A Connection Between Recent Cryptic Videos & One Used In 2000 For Undertaker, Ending The Streak, More Money For Going Over?, Heel Against Cena

Am I the only one that notices a relationship between the current cryptic videos and the 2000 Judgment Day trailers that brought The Undertaker back under the biker gimmick?

I will admit I had not given this any thought; however, I want to include both videos to give everyone an idea of what you're talking about:

Cryptic video from last night's Raw Supershow:

Return promo for The Undertaker back in 2000:

I see similarities and can tell you I have only heard two names associated with the current cryptic videos - The Undertaker and Chris Jericho. The word I got was that they could use the videos for Undertaker unless Jericho was signed, then they could use them for him. However, the above video that aired last night has everyone thinking the videos are now talking about a female. I've had people ask me every name from Kharma to Michelle McCool. I have not been made aware of a third name and can tell you Jericho claims to have no knowledge of the videos.

If The Undertaker retires next year at Wrestlemania XXVII how do you think WWE should handle the situation in terms of breaking the streak?

The Undertaker's undefeated streak at Wrestlemania XXVIII should not be ended. I understand it would be a huge rub for anyone that broke it; however, I don't see anyone capable of such a tremendous accomplishment. Based on the wording of Triple H's promo last night, some are speculating a rematch next year. While I won't get into my thoughts on an Undertaker/Triple H rematch, it would be pointless for someone like Hunter to end the streak. He's also nearing the end of his in-ring career and would not benefit (aside from maybe his own ego) what-so-ever.

I've heard it said on WWE commentary that the more matches a Superstar or Diva wins, the more money they make. Is this true?

There is no bonus for going over like there is in a legitimate fight like in an MMA bout or boxing match. However, the statement is true in theory as anyone accumulating wins is being pushed thus they are more likely to sell merchandise. The more merchandise a worker moves, the more money they make (based on revenue sharing through bonuses paid to the independent contractor).

Is it harder for the worker playing the role of the heel to work with John Cena considering how much heat he's getting?

It's much more difficult and Batista recently spoke out about it. Batista said he had to "really go that extra step" to draw heat because of how much heat Cena was generating. I can't imagine what it's like now as Cena's heat has gotten much louder since then.

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  • Pork Chop

    Not that I'm complaining at all, but I wonder why Cena isn't booked for TLC?

  • Ruck

    I’m sorry to disappoint anyone who actually believes that The Undertaker is returning as the biker because come on let’s face if, 2012 could very well be his last year and being that he only wrestles one match a year for him to change hid image now is just Pointless, unless he’s planing to stick around for the entire year and just do a retirement tour. Also in the video that that aired last night it said the world “would never be the same again” and Jericho is usually the guy that says that! And to assume that Jericho knows nothing about the video because he said so is just stupid because we all know Jericho likes to work the fans. I am expecting Jericho to return on the second day of 2012!

  • Steve

    its a guy listen to the start of the video

  • Ryan Bale

    "She" is the the WWE Championship belt you monkeys…You make us fans look like idiotic gelatinous parasitic tapeworms.

    *This message was brought to you from Winnipeg, you idiots*

    • Dave

      That is exactly what I thought when I saw that video. "She" has to refer to the WWE Championship… glad I am not the only one who thought that.

    • GODSENT83

      Lmmfao yes you should try reading the comments for the article about kane’s return

    • diddy

      i bet it is Chris Jericho coming to challenge CM Punk for the title

  • mark3man

    The videos for me only seem to point to jerico, the countdown from last night along with the writing like code. Plus after watching it a few times im sure i saw the word jericho in the code, may just be me but try watching it really closely

  • John Brindle

    Is it me or are the cryptic videos leaning more towards Chris Jericho after some of the wording in last nights promo on raw? If you watch it again closely the child doing the narration uses the line “will never be the same again” which if I’m not mistaken was a catchphrase used by Jericho when he first debuted. I just thought it was interesting the way that was used let me know what you think.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    Yes I had noticed the connection of Undertaker's 2000 video and the cryptic Videos being show the last couple weeks. That's why I feel it's for Undertaker's Return. since children have been used in the videos before.
    When he does return it will be as the Deadman.

  • caz

    Has anyone considered the fact that even WWE doesnt know who is returning yet??

  • soul

    anyone ever think it could be taker and mccool ?

    • diddy

      if it was undertaker would he not return on smackdown were he has been ever since the first draft back in 2002?

      • John Brindle

        Ou would think that but he returned on raw last year remember 2 21 11

    • Zoran

      I thought the very same thing as I was watching this vid!

  • @Commishg19

    Didn't stop him returning on raw last year, so why not again??

  • Chris

    Anyone else pop when the "Things will never be the same again" line came on?

  • Dan the Weeman

    I can't see Taker returning to SD! purely because it's taped. It needs more of an impact than a taped show.

  • M4rkj

    Steph and Shane ending pg era?? Empty school , no kids on swings or in the yard are massive clues.

    • I'd given it that thought too, but at the same time I also think it's wishful thinking. The fact Steph is still with the company, and the boy stating "she" knows of my return, "she controls it" and the video this week, it was called control, as in control of the company. To take back what is his, his company, after his father stepped down. I would love that to be true, but the hints towards Jericho and even taker are quite hard to ignore too.

    • Amber

      If it’s not Jericho, I’d love for it to be them two coming to do that.

  • stupac

    why has no one considered batista or brock lesnar?? they're both in the wwe 12 game and it seems too obvious to be taker or y2j seeing as they've both used cryptic videos to return in the past

    • capman

      It is not Brock for sure. He is under contract to UFC and Dana White has already said numberous time as long as he is under contract you will not see him in a wrestling ring

  • vmagic

    I'm sorry, but the only similarities I see in those 2 videos is a blond girl. Of course the blond girl does point to perhaps Michelle McCool which would also give him a reason to return under a different gimmick, but there is hardly any point for him to return under a different gimmick for one match at WrestleMania. I still think the promos will be for Jericho but another thought has popped in to my head recently…Batista!

  • Starfox

    I think its Jericho. Returns the 2nd of Jan, fueds with CM Punk, wins Royal Rumble on the 29th to challenge him for (she) the WWE Chanmpionship at WM XXVIII

  • Patrick V


  • BTB

    The championship is probably the she they speak of.

  • Larry Hendry

    As long as the Undertaker keeps winning at Mania he will be expected to return to defend his streak. Perhaps I’m crazy but it seems logical to me that his last match will see him take the loss, thus giving an end to his story. If taker retires undefeated at mania there will always be that “ONE MORE MATCH” buzz hanging over it.

    I understand why many people would not want this to happen, but really would it be so bad to go out having gone 20 years undefeated and holding a record that in my eyes will never be touched I think not but
    that’s just me
    My main concern is making sure that it’s the right person who ends the streak, my number 1 pick would be Shawn Michaels but that ships sailed, a man can dream, Right?

  • Gabba

    Two things that my attention in this vid

    1- the line ‘ I’m coming back to take what’s mine’

    2- the word ‘control’ near the end

    Sounds like mr McMahon too me

    • Gary

      or the prodigal son returns to take back the company that should have been left to him to begin with… (although I know its not, but it IS another way to look at who is returning based on those two lines).

      For fun, lets try this one: Goldberg.

  • Christian

    Its Y2J : Y= year 2012 2= 2nd day. J= January

  • Miguel Granados

    Y – Year 2 – second J – jericho

  • robert q

    its y 2 j cause at the end it says its the end of the world as we know it and y2k was the end of the world or so they thought