3 Hours Still Too Much Raw, John Cena Can Wrestle, McMahon Interested In TNA?, Rosa Mendes

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Is it just me or was this the first time in a while that ALL three hours of Raw were worth watching? Is this a sign of things to come with the show or did WWE just get lucky?

I thought this week's episode of Raw was a good effort but it could have still been condensed from three hours. The best parts of the show were as follows - John Cena's stellar show-opening promo and fantastic match against Cesaro, Randy Orton taking out Roman Reigns to get heat on him, Chris Jericho vs. Seth Rollins (despite the non-finish) and the closing segment with Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella (I loved Stephanie's slap and final line). There was still plenty of filler content in the middle to dull the show down.

It's very important that WWE put on noteworthy television from now until SummerSlam. Initial WWE Network subscriptions expire after the pay-per-view and the company will look to retain as many subscribers as possible. Raw has been three hours for over two years now and I still firmly believe it's product over saturation.

After John Cena's incredible match vs. Cesaro on Raw, the so many other great matches of his career & what I fully expect to be an awesome match vs. Lesnar at Summerslam... It's time this "Cena Sucks" BS stops... I agree with everybody else his character needs change but it's not going to happen at this stage so it's time to take John Cena what he is & that's one of the best ever.

I take it that you really like John Cena. There's nothing wrong with that as John is still WWE's most popular performer, however, it's generally the under 13 crowd or female demographic that's high up on him. I don't have any problem with the "Cena sucks" chants or the heat he generates. Hulk Hogan generated heat as a babyface, so did Triple H and many others. It's inaccurate to say Cena "can't wrestle" because he's had enough good matches where he's proven that he can go, however, I don't take the heat as BS. It's a normal part of the business and there is nothing wrong with the message that the character could use a revamp. I'm not holding out hope but that doesn't mean the older fan base can't chant for it either.

It seems to me that right now would be an ideal time for Vince McMahon to purchase TNA. I know this is unlikely with the WWE Network seemingly hemorrhaging money, but you'd get Jeff Hardy, Bobby Lashley, and the rest of Sting's career in the library. Thoughts?

I knew with the uncertainly regarding TNA Wrestling's future on American television that this question was inevitable but it's unrealistic at this time. If TNA loses Spike TV and is unable to find a TV deal in the United States, the only value they have is their tape library. There are obvious names that could draw WWE interest but again, this is all premature. I will also dispute that now is an "ideal time" for Vince McMahon to buy TNA. WWE is in the process of making mass budget cuts following an underwhelming domestic TV agreement and the need to monetize the WWE Network. How does adding the burden of TNA help any of that?

After being signed over 8 years ago via the Diva Search, Rosa Mendes is still employed by WWE with no real character development nor decent grappling skills. Yet over the course of the same time frame, WWE has released many great female performers. What are your thoughts?

Rosa Mendes has withstood a lot, including getting sent home from WWE's European tour last year. However, she's persevered and will be added to the Total Divas cast for Season 3. Internally, I believe the hope is she will help increase the Latino demographic to the hit reality series. I can't give you a valid explanation as to why some performers are still employed when others are let go. This isn't an objective business and it's ultimately Vince McMahon's decision as to who is employed and who is not.

From the Ask WNW vault…

July 2012: I was wondering about your thoughts on the WWE Network. Oprah’s network is basically hemorrhaging money at this point. Isn’t Vince McMahon and the rest of WWE upper management worried the same could occur with them? - Vince McMahon addressed the failure of the Oprah Network when talking about the WWE Network in a conference call with investors in November 2011. McMahon called the Oprah Network a “miserable failure” and said that it doesn’t take a genius to figure out the Oprah Network didn’t capitalize on what Oprah does best. Vince argued they tried to brand the Oprah name without featuring Oprah. He said WWE was going to do the opposite and would be “extraordinary successful.” Despite Vince’s calculated optimism, there are many in the company asking questions much like yours. As for my thoughts, the WWE Network is a huge risk and I’m not seeing a lot of upside. Sure, I’d like to see a network launched with all WWE programming and quite possibly carrying most of the pay-per-views, however, the fact they’ve struggled to gain clearance shows just how difficult it’s going to be just to get it launched.

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  • Eddie Edwards

    Was that second one a question?

    • I think the reader wanted my thoughts on “Cena sucks” and whether or not it was time the audience got over it.

      • kirt

        I think with the way they have cena acknowledge both the cheers and boos, and still be the ultimate schoolboy type shows they are trying to have cena transcend the heel/face labels. Although I do think there is a possibility that there is a hint in his recent tweet, quoting two face from the dark knight, when he said “you either die a hero, or live long enough to become the villian”. But then, I am also one of the ones who, while I see the value in cena how he is now and appreciates his talent, I also recognize he is years beyond stale, needs a refresh, and thinks that it is laziness/burn out on creative part that they can’t freshen him up. It doesn’t mean they have to go a direction that hurts his market value. Doesn’t mean he has to turn heel. Doesn’t mean they have to risk his demographic appeal or his make a wish contributions. But I seriously doubt that will be even thought about for a long time to come, especially with the financial situation that mcmahon found himself in.

      • Dude

        Yea. “cena isn’t the best technical wrestler but he’s a good character that needs a change ” isnt as easy to chant

  • MadDawg

    Is there any remote possibility that Stephanie vs Brie has a clean finish?

    • Alan haw

      Its not exactly rocket science how the outcome of Stephanie vs Brie is going to end.As Stephanie can’t wrestle to save her life.She is going to get another Diva to help her win.

      • Holden Patrick Harris


        • David F

          Hell yeah Kharma comes back for revenge and blood on bellas and kick their ass all over the arena. She could def be Steph’s muscle and that role would work for her

  • adam latchford

    Anyone else expect Nikki to turn on Brie at summerslam and help stephanie win?

    • kurt

      Been thinking that since they had steph keep on nikki about her sister causing this to happen to her. Classic storyline there. Have nikki deny it angrily, then have her do a surprise turn when brie is about to win it all and cost her everything and side with steph.

  • K!NG

    yeah i actually agree that raw should return to 2 hours and go back from 9 to 11. the only thing is im sure there are people out there who are going to complain if they ever did cut back to 2 hours is that now time is being taken away from other superstars who wouldnt normally have a spot on the card if not for the 3rd hour but thats what main event, superstars and smackdown are for.

  • Alex

    This Rusev and Jack Swagger rivalry seems to be a good one too. I like how they both have a great look as to size, and the whole USA/Russia angle is just adding to the intrigue of the audience. A great way to end the Summer too with these two superstars clash again,

  • John

    Cena is a great performer, but i would never call him “a wrestler”.. At least not a great one.

    • BlazeKing

      It’s like fans forgot that there are different archetypes of wrestlers these days…
      Let me remind people then: Brawler, Technician, & High-Flyer. Cena has always been a brawler type that likes to fight. Technicians specialize in mat wrestling, and High-Flyers are self-explanatory.

  • Guy

    Cesaro carried Cena.

    • Johnson

      Lol what a mark.

  • Malboja

    The problem with cena is not that he can’t wrestle , it’s that he doesn’t .
    He is now the wwe prototype “in fact this was his name in fcw ”
    He is what wwe has become he has les than 5-10 moves that he will do most matches and that’s it
    There is no on the fly wrestling now and that is why people like wrestlers like cm punk , Daniel bryan and I’m going to as to this list like Harper
    These are guys who will pull out different things quite often

    This worries me in that wwe have just signed Kenta who in the ring is one of the best I have seen in a long time and I’d hate to see wwe have him do a cena , run out take a beating throw a few punches get beat some more maybe do a suplex then two shoulder blocks spin out back drop a fist drop then a fireman carry slam maybe he will throw in a stf at some part
    People like to know that anything can happen and with cena we all know what’s going to happen every time it’s not his fault it’s just the wwe model of a wrestler nowdays

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      Oh we know Cena can when he wants too.. It’s like he only does it when the crowd/fans are into his opponent, CM Punk he had a good match with.. Daniel Bryan and now Ceasro It’s like he gets caught up in the moment himself.

  • Paul

    Surely he could buy TNA for 30 bucks and a packet of Oreo cookies?

  • King James

    Cena’s match vs Cesaro was sloppy. Cesaro carried that match. John botched just about every “big” move he attempted. He is definitely not a good wrestler but he’s a helluva showmen.

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    Vince McMahon said himself he isn’t interested in TNA, unless TNA ever becomes a threat, he probably won’t be bothered.

  • BlazeKing

    “John is still WWE’s most popular performer, however, it’s generally the
    under 13 crowd or female demographic that’s high up on him.”

    That’s because the males all jumped on the “Cena Sucks” bandwagon so they can feel accepted as wrestling fans…

  • Robert Olley

    Im curious on peoples thoughts to the news that tna has got rid of vince Russo. Is it to try and get spike to resign them or just because he wasn’t doing the job?

  • Bobby

    Rosa Mendes has been sleeping with the right men that work for WWE including Vince McMahon which is how she has kept her job so long despite her having no skill in the ring or on the mic

  • Nate Mayhew

    That was my TNA question, and you seemed to miss the part where I acknowleged the network. I said ideal time because TNA themselves cut a lot of costs, making everyone cheaper, and the WWE could use more names like Hardy, Angle (if still signed) and Lashley to help PPV “buys” for the network. Of course, I got the answer I expected from you, instead of you putting any original thought into my question.

    That was my last question for the Richard propaganda machine.