2013 WWE HoF Ceremony, Orton Heel Turn, WM29 Weather, Managers Today

When will I be able to see the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony?

The USA Network will broadcast a one-hour special of the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony on Tuesday, April 9, 2013 from 10-11 PM/9-10 CT. You can read our original report at this link. The ceremony will be available in its entirety on the Wrestlemania 29 DVD set. You can preorder now at this link.

Do you see Randy Orton turning on Big Show and Sheamus and joining The Shield at Wrestlemania?

Randy Orton has made it known he wants to turn heel and the feeling backstage is the company missed the opportunity to turn him. The 6-man tag match at Wrestlemania provides an opportunity to do it but there are other opportunities as well. The Shield has been booked with confidence but how much longer can they keep going over big names without a swerve? I discussed why I'll be watching the trio closely at Wrestlemania here at WWENews.net.

With Wrestlemania 29 being held outside on the East Coast on Sunday, how is WWE prepared to deal with the weather?

This isn't WWE's first trip to the rodeo and they're prepared to deal with the elements. The ring canvas will be covered like it was last year in Miami. The forecast looks good as of this writing as there is only a 20% chance of rain. It's going to be a little cool but given the fact the show is taking place in the northeast in April, it could be much worse.

Growing up as a fan I remember managers having a bigger role in stroylines and getting mid carders of. The stable of wrestlers that Bobby Heenan, Jimmy Hart got over were awesome. Why are stables no longer built around managers?

I hear a lot from readers that complain about the lack of managers in today's product but I disagree. Paul Heyman flanks CM Punk and Brock Lesnar, Alberto Del Rio has Ricardo Rodriguez, Dolph Ziggler has AJ Lee, Jack Swagger has Zeb Colter, Vickie Guerrero has a large role, etc. Managers are still a part of the wrestling business and will continue to have a role in helping talent get over on the stick. Heenan and Hart were two of the best but this is not a part of the business that's extinct.

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  • I don’t want to see Orton joining The Shield. I much rather see him just going Into business for himself. Like for example, he’s been “the voice of reason” throughout this whole debacle with Big Show joining the trio and Sheamus not trusting him. So knowing how hot headed Orton can be, the argument would be that he had enough of babysitting Sheamus and Show. So I see a scenario should Orton’s heel turn happen, where he costs his team to lose thus providing the Shield with the win.

    • coolkdd1

      If shield wins, who will finally beat them. One day they will have to lose but to who is the question?

      • StraightEdgeForLife

        Their winning streak will be broken WrestleMania 30 in a 3 on 1 Handicap match with the Undertaker…

        • tomcatjerrymouse

          The Shield doesn’t necessarily have to lose, at least as a collective unit. What they should do is keep them together as a faction but at the same time push them as singles wrestlers. Most of the great factions held individual titles and they should do the same with The Shield. Dean Ambrose could be the next big thing if the WWE stops relying on The Rock and John Cena and whoever else. CM Punk vs. Dean Ambrose at WM 30!

          • The cool thing is that all of those three guys have main event aspiration written all over them. That Dean Ambrose phenominal talker! Roman Reigns got that wwe look that Vince has a fetish for. And Seth Rollins looks to be an all around great performer. So excited for The Shield! I BELIEVE IN THE SHIELD! Lol

  • monty

    besides the wrestling community thinking CM.Punk is the clear #2 when crowd reaction says otherwise, Orton IMO is still behind Cena when it comes to packing order

    when orton came out for fetal 4 way to decide who faces Taker i thought for sure he would win and i believe WWE missed a huge chance, now orton is under a 10 years contract, and he isn’t retiring anytime soon so i believe he would have been perfect for breaking the streak

    how long is Vice gonna hold that 2nd strike over his head, people make mistakes and orton is a huge draw. Jeff Hardy kept on messing up yet Vince kept on giving him 2nd chances but now with orton they are acting like he has done so bad that now he can never be great again

    on yesterday’s askWNW

    it was finny when few guys proved that MIZ brought in better ratings and bigger PPV buy rates than PUNK but just because Punk is IWC darling he can do no wrong.

    as much freedom as Punk has during his promos give that to any other top wrestler and they will achieve this too, everyone else has to act within PG yet Punk has special rules to say whatever he wants

    Really? Who drew better ratings as WWE Champion going into their respective Wrestlemania’s? Both Miz and CM Punk won their WWE Championships in Novemeber of 2010 (Miz) and 2011 (Punk)

    • RAW ratings average from Nov. 2010 to end of December 2010: 3.13
    • RAW ratings average from Nov. 2011 to end of December 2011: 3.00

    • RAW ratings from January 2011 to Wrestlemania 27: 3.46
    • RAW ratings from January 2012 to Wrestlemania 28: 3.15

    • RAW ratings after WM 27 to Extreme Rules 11′: 3.46
    • RAW ratings after WM 28 to Extreme Rules 12′: 3.16

    Some of you will say that Rock returned to WWE in early 2011 to give a boost in ratings. That’s true. But Rock also returned in 2012 to set up his match with John Cena. This argument that Miz can’t draw is a lame ass argument. Miz drew better as WWE Champion than CM Punk did.

    *Let’s not also forget that with CM Punk as WWE Champion the RAW ratings in the fall of 2012 never hit a 3 rating, however in his defense RAW went to a three hour format. Still, staying under a 3 rating for the entire fall is bad.

    LC 2010 with Miz as champ – 195,000
    TLC 2011 with Punk as champ – 179,000

    Royal Rumble 2011 with Miz as champ – 446,000
    Royal Rumble 2012 with Punk as champ did – 443,000

    Elimination Chamber 2011 with Miz as champ – 199,000
    Elimination Chamber 2012 with Punk as champ – 178,000

    Wrestlemania 27 with Miz as champ – 1,059,000
    Wrestlemania 28 with Punk as champ – 1,217,000

    Extreme Rules 2011 with Miz as champ – 209,000
    Extreme Rules 2012 with Punk as champ – 263,000

    Miz drew more buyrates then Punk did in 3 of those 5 PPVs as champ. And the PPVs were Punk as champ drew more #s really didn’t have anything to do with Punk and had everything to do with the fact that Cena/Rock was the main event at WM28 with a returning Lesnar headlining Extreme Rules 2012 with Cena. Punk isn’t the draw that Richard or everybody else thinks he is.

    • StraightEdgeForLife

      We might have been able to take you seriously if you didn’t refer to it as a ‘fetal’ 4 way…

    • Cheddar

      Who gives a shit about ratings? You can’t pinpoint it on any ONE wrestler, GOOD or BAD. You can, however; blame it on the person running the show. Plus, those numbers you just gave are pretty close to one another. TLC 2010 compared to 2011 only had 16,000 more viewers, not that big of a deal. Royal Rumble? 3,000 in difference? Its not that big of a deal. If there were say, IDK, a few hundred thousand numbers in the difference, I’d say you have a point. The small difference in numbers could easily be attributed to a number of things (lack of build for storylines, holiday season so people don’t have as much money to buy these WWE things because they spent money on their family, to travel to see their family, etc.)

      But, oh lord, forbid anyone from actually thinking logically about this and just blame it on the wrestlers we don’t like. Nobody is drawing like they should because WWE is not appealing to their core audience, which is us, the wrestling fan. The people who actually watch wrestling. It’s getting pretty old hearing that “this is for the kids” when I barely see kids out in attendance. In the past year, Ive gone to 2 regular house shows and 1 Raw. I’m 26, and the majority of the people at all these shows were 18-40. The supposed millions and millions of kiddie fans couldn’t even muster a “Let’s go Cena!” chant the other night to combat when everybody was loudly chanting “Cena sucks!” Want to know why? Because WWE really doesn’t have that many kids as fans. Most kids get bored with things pretty quickly, John Cena is no exception. Also, if supposedly there aren’t “that many real wrestling fans” how come almost always during a match between good workers you can audibly hear the crowd chanting loudly “This is wrestling, this is wrestling”!? They try to hide the fact that people want to see a return to the days when plans didn’t change on the drop of a dime and they didn’t rely on part timers for buy rates. When you hear something over and over, you just start to believe it. They wanted the kiddie image, so they shoved it down our throats. And each others throats. It’s a rhetorical fallacy is anything. Sitting around the table with the same people saying the same ideas over and over doesn’t get anybody anywhere. They all believe PG is a good idea, but only because they have said it so many times that they just buy the bull crap. They should have edgy language and controversial angles so that parents can explain what’s appropriate in life and what’s not. Sending out people to dance and sing and laugh and play all the time, and having the good guy win all the time (John Cena) is not good for kids because that’s not a realistic outlook on life. The good guy DOES NOT win all the time. I was a smart enough kid that I didn’t need my parents to tell me that its probably not okay to have sex with a corpse (ala HHH/Katie Vick) but I was also a smart enough kid to realize that STUFF LIKE THAT REALLY HAPPENS and so I understand why they did that angle. Kids aren’t that smart these days because they are so sheltered. People are up in arms about all this CM Punk stuff, but how many people have died on CSI or Dexter in a pretty brutal way? The Joker raped and paralyzed Barbara Gordon in “The Killing Joke”, plus multiple other psychotic crazy things he did to Batman, because THAT’S WHAT VILLAINS DO. They do crazy psychotic shit. Think about his name for a second, CM Punk. What is the punk movement sometimes associated with? DING DING, Anarchy! He’s been a great anarchist character for the past 6 months. He’s doing his job, Old Memphis style!

      • Xavier

        TNA & ROH run edgier angles then WWE, they are TV-14 and don’t do a 10th of the business that PG WWE does, and ECW which ran the most controversial/violent TV program in wrestling went bankrupt so this BS about wrestling having to go back to a edgier product is BS. Why do you think McMahon switched to PG in late 08 anyway, it’s because ratings were dropping across the board on RAW, SD & PPV buyrates were slipping. Since 2010 ratings are steadily going back up with the product being PG.

    • tomcatjerrymouse

      Randy Orton is ahead of CM Punk? I hope you’re kidding.

      • StraightEdgeForLife

        I hope he’s kidding too

  • Dangerous Lee

    It’s obvious the Big Boss Man will be revealed as the leader of the Shield…..oh wait.

    • Matt

      Oh! I get it! It’s funny because you’re making a joke about a dead man. Hilarious…

    • Arsehole

    • Snap

      Dude your jokes are horrible

    • Nostaljack

      That was absolutely hila…oh wait.

  • cobra

    A lot of people seem to think the Shield wins because Randy Orton is turning heel, but I think it will be the oher way around, Randy Orton will turn heel because the Shield wins.

    • I really like your reasoning on this. I think it makes a lot more sense than having him turn heel for The Shield to win.

  • Hannibal Lector

    It would be good if Orton turned heel WITHOUT joining the Shield and have him feud with Sheamus. The Shield winning is the only logical conclusion, it’s just how the match is booked in my opinion. The reason the Shield hasn’t petered out yet like the promising Nexus is that they are actually being booked over big names at PPVs, and they haven’t been overexposed either (I think the hit and runs are good at this point in time, and their video promos are quite enjoyable, particularly Amrose).

    A win at Mania would elevate them again with possibly a very good match from the 6 men. I think they need to pursue the tag titles and possibly the IC/US titles post Mania to keep them relevant as a threat, without burning the small stable out. Have them advance from hit and runs to proper matches e.t.c.

    Hopefully Creative keeps these 3 men looking strong, because they are one of the more interesting spectacles on WWE television as of now.

  • Vickie Guerrero HAD* a large role

    • StraightEdgeForLife

      Vickie Guerrero IS a large roll!!! hahahaahahahaha

      • Nostaljack

        No…not really.

        • Jimmy

          I think he meant roll as in like rolls of fat that’s why he’s laughing.

          • Nostaljack

            I’m sure he did.

  • John

    They are pushing the idea that Orton, Sheamus & Big Show are now getting along so much that it’s fairly obvious that they will turn on each other at WrestleMania. The question is, which one will it be? It’s too obvious to be Big Show, and looks likely to be Orton, but personally i would like it to be Sheamus as i don’t really like his goofy face character.

  • tomcatjerrymouse

    Managers in the WWE (even though they don’t even call them managers anymore) are just like the mid card titles, they still exist but they’re not relevant like they used to be.

  • JJ

    I can’t believe you just tried to put great managers like bobby Heenan and Jimmy Hart in the same category as AJ Lee, Vickie and the other lames. Literally the only solid manager still today is Paul Heyman and he’s been the really only solid manager in the last, almost, decade.