30-Man Royal Rumble Match Participants - Confirmed Workers, Possible Surprises, Injured But Could Return & A List Of Workers That Are Ruled Out For Tonight's Pay-Per-View

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WWE has made it clear that everyone is eligible for tonight's 30-man Royal Rumble match. Only nine men have been officially announced for the match while others have been rumored. Here's everything we know as of this afternoon:


  • Chris Jericho
  • Jinder Mahal
  • Mick Foley
  • The Miz (entering number one)
  • Randy Orton
  • R-Truth
  • Santino Marella
  • Sheamus
  • Wade Barrett

Possible Surprises:

  • "Road Dogg" Jesse James - BG James works backstage as a producer and would easily be available for the match.
  • "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan - I heard Duggan canceled a scheduled independent appearance for today which always gets people talking.

Injured But Could Return:

  • Christian - Christian could barely walk at the beginning of this month and I was told the Rumble would be the "absolute earliest" he would be able to work.
  • Alberto Del Rio - Everything I have heard is that Del Rio's return date is next month from a torn groin. However, it's not improbable he works tonight.
  • Goldust - Goldust has been injured but, like BG James, works backstage so it's certainly possible he works tonight.
  • Rey Mysterio - Rey has targeted Wrestlemania XXVIII as his return date and I consider him to a long-shot.


  • Evan Bourne - 60-day Wellness Policy suspension
  • Road Warrior Animal - Animal was contacted but has said he would not be at tonight's event
  • Sin Cara - Sin Cara suffered a torn ACL at Survivor Series in November and is out 6-9 months

Outside of this list, any active WWE star is eligible to make an appearance in the Royal Rumble match. I've only heard a couple names as possible favorites but based on preliminary Wrestlemania XXVIII plans you can probably decipher at least one of those names.

Be sure and join us here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com tonight at 8 PM EST for exclusive live play-by-play coverage. I'll have Richard Reacts available here on my blog tomorrow.

  • gpturbo81


  • Ricky

    Is it me or is that a REALLY small comfirmed list for the Main Event of a match that's in roughly 8 hours.

  • paulw3000

    I’ve heard rumours of Christian being in St Louis, and also of MVP and JBL being there too and booked to appear.

    Like I said, just rumours but have you heard anything Richard??

    • wnwdotcom2

      I've posted everything I know. I will update if something else should come available. Be careful, this is an event where a lot of unfounded rumors make rounds.

  • havoc525

    Got a feeling Undertaker shows up tonight.

  • gibbons08

    I thought Wade Barret tweeted something about Papa Shongo during the week?

  • Patrick_Peralta

    "Road Warrior Animal – Animal was contacted but has said he would not be at tonight’s event"

    I wouldn't count him out Richard, Sure he said no but that doesn't mean anything. Edge the same thing about his return at a PPV and he ended up showing up for it. so just because a Wrestler says no doesn't mean he is telling the truth it may be a suprise.