angeles as part of the WrestleReunion convention. Announced […]

TNA/IW Blog Zone – Storming Around Backstage

As you must know, this past Sunday was the five year anniversary of Eddie’s death. Well, a few weeks ago my friend Gesus sent me a link for a wrestling Match on YouTube. I wondered what I was getting into, but then I watched the Match. It both brought tears to my eyes and made […]

Impact Wrestling Results (11/17/11) – Who Attacked Storm?

Impact Wrestling Results – 11/17/2011 From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida Report by: Alex Barie of WrestlingNewsWorld.com A video plays and it showcases he rise of Bobby Roode. He rose to the top after beating James Storm for the World Title. It then shows AJ Styles wanting some revenge and wanting to give Roode a […]

Vote For Shawn Michaels & His New TV Show

Wrestling News World reader Carl Dantes sent in the following: Shawn Michaels and his TV show the “Shawn Michaels’ MacMillan River Adventures” are both nominees for the “Fan Favorite” award categories in the Outdoor Channel’s 12th Annual Golden Moose Awards’ Fan Favorite Voting; FAN FAVORITE Host/Personality, FAN FAVORITE Hunting Series, FAN FAVORITE Best Overall, & […]

WWE Wants Lebron James At Wrestlemania XXVIII

There was a rumor coming out of this week’s TVs with the likely cancellation of the 2011-2012 NBA season that WWE is interested in securing Miami Heat forward LeBron James for an appearance at Wrestlemania XXVIII next year in Miami. The company has pitched ideas involving James for years but the two sides have had […]