50 Cent Says Boxing Could Benefit From WWE, Live Event, New Year's Eve Marathon

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- Rapper 50 Cent says boxing could benefit from "WWE-style theatrics." Below is a comment he gave to USA Today:

"(We should) use some of the theatrics that you see in WWE and bringing them into a sport that doesn't have a question mark -- we know boxing is real. We don't say 'is that real?' like wrestling. If you add those different elements to it you can offer something that would be entertaining enough to watch the entire show."

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- WWE has announced a live event from the Coliseum at the Amarillo Civic Center in Amarillo, Texas on Sunday, May 12, 2013.

- The Score in Canada will feature a WWE Vintage Collection marathon on New Year's Eve from 4-8 PM EST.

  • christopher525

    He's talking about the same boxing that is constantly shown to have fixed fights with judges making horrible calls, right? That boxing, that doesn't have a question mark on how "real" it is, right?

  • Alex

    Yeah, Roy Jones Jr started trying to act more like a WWE wrestler and it pretty much ended his career. He became more concerned about how to look good instead of training to actually be good. 50, you a rapper. Not a boxer or a wrestler. Concentrate more on the rap game instead of sports.

    • Batman

      Really? It’s not his business so stay out? That what you’re saying? Better tell old’ Richard here that he’s not a wrestler so he should pack up this site and go home.

      50 Cent is perfectly entitled to his opinion on how to make something that he must enjoy better. Don’t be such a dick.

  • Philip Thompson

    Boxing is an incredibly boring sport – MMA is a far better combat sport. They do understand that you do have to promote and build matches so that fans actually buy in to the match and either care about the winner or are interested enough to pay to see the fight or even watch it for free. One thing they have in their favour is that most of the matches haven't been done before – whereas in WWE most matches have been done many times. The flip side of that is that because the UFC has such a large roster most fans aren't very familiar with most people on the roster so, to them, it's just two random guys fighting whereas most WWE fans are familiar with most of the roster. Of course, MMA does have at least one competitor who thinks he's a professional wrestler – Chael Sonnen. I'd quite like to see Chael Sonnen in WWE once he's no longer able to compete in UFC.

  • _JIM_

    "Fitty" is right on the money with that statement. Boxing has lost it's main-stream appeal. People are just sick and tired of all of the cheap decisions when fights come down to the score cards. I've seen quite a few fights where the clear winner of the fight wound up losing when the judges gave their scores. Nobody wants to watch a legitimate sport where the outcomes are rigged. It makes it look cheap, low-rent, and like the outcomes are controlled by the betting. UFC uses more of the theatrics of wrestling because they do everything that they can to make the fights seem like some kind of personal issue is going to be resolved because of the fight. Which garners public interest. Especially when a fighter that they are a fan of is involved in the issue. Both sports need to up their production values and do more with the fighter's entrances to make things more entertaining. Something that small goes a long way when it comes to keeping people intersted and entertained IMO. UFC could mic their crowds like WWE does also. Those crowd mics help portray the action a lot better for the TV audiences. Both sports can learn a lot from how WWE produces their TV shows and PPV's.