25-Year-Old Wrestling Student Dies After Injury Suffered At Gillberg's Pro Wrestling Academy

The Baltimore Sun is reporting that Quentin Washington, 25, died Friday at Maryland Shock Trauma Center of injuries he sustained at Gillberg's Pro Wrestling Academy.

According to police, Washington was practicing wrestling maneuvers when he struck his head during a fall, leaving him with injuries in which led to his untimely and tragic death.

The death was ruled accidental.

  • Chris_Storm

    This is sad, very sad. I’m not sure what benefit comes from mentioning who owns the school other than to do harm or get everyone online to bash Duane as if he were guilty or something, which mass media will certainly do.

    • wnwdotcom2

      I never mentioned Duane, you did.

      • BigMike

        with all due respect, whomever wrote the above article mentioned Gillberg which was Duane Gill's wrestling moniker so by saying "I di not mention DUane You did" is a fallicy by mentioning Gillberg u mentioned Duane

      • Chris_Storm

        Duane is Gillberg Richard. But it wasn't you that I was referring to. When I say Mass Media I mean radio and television or news sites that cover all news outside of MMA or Wrestling. You and I both know how they will treat this, there will ultimately be finger pointing over a total accident and once again, the business we love will catch crap in general for work conditions etc. My aplogies if I worded it improperly, I was a bit pressed for time at that moment.

        • wnwdotcom2

          I mentioned the location where the accident happened, that's true. However, to insinuate I wrote this story for the sake of trying to "bash" a particular individual is preposterous.

          • Chris_Storm

            I believe everyone missed my point here. WNW is not what I would consider Mass Media. This is a wrestling based website, for this site not to mention where it happened would've been poor journalism as everyone would ask where it happened, just to have to follow up with that information later on. The Mass Media at large who reaches millions of people in seconds are who I was referring to above guys. I appreciate the back up gentlemen but it wasn't neccessary as Richard, nor anyone at WNW for that matter would intentionally use something like this as a podium to "bash" a worker personally, especially over something this serious and tragic.

      • Patrick_Peralta

        no but you did mention the Wrestling School were it happen at. so people will blame him for it.

        it is a sad thing to happen…and a accident. since the name of the school was mentioned the media will blame him even if it was a accident. It wouldn't suprise me if the parents sue the school.

        That seems to be the normal thing these days to sue everyone.

      • EhmanK

        Actually you did…I’m the title

        Not sure how using their wrestling moniker is any different than using their real name…

      • Chris

        You never mentioned him? Dude, you put his name in the post AND linked to his Facebook page. Are you being purposefully dense here or something?

  • tommy

    even the GIMMICK RIPOFF kills or ends wrestling careers…first a foolisk kick by goldberg to Brets head now this guy…the gimmick/name are cursed..

    • Paul

      How could you possibly link the two?

  • Spyder

    Tommy, nothing is funny about death. My brother trains at that school. It's a great school with some awesome trainers. Gilberg had nothing to do with this kids death, he was practicing and things went bad, it was an accident.

  • Steve

    This is why we need SOPA and PIPA to pass, protect intellectual property and privacy.

    • Chris_Storm

      What you just said lowered my IQ.

      • XKonn247

        And Chris, I’ve just laughed until I pissed myself. Haha.

    • bcfuy

      sopa and pipa will do MORE than wat u just said.
      gillbergs is a good school, but everyone is not cut out.
      i went for a tryout,and duane actually GAVE potential student his money back because he didnt think he was cut out for the biz. how many trainers would do that?

  • Bob

    Chris maybe u should grow up. Arguing on the Internet is like being in the special Olympics. You may win, but your still retarded.

    • Chris_Storm

      It appears that everyone is completely in love with your personal point of view. Thanks for coming.

    • XKonn247

      Can we not use such terms! Do you have any idea how offensive that is!?

  • sforester

    Chris has already clarified his ambiguous statement, so there's no need to jump his case. A man died chasing his dream, something that many people in the world don't get to do. Sadly, mainstream news media can and will use this man's death as an excuse to bash the world of professional wrestling. We know that the mainstream news media has a bias against pro wrestling, so let us take a moment to learn from this man's life rather than bash each other. The Blitz has spoken.

  • Jim

    And people still say Pro-Wrestling is fake… Some of these athletes take some extremely dangerous chances with their lively hood, and also their lives, basically every time they step inside a ring. Because no matter where they are performing they have to pull out their best stuff. Which is usually the most dangerous unfortunately. Because if the people in attendance don’t get to see that signature move that they see on TV every week they somehow feel cheated. So the performer is in a tough spot IMO. They can either risk their well being multiple times a week or not do the moves all the time and take the chance at getting some real heat from the fans. I would never want to be a “high-flyer”. Sign me up for the ground and pound. Being more of the technical style would have to add years onto a wrestlers career IMO. Never the less this is a really sad story, and I send my condolences to his friends and family…


    No one blamed Gillberg. I bet if he didn’t include that it was at Gillberg’s school the first comment would either be “WHERE DID THIS HAPPEN” or some know-it-all letting us know.

    You losers will argue about anything.

  • Tim

    Richard no one is saying you wrote it like that, BUT that is how people will interpret your writing.

  • Wayne

    FYI From Fox45 Baltimore: Police say Quentin L. Washington was injured at Gillberg's Pro Wrestling Academy on Sandy Farm Road last Thursday. Authorities say he died the next day at Shock Trauma in Baltimore. Name here says his last name was Washington. This is FYI Richard, don't post please

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