25 Years of Rumble Winners - 1990 Hulk Hogan

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I will admit that this undertaking is a bit bigger than I thought it was going to be, but I'm loving every minute of it! I learned so much about more about Duggan, someone I adore, and learned a lot about Studd who I know almost nothing about, but today's and tomorrow's should be shorter and easier as Hulk Hogan won both of them. There's few of us who don't know what Hogan has done for the wrestling industry as a whole, WWF/WWE and WCW in particular. Because Hogan won two years in a row, I will only talk about the 1990 Royal Rumble Match and the year that followed for Hogan. Tomorrow I will go further with Hogan career.

One of the earlier main events on the 1990 Royal Rumble card was Duggan vs Big Boss Man. They went back and forth in a brutal match until Slick slid Boss Man's nightstick into him and tried to distract the ref. It didn't work, the ref saw Boss Man hitting Duggan and called the DQ. Duggan came out the winner of that brutal match.

The 1990 Royal Rumble Match started with 'Million Dollar Man' Ted DiBiase and Koko B. Ware as numbers one and two. Koko didn't even last two minutes and was eliminated by DiBiase with a body drop over the top. DiBiase lasted to be #18 eliminated, breaking Mr. Perfect's longevity record by staying in 44:51! Wrestlers came in every two minutes with Hogan being #25. Hogan only eliminated four participants this time around, not coming near his record of the year before. The last two in the ring with Hogan was Mr. Perfect and Rick Rude. They double teamed Hogan, but he came back and Perfect assisted Hogan in eliminating Rude. Perfect was in control until Hogan Hulked up, clotheslined Perfect and threw him out over the top.

Hulk-A-Mania started in early 1984 and Hogan was the man in professional wrestling, changing the way everyone looked at the industry. If it wasn't for VKM, there wouldn't have been Hulk-A-Mania, but without Hogan, where would VKM have really been? The first WrestleMania was built around Hogan and the whole Rock 'n Wrestling phenomena. Hogan was untouchable, virtually unstoppable. As if the first WM wasn't big enough, Hogan versus Andre at WMIII is still one of the most talked about matches ever. Hogan then moved on to be part of The MegaPowers with Macho Man Randy Savage, with Miss Elizabeth as their valet/manager. They were invincible, until they imploded and faced off at WMV.

It was during the Royal Rumble Match that Hogan got his first up-close and personal moment with The Ultimate Warrior. They started feuding and went to WMVI to face off in a Title vs Title Match. Warrior held the IC Title while Hogan held the WWF Title. Warrior defeated Hogan and won his WWF Title to hold along with his IC Title.

In May of 1990 Earthquake attacked Hogan on The Brother Love Show. Hogan was taken off TV and the fans were told that Hogan's match with Warrior killed his fighting spirit and Hogan was thinking of leaving wrestling. The fans were asked to write in to encourage Hogan to return. In return the fans received a postcard sized signed picture of Hogan as a thank you. He returned during the summer and started both feuding and dominating Earthquake. Due to defeating such a huge man, Hogan wanted to be referred to as 'The Immortal' Hulk Hogan.

Obviously Hogan's year after his first Royal Rumble win was the continuation of Hogan's fantastic career in the WWF. We all know that Hogan's (early) career was glorious and I will continue on it with his 1991 Royal Rumble win.

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  • Andy

    I have one of those Hulk hogan postcards at home after writing in to him after the earthquake thing.
    We put it in a frame and stood it on the mantlepiece for years afterwards.
    Bloody Hell I'm old…

  • Jim

    I would say that Hogan’s entire career as a wrestler was “glorious”. It kind of tailed off when WCW started falling apart, but so did everyone else’s career who was apart of that mess. Which had way more to do with the booking than it did each person themselves. Proof of that is that the second Hogan got back to WWE he was instantly off and running again as one of the biggest draws in the company. The only problem I have with Hogan is how him and Bischoff handled TNA. Though ever since he’s been off of TV they seem to be moving in the right direction. Since they are at least pushing their home grown talent now. When WWE says that Stone Cold was the biggest draw and money maker that’s ever been in WWE it kind of sounds impossible to me. I grew up in the 80’s and remember just how huge Hogan really was, and I just don’t think that there is anyway possible that Austin made more money for himself and the company. The only way that is possible is inflation. By that I mean that everything cost a whole lot more during Austin’s era. So his earnings totals would be skewed because of it. There’s just no way Austin sold more stuff. Hogan had his name and picture on EVERYTHING! The guy had his own line of vitamins for goodness sakes. Austin never had that kind of impact as basically all he sold was a ton of t-shirts and memoribilia. So IMO there was no way except for the value of the dollar that Austin created more income Hogan. Of course WWE will never admit that’s the reason for Austin’s numbers being higher, but because I lived through both era’s and saw how gigantic Hulkamania was I’m not buying it.

  • Dave L

    I love these new blogs by the way. I for one loved the older rumbles more so then the newer ones, "back in the day" some rumble participants started feuds during the match that lasted long after the last man went over the top rope. I watch the last few years rumble matches and it seems like a hodge podge of guys just filling up space.

  • Joey

    I love reading these!!!! Thank you KB for bring some in site on things i didn't know!!!! can't wait for the rest to come out!!


  • ben

    I love huck becus I lean many things from him he use to be very acurate in every things he is doing. More over he is very smart at all time.

  • Chris_Storm

    Nice work!