2012 WWE Slammy Award Winners

Below are the winners of the 2012 Slammy Awards as announced on this week's WWE Raw:

  • Tell Me I Didn't Just See That (Most Shocking Moment of the Year) - Kofi Kingston
  • Comeback of the Year - Jerry Lawler
  • Best Kiss of 2012 - AJ Lee & John Cena
  • Superstar of the Year - John Cena
  • Trending Now Hashtag of the Year - "Feed Me More!"
  • Newcomer of the Year - Ryback
  • Match of the Year - Undertaker vs. Triple H from Wrestlemania XXVIII
  • Smexy "Jay" Shuffle

    Half of them dont even deserve a slammy

    What kind of an award is Hash tag of the year??? They were just chants shown in the video

    • Chris

      Hashtag of the year was pretty stupid, but nothing will ever top "Outstanding Achievement in Muppet Resemblance" from last year.

  • Jeremiah

    Awful choices other then "Comeback of the Year", which would automatically have to go to King. Personally, I feel Cesaro is the Newcomer of the Year.

  • Tim

    How did cena win superstar of the year when he lost all the time. Just another classic way to show wwe is a waste of time. Plus the whole rock going around the town. Was just like everything else the rock does. It’s not funny at all. Kofi and the end of a era match deserved to win. Plus how does a announcer win comeback of the year. Also how does someone who’s been there a few years win newcomer of the year. And finally get rid of the wasted space of mahal and slater. Then finally give McIntyre a push he deserved.

    • Jonno

      The Announcer won comeback of the year due to the fact he actually died at the side of the ring, and then was saved, he then came back to work……………. plus you do know its not real dont you? its not like 'The Oscars'

  • H.M.

    You forgot to put the 'Lol' moment of the year.

    But a good 3-4 – primarily the Superstar of the Year – of them just ended with stupid mindnumbing decisions. In no way was Cena a better star than Punk this year. Talk about keeping the status quo.

  • qasim

    jhn cena is better than punk he beat him at night of champions and beat him in a normal match and so what if he lost to the rock he was beating the crap out of the rock the rock just got lucky and he beat brock lesner and he got screwed at tlc and he deserves superstar of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Paul

    So the guy who has been wwe champion all year is not superstar of the year. Thats Lol.

    • Bob Backlund

      Is that you Heyman?

  • Krishh

    Randy deserves comebak of the year.. His comebak behind alberto del rio n shockin him ws awwsommmee..

  • Faatima

    John Cena deserved the superstar of the year award, he has been through so much this year,
    he never gave up!

    he deserved it!!
    Hustle Loyalty and Respect!!