30-Man Royal Rumble Match, Mark Henry's Spot In WWE, Paid Time Off In WWE?, Cowboys Stadium Hosting Wrestlemania

What were your thoughts on last night's 30-man Royal Rumble match? I felt it was largely disappointing.

I've heard varying reactions from readers on their thoughts of last night's 30-man Royal Rumble match. I felt like the match was largely disappointing until the end with Sheamus and Chris Jericho. The go-home sequence was very well done but I do feel there was too much comedy in the bout and it lacked any major surprises. I'll have my detailed reactions on Richard's Backstage Blog later today.

Will WWE make Mark Henry a top guy against after spending so much time building him up?

While not World Heavyweight Champion, Mark Henry is still a top guy in WWE. He's scratching and clawing, working hurt to try and keep the spot he's waited a decade and a half to get. WWE officials have reassured him he's still in their plans a main event performer, however, Henry has been unhappy with the way he's been booked. You can read more about Henry being upset at this link.

Does WWE provide talent with health insurance and benefits such as paid vacations and paid time off?

Performers in WWE are classified as independent contractors, not employees, so options such as health insurance are not available. This has been controversial throughout the years; however, little to no progress has been made when challenged. As for paid vacations and paid time off, a worker will collect their downside guarantee as long as they are not suspended. Therefore if they request time off, and it's granted, it is paid time off as they are collecting all but show bonuses.

With Cowboys Stadium in Arlington having a seating capacity of almost 100,000, do you see WWE hosting Wrestlemania there in the near future?

It was rumored that Cowboys Stadium was a heavily-targeted venue by WWE for Wrestlemania, however, it's not going to happen. The Dallas Observer quoted a Cowboys Stadium spokesman earlier this month who said the venue can't host Wrestlemania over the next two years because of upcoming obligations the venue has with the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

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  • Jbreed

    The RR match was definitely a circus until Chris Jericho and Sheamus made it worth watching in the end. I'd rather have seen John Cena, Triple H, Mason Ryan, Ted DiBiase and even Drew McIntyre and Funkasaurus instead of some of those those clowns who actually did enter.

    • Marco

      Amen brother

  • Misha

    In my opinion, last nights Royal Rumble ppv was a success! First of all, there was no John Cena in the Rumble match! Second, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk STILL champs! And to top it off, Sheamus win the Rumble match which was the best choice they could have gone with. Now about the surprise entrants…there were 7 surprise entrants, although most of them (like the announcers and Khali) were not such a big deal, it was still a surprise! Now come on, you cant sit there and tell me you did not mark out for Kharma returning and eliminating some of the men? What about Ricardo Rodriguez??? that made me LOL so hard, that beat up car he drove in and his great attempt at imitating Del Rios entrance, to me it worked really well! Then the battle of the socks, The Cobra vs Mr. Socko! That was entertaining, i mean yeah it was kinda corny but we are living in the PG era where everything has been that way so we might as well live with it until WWE decides to change again. Overall the Rumble was really good and I give it a 8.5/10!

    • urnemystic

      I thought it was pretty entertaining as well. And how about Kofi hand walking all the way to the steps?

  • @jblack424

    The rumble match was a top 10 rumble. Though more comedy with cobra vs socko which I love that but I felt kane getting left off or no delrio or christian but khali and kharma though I did pop for her but beth vs kharma is any wrestling fans fantasy match for divas.no offense hacksaw left a lower card guy and even though he gotta huge pop you didn’t want or think he stood a chance. I want a rumble match where the whole rumble has a slight chance to win. What hurt was having announcer join instead of cena henry clay and drew. I like booker as I believe he should be main roster and regal announce but cole and king was in and out. As for henry they booked him unstoppable to getting jobbed in a way. Just if he is turning face have kane take him out and if still being heel have a match with clay and have him pull something or something like that. I like henry but this one legged version is a joke

    • urnemystic

      With his multiple injuries there is only so much Henry can do right now. I knew they wouldnt make him do double duty.

  • John

    In regards to the Royal Rumble match, I was also greatly disappointed! 🙁

  • snuggle

    Wrestlemania lineup-
    Rock vs Cena
    Wwe title
    Punk vs Jericho
    World title
    Bryan vs Sheamus
    Streak match
    Undertaker vs HHH
    Grudge match
    Orton vs Barrett
    Divas title
    Beth vs Kharma
    Celebrity match
    Shaq vs Big Show
    Kane vs Ryder
    Miz, Dolph, Swagger vs Truth, Kofi, Mysterio

    • the arbiter

      Im hoping for Sheamus vs Undertaker. They said a Main event match at wrestlemania, perhaps he chooses to beat the streak instead.

      I don't want to see Undertaker vs DX part 5

      • Dougie

        Am thinking a 6 man tag match may be in the offing,
        HHH Hbk and Road Dogg all behind the scenes? With Nash still having a word or 2 around the place, am I the only 1 thinking there’s something coming for mania?
        How about Sheamus going for the streak instead of the titles?

  • eddie27

    I thought the Rumble was very well done. There was only a few minutes of Comedy and it was actually funny (something WWE usually fails in). The end with Jericho and Sheamus was great.

  • Maze

    I know Road Dogg personally and to see him get a spot in the Rumble was worth the price of the even in itself. It was good Rumble as I would have like to see bigger surprises the things they did with Ricardo was awesome. All in all good show. Punk and Ziggler match of the night

  • Howard Stern

    I can't believe they wasted the 30 spot on Big Show. That was the biggest disappointment. And what about that 5 minute cage match?

  • mathew30

    personally, loved road dogg coming in, took me back. thought the sock fiasco was boring, thought the kingston handstand was likely the best save ever in a RR. and it felt rather weird having so much time for the last 2 remaining, how ever at least that was some proper wrestling with those two. and i really really couldnt give two hoots about karma

  • n8ive_savage1

    Snuggle you seriously wanna see Barrett and Orton go on til mania? Ok sheamus takes title at chamber, smackdown chamber Rhodes, Barrett, Orton, Booker t, jinder Mahal, dibease..Rhodes take Booker t out before match and McIntyre takes place. McIntyre eliminates Orton which begins feud into mania to establish em. Barrett goes on to face sheamus

    • JXW

      We still don't know which championship Sheamus would go for due to that loophole (I love loopholes lol). Personally I would like to see him go after Punk unless there is a major title change on the next ppv.

      • Dougie

        I think we’re due another British Invasion (Sheamus, McIntyre & Barrett) against DX (Triple H, Michaels & Road Dogg). That’d be a perfect pass the torch feud

  • proud

    Why is everyone pushing this Ryder vs. Kane feud?

    Isn't putting Kane (who in many viewers eyes was getting pushed to Main event status with the return of his mask) in a match against Ryder putting him in the mid card when by all accounts he should be built up in the same way that Henry just was and Kane was earlier in his career?

    Kane vs. Cena for all it's entertainment still hasn't gotten Kane to that high level in which he can be thought of as bonafide main eventer. He isn't elevating Ryder (of whom is made to look weak and hurt) but Ryder is bringing down Kane due to their status not being as high as it could be for a HOT feud!

  • jeb

    It would be fitting for sheamus and bryan to headline this year, since they were left off last year

    • Jason from Australia

      The rock is headlining this year .

      • jeb

        Yes I know, but idk if you have seen other wrestlemanias where there are multiple main events that headline the show

  • Whammaster

    Kane should of been in the RR, if not to preserve the fact that hes been in them for years, most eliminations. That was probably the most disappointing thing about the Rumble.

    The best spot in the rumble goes to Kharma giving the implant buster to Dolph Ziggler. I popped huge when it happened.

    • MonsterMike42

      Too bad he no-sold it.

      • Jason from Australia

        That’s cause he doesn’t have implants ?

  • brandon

    i want taker vs sheamus!!!!!!

  • Screw you people, the Royal Rumble match was awesome. As usual, there are plenty of surprise entrances, and very entertaining moments. I popped for Mr. Socko vs The Cobra.

  • Paulio_j

    The RR sucked, a perfectly good waste of £14.95. Im slowly getting sick of wasting money on crap ppv’s. Ive watched wrestling for 20 sum years and can honestly say this is the least i have been entertained, maybe its coz im getting older but i would commend a bit of entertainment if i seen it, ie takers return that was decent! There has been nothing lately make me think wow very clever! Everything has been done and now were getting slightly different storylines off old stuff, taker v trip pt 3 for example! One last thing i wish michael cole would drop off the face of the earth. Everything about him bugs me there is nothing good about his voice every sport has that one voice that makes it and coles is not that!

  • sean

    on the whole the rumble was a successfull ppv the match itself was not the best it could have been