9/10 Raw Viewership In - Drops Again

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Yesterday's WWE Monday Night Raw viewership is in. While last week's 3rd hour was the worst, the 1st hour this week was, but the audience still tuned away from the 2nd to the 3rd. The average audience is lower from last week. Last week averaged 4,203,000 but this week fell to 4,136,000. The 1st hour averaged 3,777,000 viewers. The 2nd hour got 4,362,000 and the 3rd hour slightly dropped to 4,270,000.

The show's rating will be released later and we will have that for you.

  • Noah

    I turned it off after what happened to Jerry

  • jdl

    It's the third hour, three hours of one TV show is just too much. I've stopped watching Raw entirely simply because it's a freaking marathon.

  • H.M.

    DVR ftw. Seriously who would sit through 3 whole hours of TV no matter how good it is? Not to mention the long commercials and recaps are just a drag. Everyone today just ought to purchase a DVR and record the show and watch it at a later time or something. It takes me just under two hours to go through it all. Yesterday's Raw just didn't click due to the obvious Lawler incident.

    • The arbiter

      H.M is 100% right. Record/fast forward. By skipping ads, recaps and any BS you dont want to watch you can get the show down to 60-120 minutes

      • Mike Gilreath

        More like 30 to 40 minutes

  • Bob

    WWE sucks these days and most wrestling fans know which is why they haven’t been in the 5-7 million viewer range in years. I wish TNA could move to Monday nights.

    • The arbiter

      They did…. and it didnt work for them.

      TNA needs to find its own spot and fix whats wrong with itself before trying to go head to head with WWE

    • n1ck

      they tried that…didn’t work out at all

    • Dude love

      I would not say that the current product sucks, it is just not as good as it used to be. WWE is still capable of producing exciting tv.

    • jdl

      Sure, sure, move TNA to Monday nights… watch WWE drive them out of business in less than a year.

    • Ken

      Now, I like TNA, but I think TNA needs competent management who are willing, able, and intelligent enough to actually advertise their product in the mainstream media, and investors who don't worship at the altar of Hogan and Bischoff, and the capability to step up the production values of their product before they ever think of moving to Monday nights again.
      The current lot just don't have the brains or the skill to do anything but coast on currents they can't control, and hold on for dear life. Or drown.

      The company has tons of talent, and the creative side is good enough to compete with the WWE – different styles, what one lacks the other possesses – but the corporate side of TNA/Impact/Whatever just don't have it in them to compete at the WWE's level.

      And that's a real shame because the WWE seriously needs a swift, sharp kick up the rear.
      Unless the three hours are full from start to finish with solid, compelling, complex, and above all else violent wrestling aimed at viewers of an adult age, the ratings are gong to keep on dropping. All this time spent recapping storylines and promoting Tout and Twitter is time that could be better spent putting on matches or backstage segments that actually advance storylines.
      People don't want to sit for three hours and watch adverts. I sure as Hell don't. That's why I watch Raw and SD through other avenues (cough*pirate*cough).
      I hope that Vince realises this before too much damage is done. If casual viewers are coming and going and going and going then he'll only have his loyal, long term viewers left, and a significant portion of them, like me, follow the product in the hopes that it will improve but don't contribute anything to the ratings, because the product right now simply doesn't deserve it of us.
      Right now they have CM Punk talking about respect to Bret Hart, who if I recall also went off on one about respect earlier in his career. Cena's prattling on about respect.
      We, the loyal viewers, the ones who've stayed with the company through thick and thin, through the Hulkamania era to the Circus era to the Attitude era to the Post-WCW era to the PG nonsense we've had the last few years; we, the loyal fans, the steadfast die-hards, aren't getting any respect at all.

      As a UK viewer I have no clue about Monday Night Football. I tried watching it once, way back in the day. Bores the life out of me. It's quite popular in the States from what I understand though. Hopefully that will light a fire under Vince's complacent arse. Sadly TNA isn't going to do that any time soon.

      That aside, I know that three hours is just too long for the modern viewer to sit and watch a broadcast on a consistent weekly basis. Three hours once a month for a PPV is fine, but each and every week, not a chance. People will try, but the casual viewers Vince is trying to attract will slowly drift away, as is evident. If he continues to alienate his loyal fans to the point where they all grab Raw off the web and watch it whenever and contribute nothing to ratings then who will he have left?

      I say this now as Ive said it a dozen times before on here not simply to whine, not simply to bash the WWE, and sure not because I like to type. I say this because I like the WWE and I fear for its future relevance, and for the business as a whole.

  • Sjenttivensventa

    Maybe if it were lost sons of anarchy or it’s always sunny I’d watch 3 hours but wwe just isn’t good enough to watch for 2 hours let alone 3 it’s more of a flipping back and forth type show Kane and Bryan are always the best of the night

    • Joeyrover

      Nice three hour comment..!!

  • Kleck

    Why are we surprised? There were two MNF games on last night…

  • Daniel

    There was two football games, even I was flipping channels

  • Paul

    It’s on at 1am til 4am over here so always record and watch on Tuesday and fastforward ads

  • Nexus

    just bring back the OLD RAW =) the ATTITUDE ERA =)