30-Man Rumble Match Open To Other Wrestlers On The Royal Rumble PPV Lineup

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It was announced on the airing of today's WWE Superstars on the official WWE website that wrestlers who have matches at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view are still eligible for the 30-man Rumble match.

  • Jameson

    So Dolph is doing double duty again? #ShowOFF

  • christopher525

    This has always been the case, is anyone really surprised?

    • Owen

      Actually, wrestlers that competed for World Title matches weren't eligible to compete in the Royal Rumble match until last year. To be quite honest, I really don't like it when that happens. You already lost your shot at the championship, and you shouldn't try to get another one that same night.

      Oh, and I know about Kurt Angle stealing Nunzio's number from 2005. That was an exception to the rule.

      • @RatedMKD

        Also, Eddie Guerrero wasn't eligible for the 2004 Royal Rumble because he competed against Chavo earlier that night. So when SmackDown had a 15-man Royal Rumble later that week to determine Brock Lesnar's challenger at No Way Out, he was able to enter then. The rest, as they say, is history.

  • Dave Barton

    Kinda suggests either Punk or Bryan may lose their title at RR, then win the RR match itself.

    • gibbons08

      I said that to one of my buddies! I wouldn’t be surprised to see Punk get screwed out of the title and then enter the Rumble and win it to get a shot at Mania!

  • George

    It hasnt been uncommon over the years for wrestlers to have matches and be in the rumble, though it has never been talked about or made a rule. For wwe to make a specific announcement about it this year, one could speculate that it may bear a significant impact to the rumble match this year, eg Dolph losing the title match but then having a decent run in the rumble, or perhaps even winning the whole thing.

    • Eiji

      Man I hope ziggler doesn't win the title or rumble. That guy is a Curt Hennig/Billy Gunn rip off!!! Nothing innovative about his wrestling skills or mic skills. He should just go back to cheerleading somewhere else.

      • Darkstalker

        He may need a little character tweak, but he is one of the uprising talents, WWE has to offer. Have you ever seen him wrestle?

  • Bob

    Aka: Wwe doesnt have enough talent to stock a 30 man match otherwise

    • Matt

      Do you even follow this site or the WWE for that matter

    • Matt Scott

      With a roster of over 60 guys, I think they do.

    • Wwe4L76


  • Adam

    My pick for the rumble would be shaemus hes good chracter and talent he was a good champion b4

  • Eloy Tijerina

    It used to be like that in the old school days. I remember in 92- Piper had won the IC title and entered the RR later that night trying to become the then WWF Champion. I used to enjoy that. Also, remember when Bret Hart did double duty in 94, and lost the tag team title match when Owen turned on him? Came back later that night and won the whole darn thing!!

  • Whammaster

    Lesner? :p lol i know i know, not possiable, but come on :p

  • havoc525

    I think Jericho will win. Punk will either retain, or get his title back at Elimination Chamber in February, setting up Punk/Jericho at Mania for the WWE title, and the moniker of “Best in the World.”

  • Crane

    Plz not Jericho!!! A washed up wanna be as heel wrestler. Do the World a favour and do for what you signed up and leave. This time forever!

    • Darkstalker

      What drugs are you on? Jericho is still one of the best wrestlers out there. He can work the crowd like nobody else does, he can get a good match out of basically everyone – I would pay to see Jericho, Triple H and a broom stick in a triple threat – and he is pure charisma.

    • ennrique

      did you just call jericho a washed up wanna be? man your gonna get so many thumbs down!