A Look At AJ Lee As WWE's New Miss Elizabeth; WWE NXT Continuing In International Markets

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- Grantland.com has a new article online looking at AJ Lee's involvement in the CM Punk/Daniel Bryan/Kane program. The article calls her "WWE's New Miss Elizabeth." Click here to read it. (Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Fernando for sending this in.)

- The revamped season six of WWE NXT is airing across international markets including Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom and Australia. (Thanks to WNW readers Logan Walker and Tobi.)

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  • SteveLp

    I watched the new NXT this morning here in. The UK, really liked the format and some pretty good matches. Looking forward to seeing Seth Rollins. Next week and can't wait to see Dean Ambrose on the show.

  • Chris

    Can’t she just be “WWE’s current AJ”? Fairly sure the reference misses the mark for the target audience, and will never hit the mark whilst they continue to ignore Macho Man’s existence.

  • mathew30

    "The revamped season six of WWE NXT is airing across international markets including Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom and Australia"

    OH the PAIN the Pain, please shot me or cancel the show, one or the other

    • Keelan

      What's the beef, chief?

      I think it's a great way to give the younger guys some tv time and test how over the gimmicks can get before sending them to the big time to be fodder. I quite liked Bo Dallas (Rotundo) but he doesn't seem to be anything spectacular at the minute. I've only caught a few weeks of FCW before so I'm sure someone with more knowledge will heavily debate my opinion.

      The Ascension seem a bit boring but it's a far better gimmick than thinking you're a rat! I loved the vignettes for Seth Rollins (it's obvious how good he's gonna be anyway) and Bray Wyatt, he seems interesting and I think he's decent in the ring so it'll be fun to see him develop.

      The main event between Kidd and McGillicutty was fantastic! I have always been a fan of Kidd but McGillicutty keeps getting better every week. I hope they can bring this feud to the main programs and onto a PPV. I truly hope that they're grooming Regal for a Raw/SD commentary position, the guy really knows his stuff.

    • CaliburUK

      Have you watched any of the new season yet to be able to judge? The new look NXT is essentially FCW with some current main roster names thrown in to draw, there are a lot of talented workers involved now and the format has stabilised, it’s harsh to judge this season based on what they’ve done previously…

    • Matt

      Did you not watch it? It’s not the old nxt it’s pretty much fcw. I thought it was really good

  • Dufus

    A.J. will not be the next Miss Elizabeth just as CM Punk using Macho Mans finishing move doesn't make him the next Macho Man.

  • Jeff Ono

    There will always be only ONE Miss Elizabeth and ONE Randy "Macho Man" Savage. While Punk is clearly one of the best performers in the industry today, WWE doesn't have a single active wrestler (other than The Undertaker) who can match Savage. He was the total package, and it's such a shame that he never lived to receive a Hall of Fame induction and a Wrestlemania goodbye greeting. Unless he did something of a comparable moral sin to Chris Benoit (which seems so inconceivable), Vince should be ashamed for not letting his ego interfere with business.

  • BigMike

    Shame on you Grantland comparing a "nutcase" to Miss Liz

  • MonstaHeel 450

    I'm sure Miss E didnt smile, skip (her trademark now) or think like an evil sexy schoolgirl with a plan to eliminate all mean girls. Big difference. Oh Yeah!!