6 Wrestlers Including TNA Champion Chris Sabin Pulled From TNA Live Event

TNA Champion Chris Sabin, Garett Bischoff, Jay Bradley, Gail Kim, Brooke Tessmacher and Wes Brisco were pulled from Saturday night's TNA live event in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. TNA road agent Pat Kenney opened the show by making the announcement and offering refunds to ticket holders.

The reason the aforementioned talent was pulled was due to them not having active licenses to perform in the state of Missouri. To perform in the state, workers must have active licenses with the Missouri State Athletic Commission. The talent remaining all had active licenses to perform as  "wrestling contestants."

  • Jon Harris

    wow how bad is tna getting and tna should have know that before they had the house show

    • Johnny Kaduces White

      Agreed! When you are an indy worker you have to take care of getting licensed in each state you perform yourself but with the exception of perhaps a few states that may want some overly personal info when you are working for the second largest promotion in the US all that should be handled and double checked by the front office and the worker just sign the forms once per year. Reminds me of the recent issue of Bobby R’s contract expiring and no one knowing.

      • LBP365

        Most state will give u licensed if the one u have, have a similary criteria and a up to date physical card normally if u good in Las vegas, Boston, Miami u good in most places Just think if they did NFL teams for each player (same thing in my book)

        • Johnny Kaduces White

          Yes, generally if you show “I have a license to wrestle in the state of X”, they will take your info, money and grant it as you have already met similar criteria in another state. Agree with the NFL analogy. Also, if you are an indy guy that works in many states, you are paying out a lot each year for what is basically a tax while making very little money. Not everyone makes Randy Orton’s salary LOL.

      • LBP365

        Now saying that u r 100% right.

  • Mike

    Why is the athletic commission still involved in sports entertainment? I know that’s a Vince term, but still it’s show off and have a planned outcome, which I’m pretty sure disqualifies it from the idea of being an actual athletic competition. Don’t get me wrong, I know they’re athletes for being able to do what they do, but it just seems ridiculous to even bother when these matches are clearly scripted

    • We can fight the amount of regulation all we want but this is simply inexcusable on TNA’s part. How do you not check something like this out is beyond me. Very embarrassing.

  • Don

    They must also have an HIV/HEP test from within the past three months

  • Arun

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  • Arun

    Chris Sabin is going to mma