Below are full results for the 2012 30-man Royal Rumble match:

Order of Entrants:

1) The Miz
2) Alex Riley
3) R-Truth
4) Cody Rhodes
5) Justin Gabriel
6) Primo
7) Mick Foley
8.) Ricardo Rodriguez
9) Santino Marella
10) Epico
11) Kofi Kingston
12) Jerry Lawler
13) Ezekiel Jackson
14) Jinder Mahal
15) The Great Khali
16) Hunico
17) Booker T
18) Dolph Ziggler
19) "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan
20) Michael Cole
21) Kharma
22) Sheamus
23) Road Dogg
24) Jey Uso
25) Jack Swagger
26) Wade Barrett
27) David Otunga
28) Randy Orton
29) Chris Jericho
30) Big Show

Order of Eliminations (By Who):

1) Alex Riley (by The Miz)
2) R-Truth (by The Miz)
3) Primo (by Mick Foley)
4) Justin Gabriel (by Mick Foley & Ricardo Rodriguez)
5) Ricardo Rodriguez (by Santino Marella)
6) Epico (by Mick Foley)
7) Santino Marella (by Cody Rhodes)
8.) Mick Foley (by Cody Rhodes)
9) Jerry Lawler (by Cody Rhodes)
10) Jinder Mahal (by The Great Khali)
11) Ezekiel Jackson (by The Great Khali)
12) "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan (by Cody Rhodes)
13) Booker T (by Cody Rhodes)
14) The Great Khali (by Cody Rhodes)
15) Michael Cole (by Kharma)
16) Hunico (by Kharma)
17) Kharma (by Dolph Ziggler)
18) Kofi Kingston (by Sheamus)
19) Road Dogg (by Wade Barrett)
20) Jey Uso (by Randy Orton)
21) Wade Barett (by Randy Orton)
22) David Otunga (by Chris Jericho)
23) Jack Swagger (by Big Show)
24) Cody Rhodes (by Big Show)
25) The Miz (by Big Show)
26) Dolph Ziggler (by Big Show)
27) Big Show (by Randy Orton)
28) Randy Orton (by Chris Jericho)
29) Chris Jericho (by Sheamus)

Winner: Sheamus

  • MsMojoRisin

    called it

  • Shaun

    wwe has lost a fan of 14 years tonight that was the worst rumble in 10 years

    • Josh

      agreed. horrible rumble, horrible outcome, horrible p-p-v.

      • dog

        So dumb. Really. Sheamus? They trying to screw up mania? Who is sheamus going to fight for belt? It has to be a Guy from smackdown..because cena has to win belt to face the rock. WWW wont do main event without it being for belt. I know sheamus ain’t fighting taker for belt.

    • Bault16

      You won’t be missed. What’s with the cool faced lexicon for the number 8?

    • Mr. Love

      Wow really? I didn’t get to watch

      • Mr. Love

        Last years was pretty bad…

    • Alejandro

      Care to explain on that?I’ll agree that it wasn’t the greatest rumble of all time,but it was all around good,had good surprises like Road Dogg,the winner was a surprise,and not in a bad way,and the people that you would consider jokes didn’t last long.And I’ll personally take Michael Cole over Hornswoggle any day,but mabye that’s just me.I don’t see why this was a rumble to quit WWE over,it wasn’t half bad.

  • Dave

    This was the most lamest and most predictable Rumble ever!


    • Matti

      Call what

  • Kleck

    I was pulling for Jericho

  • Bob

    What is wwe doing with the y2j and the end of the world as you know it, is he done or gonna keep dragging it on

  • Shaun

    Let me add on my comment the wwe is absolute garbage what about all the hype on big names returning at the rumble the highlight of my ppv was the socko cobra stand off. WWE is in a downward spiral and tonight must have lost a huge fan base because that was a waste of £15

    • Bryan

      The highlight of the night for you was Foley and Santino??? Did you not watch the Punk/Ziggler match?

  • tim

    over a better royal rumble than last year they once again use way to many useless talent that no one in the world would think would win

    1.Ricardo Rodriguez was great
    2.they had bad suprise entrants
    3.with kane being wwe's record guy they sure wont let him break hbk's record
    4.kharma should of lasted longer
    5.while jericho is great he doesnt need a rr win at this point in his career
    6.nice to see a winner who deserves it unlike alberto last year
    7.moment of the night has to be dolphs reverse of the gts or kofi's reentry of the rumble glad orton didnt win cause i would of broke my tv
    9.the rumble needs to last longer

  • Santa

    this rumble could of done without cole, lawler, booker, and khali. Yoshi, drew, and brodus and the other uso should of been in the rumble instead. just my two cents.

  • Bigbdawg

    worst rumble since mysterio

  • Wildrover6

    Worst rumble to date.

  • Dustyn

    This Rumble was really quite goof IMO. I LOVED when it got down to Sheamus and Jericho.

  • Shea

    I wish Gabriel had lasted longer 🙁

  • keagan

    surprise that kane or cena was not in the rumble. On another note, I am a huge fan of kharma. She was absolutely awesome in that match.

    • Dan

      How was she awesome? She lasted like a minute..?

  • mark3man

    Totally agree. Worse rumble I’ve seen. And I’ve seen the last nineteen.

  • Bmac4395

    I understand that most wrestling fans arent happy unless they are complaining about something, but calling this Royal Rumble the worst in history is really far-fetched. I was entertained throughout, but then again I’m not a critic. SMH.

  • Gary

    yeah,that rumble was pretty bad…very disappointed with the booking throughout.

  • Nesto

    I will not pay money to see Sheamus in the main event. Good wrestler, boring story. Ugh

  • JXW

    I guess Y2J promos was talking about SHEamus lol

  • Anthony

    Why would they have Jericho make a whole big thing about the end of the world ..n then just lose..sorry I disagree ..if they wanted the win for sheamus then they shouldn’t have hyped Jericho like that ..not to mention the rumble was rlly poor especially putting guys like cole in but not guys like McIntyre ..brutal

  • wes

    i cant believe no kane..but kharma,cole,uso,rodrigaz,and empico and primo…let down of a royal rumble but great last 5-10 mins with sheamus and y2j

  • Jeff

    I don’t think it was a bad rumble. Yes I could have done without cole or the king in the rumble but otherwise I thought it was good

  • Hardy

    Well I’m not surprised it came down to sheamus and Jericho, that’s what I predicted earlier. Would of liked to see Jericho win the rumble but maybe wwe purposely wanted the fans for him to win it, I think there is something bigger on its way where Jericho is concerned.

  • I didn’t watch it cause i’m far away in mauritius and i aint got SKY SPORTS, but it seems that RR2012 sucks bad.

  • H.M.

    So they forget about guys like William Regal, Tyson Kidd and even the other Uso twin in favour of Michael Cole, Jim Duggan, and Khali? And I was REALLY hoping to see Kane. One other thing…why does the entrant gap have to be only 90 seconds as opposed to a full two minutes in years past?

    I like Sheamus but I really wish Jericho had won this event. The RR match was perhaps one of the most lacklustre in star power but WWE still has a chance to make some good stuff happen for Mania. I just hope we see positive character progression from Sheamus. Keep him a face…don't make him so happy-go-lucky-cookie cutter face and I'm good.

    • Jordan Burns

      It's always been 90 seconds…

      • Jim

        Umm no, it has ALWAYS been 2 minutes. They changed it to 90 seconds this year.

        • Jordan Burns

          You're wrong, watch any other rumble, it's always been 2 minutes

          • IHateWrestlingFans

            You're all wrong, it's been "2 minutes", 90 seconds and even 1minute one year. And it doesn't matter , buy a stop watch and try it out, the timing is all over the place. It's not a precise measurement.

  • spfldwhale

    I liked the Rumble. It had some entertainment to it. I laughed a few times (Socko/Cobra, King/Book/Cole, Road Dogg) and It was cool to see Kharma, I wanted to predict that, but thought it was too far-fetched.

    I've said it before though, I'd rather see ALL of the Superstars, jobbers, guys who already wrestled, everyone rather than the gimmick stuff. That was the only reason I didn't have an issue with the 40-man last year. I thought everyone was going to compete. But it didn't happen. Guys were still excluded, D.H. Smith comes to mind.

    I was very disappointed to not see DiBiase, Drew Mac, Tyson, etc.

  • ricardovgv

    Jay Uso? David Otunga? Alex Riley? Epico? Primo? How about filling those spots with Kane, HHH, Cena, Christian and Undertaker. For me, that would've been waaaaay much better. IMO.

  • spfldwhale

    Really liked the Ricardo piece.

  • DragonSupernova

    No way was this the worst rumble you people that are moaning just want to see the same old superstars win. If Jericho had won then there wouldn’t be no point of the story between Undertaker vs Jericho at mania. And I’m glad that Sheamus won someone Fresh and well deserved.

    • AceV

      Jericho vs the undertaker??? Who the heck wants to see that??? I’m pretty sure Jericho could care less about breaking the streak because everyone knows it would be a lame match. Wrestlemania will be Jericho vs Punk!!!

  • sprat

    so people say it was predicable that sheamus won it and people say that after the hype jericho should have. do you want it predictable or not… surely all this debate tells you that the royal rumble is still the best match of the year and athough many picked sheamus if your last 4 are sheamus, jericho, big show and orton you're going to have a great finish… and we did

  • Miles

    Lame! What a waste of money if you ordered the ppv, you should be able to demand a refund due to the product you purchased being completely b-grade crap! Our amateur new Zealand wrestling has better content! Wwe you blew what could have been the best ppv for some years! You’re all fired!

  • Matt

    Too much comedy, some of the contestants had no place in the Rumble like Cole.

  • Marc

    Was it the shortest rumble ever?

  • Josh

    Elaborating on my earlier comment….. I bought the Rumble FOR the Rumble match. The undercard was very solid, but we can see those kind of good wrestling matches anytime throughout the year. The Rumble match only happens once a year, and it's supposed to be great. I thought the match sucked. I'm not upset that Sheamus won, but the match as a whole was horrible. The only guys in the match I thought had a chance at winning were Sheamus, Barrett, Orton, Jericho, Miz, and R-Truth. Someone please explain to me where all of the big names were in the match. Maybe it's because the talent pool today is just so watered down, but until a couple years ago there were at least 20 big name players in the Rumble. I did not pay 40 bucks to see all the comedic relief we saw in the rumble, and guys lasting for 30 seconds and then being thrown over. Horrible in every which way.

  • Brian J

    No it wasn’t the best rumble but I did enjoy it. I’m fine with Sheamus winning although I’m not sure how well it will play out toward Wrestlemania. My two biggest problems were Drew being destroyed by Brodus (I liked Brodus at first but now he is being shoved down our throats too much) and no Kane in the Rumble.

  • Frenchfry

    I love how people come on to this site just to complain about the Rumble. Go get some friends to whine to because Im not interested in reading about your miserable perspective and neither is anyone else

  • Patrick_Peralta

    Sheamus won HURRAY…I'm just glad it was not Jericho.

  • Aly

    I think it was a good match over all. Would have liked to see Goldust in there, since it would have been a great chance to push his feud with Cody forward, but I guess there's no use complaining about it now. I'm sure if its going to happen the creative team will find some other way of pushing it.
    Ricardo came out to a pretty good pop. Seems like the fans are starting to warm up to him. A lot of them even started cheering his name. Perhaps there will be a face turn in his future? Although I don't know how well he'd fair without Alberto.
    But like I said, the Rumble was good. Better then some of the pay-per-view's we got last year. Hopefully the Elimination Chamber will be worth its money, being the last PPV before Wrestlemania.

  • Sean Mooney

    Very disappointing Rumble, and it has nothing to do with Jericho not winning, it was just poorly booked. Why have King, Booker, and Cole all enter? Booker and/or King would have been more than enough. Why the hell would they use Jey Uso instead of Goldust?

    I was hoping for Goldust, Christian (I’m assuming he isn’t healthy), Regal, Kane, Cena (to add credibility, and I’d rather see him in a Rumble over Jey Uso, Primo, Epico, and Otunga). Thank God there was no Hornswoggle, Ricardo was at least entertaining. Road Dogg and Hacksaw were alright, but I was hoping for at least one BIG surprise.

    The main event matches were decent, but the Rumble match itself was just poorly booked. It wasn’t as bad as 95 or 99, but this was one of the worst Rumble’s in a long time. I would have preferred Jericho to win, but seeing Sheamus win was a nice surprise, I just wish that they would have booked it a lot better.

  • Austin

    I find it funny that when established stars started winning rumbles people wanted mid carders to start winning again ,but when mid carders win they complain that the rumble doesn’t mean as much as it should.

  • Nigel

    She amid is a very good fighter

  • havoc525

    With the whole “open to ALL superstars” thing they kept hyping, surprised they didn’t slip Bryan or Punk in the match.

  • Wwe4L76

    This suck!

  • gibbons08

    Cobra vs Socko! Boom! Enough said!

  • Jay

    Jericho: IMO, he did was he came to do: set up a feud with orton, since it was Orton who wrote him off television.

  • Sean Mooney

    Very disappointing Rumble, and it has nothing to do with Jericho not winning, it was just poorly booked. Why have King, Booker, and Cole all enter? Booker and/or King would have been more than enough. Why the hell would they use Jey Uso instead of Goldust?

  • MIchael

    it wasn't bad but wasn't the best either. bad because not many main eventers enter the match and the eliminations were too fast. also the announcers in match. it's okay if only booker enters the match, but cole?

    good because some good & entertaining spots like kofi's handstand, cobra vs socko, the final 2 battle and some surprise entrants although it's not as surprising as nash & booker last year

  • kim

    To be completely fair, I suppose that the Rumble wasn’t too bad. But I have to agree with most of you that it really was a bit of a disappointment. It didn’t live up to the hype we’ve grown accustomed to at all. When it got down to the final five entrants, I found myself holding my breath for a return that never came. There were plenty of names that had been talked about, even if they were never really legitimized. Like Rey Mysterio, The Undertaker, Batista, even Lesner! Unfortunately, they used way too many lower talent superstars to fill the spots so that really took away from what the match could have been worth. Kofi did a great job with the hand-stand, but we needed to see more nail-biting moments to have made it a great Royal Rumble. Like Morrison’s move in the last year RR where he clung to the wall, or how Mysterio used eliminated participants as stepping-stones. The WWE needed to be a little more creative in order to get the wow factor we’ve all come to expect. But over-all it was an okay Pay per view.

  • Ralphus

    They ruined a chance to set up a great feud between Punk and Jericho! And speaking of, Jericho needs new music!

    Other than that, I figured the Rumble was going to be garbage, I'm not sure what y'all were expecting!

  • kim

    The world heavyweight title match was a bit of a disappointment. The match itself was fine, but at a pay per view like the Royal Rumble “fine” just doesn’t really cut it. I just didn’t particularly like the ending of it. But at the same time, I didn’t really mind simply because there were plenty of other matches that I had a lot more expectations for. Cena vs Kane wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t anything exciting. Ending it in a count out was a bit of a let down in itself. But they clearly went to the effort to keep the storyline going with this. I had wondered if the wwe was going to give Cena a push in the lead up to Wrestlemania, but by the looks of things I guess they’ll leave until the right time approaches – which ought to be soon as the road to wrestlemania has officially kicked off! The Diva’s match was pretty fair. Nothing great, but decent never-the-less. Punk vs Ziggler was quite good. I expected a little more impressive ring-work because they are both two very capable wrestlers. But the story work was pretty good despite all that. laurenitis played an interesting role in that match, and it did add to the match for pure curiosity.

  • Razmos01

    Erm where was “the end of the world as we know it”

  • Paul

    Sheamus won yay! I did see that coming a mile off though!

  • Shaun

    How’s about vince uses some of his billions of dollars and brings back tallent that we all wanna see…… Who wants to watch half the people that featured last night cause I don’t honestly buy tna vince maybe then would u bring back all the fans that think the wwe sucks.

  • Rishi Sundaram

    Correction in the order of elimination –

    Jack Swagger, then Cody Rhodes.

  • WNW Fan

    People are always going to complain about the WWE. Yes, some things are lame but TNA is no different. Fans need to realize its a different era today than yesterday. The attitude era is history. Done. We've come full circle and we're back to a kind of 80's PG. If you'll look back at those days fans ate it up. Fans got spoiled on the blood, sex, and hardcore violence of the attitude era. I'm personally glad WWE has changed. Remember the Mr. McMahon versus God match from a few years back? Tasteless! The live sex celebration with Edge and Lita? Disgusting! WWE may need to find a happy medium between corny PG and attitude era but I'm glad its changed for the better…Linda McMahon Senate race or not. I prefer a good family oriented clean product. Who says it can't be that way? Who says it has to be rough TV14? Grow up guys.

    • U are 100% correct great point made

  • Van

    two things in the match came true.Orton would eliminate Barrett then be eliminated by Jericho later

  • Shaun

    I likes the edge lita sex scene cause lita showed a puppy

  • khalkaroth

    Foley/Ricardo/Santino segment was funny.
    Announcers gonna announce…..
    Totally didn't expect Khali, thought that guy was not re-hired or something, they sure hide their bone very well.
    Duggan is no longer a surprise.
    Sure felt great when Road Dogg arrived.
    Maybe Kharma vs Beth at WM?

    The only thing that wouldn't have dissapointed me is a gong or all light went out, every expect taker but they hear Kane's first theme =O Would have been epic!

    All in all, it had some interesting moments, but like I said in a previous comment they could have done so many more things if they weren't being held back by the PG rating. That goes with the whole PPV… again. They should make at least a PPV a year where blood and chair shots to head and whats not are allowed and name it WWE Attitude. Good idea, no? =(

    • Yes good idea but pg held nothing back in the rumble

  • Bill Murray

    Ok foe all of u jaded fans lets be honest, Ziggler vs Punk was a good match, And the rumble match had surprise returns, old faces, main stars, comedy, action, and a winner who’s been working in the upper-mid/main event slots of the card for most of the last year. Now of course arguements can been made over the other matches & how things were worked, but y can’t u just been happy with a good show. Hell how many times do u honestly expect to see Foley in the ring, who honestly expected Road Dog to show up, & is Sheamus REALLY such a bad choice to work mains main even. Big crowd following, good merch sales, solid & consistantly good matches week after week, here’s the real question……Why can’t some of u honestly just sit back relax & just be a fan for once. Its wrestling, do u honestly expect complete logic, when u were kids u didn’t whine about all this y do it now, take a step back, breath, and just be a fan. Hell if anything put urselves in the workers shoes, b/c over half of u guys typing ur lil critasisms & taking ur lil jabs, but couldn’t hang in the ring & do what we do for ten minutes without coughing up the dorito dust from the three bags u shoved down ur thoats this morning. Just be a fan and enjoy the show.

    This has been a shot of truth, to the real problem with wrestling #smartmarksrkillingit

  • Shaun


  • Tim

    people are stupid takers streak is the biggest thing in wrestling to see it end would be like the end of the wrestling world what does everyone expect total hell to open when y2j talks about the world ending jeez people use your brains

  • Chris

    The only reason I think Kane wasn't put in this year is they want to protect a HBK's elimination record. Shame he wasn't there as he had his own streak of sorts, with 13 straight appearances. Wish they had thrown him in, and with everyone else 'terrifed' of him, had every one gang up to eliminate him right away to keep his appearance record going