A Closer Look At Lei'd Tapa & Ivelisse Velez

If you missed the TNA Gut Check segment on this week's Impact Wrestling, here is a preview on each contestant - Lei'd Tapa | Ivelisse Velez. You can watch both in the videos embedded below:

Determined Tough Enough Contestant Tapped For This Week’s Impact

Photo Of Lei’D Tapa, Ivelisse Velez’s Gut Check Opponent

  • Dangerous Lee

    Their match on Impact was pretty bad. I was expecting a lot more…

    • Gotta say I agree with you. I haven’t watched an episode of TNA in a long time and now I realize WHY. Some weeks it’s hard to tell what’s worse, having women in wrestling be nothing more than glorified eye candy or the bastardization that was this match. Not only was I expecting a decent match but, come on, when one of the contestants is related to an old school guy like the Barbarian, she’s got to have something to prove. As for Ivelisse, she didn’t really impress me on Tough Enough, so I wasn’t really surprised. Besides, I thought she looked better as a blonde than a redhead. Feels too much like they’re trying to make her into TNA’s Trish Stratus and it ain’t working.

      • BlazeKing

        Lei’d Tapa clearly said she’s only been wrestling for 2 years. That means she’s green. Why would you expect her to be be like Barbarian in his prime so early on? She’s not a wrestling god… come on. You and Dangerous Lee are being way to unfair and over-expectant of a rookie. Everybody else in Gut Check had over 5-10 years of Pro-level wrestling experience already.

        • soulfool

          WWE Marks…like all the other naysayer’s !!!

      • The arbiter

        You think TNA are trying to make her into the next Trish Stratus? Based on what? One gut check match?

    • soulfool

      I actually thought BOTH girls were pretty great in this match !!! So , they didn’t get into a knock down , drag-out brawl…it was actually a wrestling match , which is the difference between TNA and WWE !!! In the end , I hope they both get a contract to wrestle for the company !!! And BTW , it was just a GC try-out , not a Match featuring a present member of the roster !!!