3MB To Deliver "State Of The WWE Address" On Raw

Drew McIntyre stated on Twitter that 3MB will conduct their "state of the WWE address" on this week's Raw.  You can view his Tweet below:

We at 3MB would like to take a moment to let everybody know that we can appreciate all the greatest artists had critics but never acknowledged anyone or let it slow them down as they only seen the bigger picture. The enlightened already know. You can love us or hate us we couldn't give a damn either way because we are fighting for the whole universe...for all of you!!! musically and in ring, we are changing the world one song and one beating at a time. True we like to have fun but when that bell rings or the red light goes on in the studio we are all business. We are simple men and being disrespected at shows with a locker room the size of a closet is not showing talent like us the proper respect. Then we see our fellow 'talent' on their I pads, playing angry birds.....something is wrong around here and this Monday we will be conducting our 3MB state of the WWE address....for all of you!!! #3MB #3MBandwagon

Click here to read McIntyre's post in its original form.

  • gpturbo81

    how is this crap even on tv. cant help but burst into laughter every time i see these three

    • Excuse me?! Can you play the air guitar? It takes tons of skill and dedication to learn to play an instrument of that caliber.

  • Andy

    Push for drew, pleeease!!

  • The Breaker

    These guys are a riot (especially the "Class Clown" of the group, Jinder Mahal).. am I the only one enjoying it?

    • Applejack

      No. I'm really digging 3MB. I already liked Heath and Drew, while that interview where Jinder said he was the "fun guy" made me kind of like him as well just because of the laugh that gave me. I think they could be a fun group.

  • H.M.

    This will either be very good or very lame.