2013 WWE Hall Of Fame Inductee Denied A Chance To Return To The Main WWE Roster As A Wrestler - Backstage News On The Unusual Demand & Who Changed Their Mind

From the "I don't know whether to laugh or cry" file, we're told Bob Backlund made an unusual request when he was contacted for the WWE Hall of Fame.

Backlund originally requested a return as a wrestler to the main WWE roster. Our source says he wasn't looking for a push, in fact he was looking to return for a few months to put over a lot of the newer talent.

We're told this was going to be a deal breaker as WWE was not interested in signing a 63-year-old to a Performer's Contract. He held out for awhile but it was Triple H that was able to change his mind to agree to do the Hall of Fame without also returning to the main roster as a wrestler.

Backlund was last seen in a WWE ring on the July 9, 2012 episode of WWE Raw when he attacked Heath Slater.

  • Nick

    I knew this would happen! Once again HHH to the rescue!

  • Michael

    It really looks like wwe is going to be in good hands whenever Vince leaves. All of the wrestlers that have been wondering if Hunter would really be a good boss look at what he’s doing now, he got Bruno to agree to the hof, also Backlund, and he’s working on a rehab center. Hhh equals good long term benefits for wrestlers, and who better to do this other than a former wrestler.

    • AndrewMcCutchen22

      I remember when Then Rock came back and HHH said he was going to get no reaction because the younger audience wouldn’t know who he was. Or for what looks like 2 years in a row he is putting himself in Wrestlemania matches(Undertaker and Lesnar) that should go to other people.

  • Props to the guy wanting to give back to Wrestling. He can still go in the ring, so i don’t see why not.

    • EricDraven86

      I agree. I don’t really see anything sad about this. If he were wanting another run at the title though, I could see the amusement.

  • I probably would have suggested a managers role on tv only or something.