Jeff Hardy Working Through A Back Injury

I can confirm reports that Jeff Hardy is currently working through a back injury. The injury has caused him to be limited as to what he can do in the ring and he has been booked accordingly. TNA will tape the next two weeks of Impact Wrestling on Monday and Tuesday night from Universal Studios […]

Jonah Hill, Triple H & Brodus Clay All Victims Of Raw Supershow Re-Writes

I’ve checked into Jonah Hill not appearing on last week’s Raw Supershow and apparently he was never scheduled to appear live. Hill taped segments for WWE television but they were scrapped in last minute re-writes. Things are changing more frequently than ever from a creative standpoint in WWE. In addition to Hill’s guest appearance being […]

WWE Continues To Build Booker T vs. Cody Rhodes

The official WWE website has a video interview online with Booker T where they follow-up on the program with Cody Rhodes from Monday’s Raw Supershow. Book said stuff such as “I’m a journalist,” it’s “nothing personal” and that he has “no beef with Cody Rhodes.” He also said he has no plans to get in […]

Mick Foley’s Busy Night In New York City; Performs Stand-Up Comedy Routine

Mick Foley performed his stand-up comedy routine at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City after last Sunday’s Survivor Series pay-per-view. Apparently this was the scheduled event that was believed to make him unavailable to participate in the pay-per-view. However, I’m told Foley was backstage at Survivor Serious but obviously wasn’t used. The […]

New Sin Cara Shirt Has People Talking

While ordinarily I wouldn’t even consider this worth noting, it’s slow enough to mention that a new Sin Cara t-shirt has people talking. I’ll let you be the judge of what is possibly pictured on the graphic below: 9:45 PM EST Update: The shirt has been removed from the website.

Big Vito & Kizarny Respond To WWE Calling Them Turkeys; Point To Anti-Bullying Policy

Vito Lograsso (a/k/a Big Vito) and Sinn Bodhi (a/k/a Kizarny) have taken to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to respond to WWE calling them turkeys and hurling insults at them in a website feature ran over the weekend. Below are their responses: Vito Lograsso: A lot of people are upset with the WWE today. They spoke […]

Kurt Angle Provides Update On 2012 Olympic Goals

Kurt Angle posted the following update on his plans to compete in the 2012 Olympic Games on his Twitter account: “I’m Already Qualified for final Olympic trials In June. But I Will Official Enter Olympic trial Qualifier Tourney in April in Iowa!I’m Ready A Big thank You to Tna and NYAC, As My Sponsors and […]

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John Morrison’s WWE Contract Up Next Week

John Morrison’s WWE contract is believed to be up on November 29th. As I reported here on Premium on October 17th, while WWE offered Morrison a contract, he had little interested in re-signing. As a result of his expiring contract, Morrison has been written out of Zack Ryder’s online show that can be watched […]