5 Year Old Girl Killed By Older Brother Using WWE-Style Moves

It is with a heavy heart that I have to report that a five year old girl, Viloude Louis, was killed in Terrytown, Louisiana. Her thirteen year old brother claimed she complained of stomach pains, and he called 911 when he saw she wasn't breathing, but the autopsy showed broken ribs and internal injuries. The brother then admitted that he had been using WWE-style moves on his little sister. A full report on the homicide can be found here.

The WWE makes a big point of reminding everyone that the Superstars are trained professionals, and not to try this at home, especially on Saturday Morning Slam, but sometimes horrible things like this happen.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Viloude Louis.

  • Hussein


  • Simon Veitch

    This is exactly why WWE airs those messages to not try it at home. I’m curious what particular moves he would have been trying to cause broken ribs, like for example if it was Cena’s AA, due to his popularity with kids would it sway WWE’s hand in perhaps changing his finisher. Very curious to see what happens in response to this.
    Regardless though this is a terrible shame for the family involved and especially for the 13yr old needing to live with what has happened now.

  • -|AZ|-

    A tragic incident. WWE emphasizes the fact that all wrestlers are trained professionals and yet every now n then we come across such bizarre incidents…

    May her soul rest in peace…


  • hardcoreman

    whoa. She really sold that move. quite the professional

    • Tony_23

      Man you’re sick

    • Richard

      Are you serious?!?!? People like you need a smack upside their heads for making such stupid idiotic comments like that. SHE DIED YOU MORON. There’s no reason to say crap like that

    • Charles

      Everyone who liked this comment should be shot.

      • Alex P

        I have to agree…it’s bad enough that this comment was posted…how are people liking it? It’s just in awful taste.

  • The Arbiter

    Yep, people will focus in on the moves and glaze over the fact a 13 year old was brutalizing his 5 year old sister.

    “She told her brother she was in pain, but he continued to slam, punch and elbow her for at least two to three more minutes before he stopped to take a phone call from their mother”

    Without WWE he still would have beat that little girl to death, but that wont be what the mainstream media latches on to.

    • Patrick

      According to police he was all smiles as he talked about wrestling and the abuse…and he didn’t seemed bothered by what he did to his sister.

  • Dave Barton

    Makes me wonder whatever happened with the teenager who accidentally killed his uncle with a sleeper during WM28. Its all such sad, senseless tragedies.

    • sir-rusty82

      How could that happen, the sleeper they use in wrestling isn’t even the real sleeper hold

      • Dave Barton

        I’m old school, these days its a rear naked choke.

        • sir-rusty82

          Either way its done differently in wrestling because if you do it properly you can kill someone in 30 seconds. The real way is to put 1 arm around the neck & the other arm behind the head which gives pressure & blocks the circulation to your brain on wrestling they have 1 arm around the neck & the other arm around the front of the head over the fore head which is doing nothing at all except giving their head a cuddle lol

  • Paul

    Sounds to me like that there are deeper family dynamic involved. Apparently the boy appeared unaffected by what he was charge with and he’d been left alone by his step mother all day. This is not a reflection of WWE in my opinion. This is a tragic event possibly spurned by a broken home life.

  • WE

    Just more evidence that wrestling is not for kids. Drop the pg, return back to tv-14.

  • Chris

    Of course it wasn’t a move he copied from TNA, because nobody watches that crap!

  • Kris Mystery

    Wrestling shouldn’t be marketed for children. Don’t give parents the false impression that your product is ok for their children to be watching without adult supervision. Children act out what they see in TV and movies…they have been doing that forever.

  • Charles

    The kid was LAUGHING after she died! This has absolutely nothing to do with WWE and everything to do with sick nut cases who don’t belong in society.