90-Day Non-Compete Clauses, TNA's Project In India, Booking The Royal Rumble Match, Tony Chimel

If a superstar is injured when they are released from WWE, does it count on their 90-day non-compete clause?

Yes, a 90-day non-compete clause is an agreement added to many WWE contracts to prevent a worker from leaving WWE and showing up the next week in TNA (or another mainstream promotion). It doesn't matter if they are injured, ill or anything else. The objective of the clause is to keep someone from carrying their momentum they gained from WWE programming to another organization the following week. Vince McMahon got burned far too many times in the 1990's with WCW taking workers and putting them on live TV.

Am I the only one who thinks TNA is making a mistake with their project in India? I'm from India and people don't even know what TNA is and I am actually training to become a pro wrestler. WWE seems to have the market over here.

Vince McMahon made further WWE expansion into India a priority a couple of months ago, however, has since backed off it. Meanwhile, TNA, who some will say is a couple steps behind WWE in just about everything, recently decided to try their hand at the market that many see as untapped. While my easy answer to this question is TNA should worry about their product domestically before expanding globally, they really don't have much to lose. Domestic revenue streams are either struggling or just barely getting by while this latest project presents them an opportunity to expand into a hungry fan base. They have a significant production company backing them and a TV deal to boot so I guess it's worth a shot.

My favorite WWE pay-per-view is Royal Rumble. Can you give us some insight as to how the 30-man Royal Rumble match is booked, how the workers are selected by number and what happens right before they come out to join the match?

The 30-man Royal Rumble match is booked just like any other match. The WWE creative team decides on how they want it booked in terms of a winner, order of entrants and order of eliminations. They give the plans to the producers who give it to the talent. Everything is laid out from who enters to when and how they are eliminated. WWE is not going to allow someone green or inexperienced to work a risky spot where they could be accidentally eliminated, however, the more a worker is trusted, the more they'll be allowed to do. As for what happens backstage, the workers stand in the gorilla position when they are set to enter just like always and go out when they are given the word from production. Everything in WWE is organized in terms of the booking of matches.

What will happen with Tony Chimel now that Lilian Garcia is back?

I heard Tony Chimel has been reassigned and will remain with WWE despite the return of Lilian Garcia. WWE officials searched to find another successful female ring announcer to replace Lilian but much like their search to find a replacement for Jim Ross, they never found one.

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  • @RatedMKD

    1. I think the first question might have been asking does the 90-day no-compete clause only come into effect after the injured wrestler is cleared to compete, in which case I would imagine the answer to be no.

    2. "WWE is not going to allow someone green or inexperienced to work a risky spot where they could be accidentally eliminated" – anyone remember Alex Riley back in January?

    • Paul

      When you get the guys in the ring for over 30 mins in the royal rumble I’m surprised more mistakes aren’t made?

  • Ego Trip

    The best example of a reason for the 90-clause is the late Rick Rude being on Nitro (Live) and Raw is War (taped) on the same night. He even boasted about he was the first/only person to be on both shows in the same night.

    Additionally a lot of companies have no-compete clauses that keep you from going to work for a competitor for years. I work in the pharmaceutical industry and my company has a clause that says you cannot go to a competitor for one full year, three if you are board member.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    "The objective of the clause is to keep someone from carrying their momentum they gained from WWE programming to another organization the following week"

    If the Wrestler is Say for Example was Orton, , Cena or even CM Punk and they left and went to TNA. They are popular enough they will still have Momentum when they appear in TNA 90 days after leaveing WWE.

    Even a popular upper midcard person is still going to have momentum when they appear in a new company. So I don't see how waiting 90 days is going to stop that. I mean WWE knows that most wrestlers will end up in TNA sooner or later and still have name value. even in a smaller company like ROH same thing.

    • compaqmac

      You are mentioning top 3 people in company, so honestly your claim is invalid. Someone who is established as a top worker is always going to have a following but mid-card talent, their name can easily disappear and just like Richard said, have nothing TRULY going for them upon arrival.

    • anandvkumar

      I dont think upper midcard wrestlers like Mr. Kennedy (remember he once had 3 ppv fights long feud against Undertaker) or Jeff Hardy (who was once a WWE champ) get the kind of momentum they had while at the WWE. They still are recognized but I think by the time they spend 3 months at home, the TV audience tend to forget what they used to do in the WWE

  • Ellen

    I know a replacement for Michael Cole! Jim Ross. Yeah!