"A Revolution Is Coming" Campaign Expected To Be Used To Unveil New WWE Video Game

The latest on the "A Revolution is Coming" viral video campaign from WWE that will be revealed on next week's Raw Supershow is that it will be used to unveil the company's newest video game.

There was speculation earlier today the campaign had to do with TNA star Matt Morgan but that no longer appears to be the case.

  • Undertaker8898


  • Rey Mastrio

    Are you serious? All this Revolution stuff is for a video game? Lame.

  • Undertaker8898

    I honestly doubt this.

  • Shawn

    DEAN fuckin AMBROSE the reality check himself …., the next roddy piper with championships ….. Amazing preformer him nd Cody Rhodes would be an awesome duo

  • LeBron James

    What a complete disappointment lmao
    Typical WWE. I hope they get boo'ed out of the arena when they announce this stupidity.

  • Robert olley

    I still say dean ambrose is debuting and all these video game and Matt Morgan rumours are started on purpose to throw people off the scent.

  • Richard

    I don’t care for dean ambrose so I hope it’s not him.

  • Dangerous Lee

    Just a decoy to fool us Internet fans…..

  • @KyleGordon91

    Not surprised, don't you think if it was going to be a new superstar debuting they would have actually shown the promos on Raw?

  • onewildguess

    I thought it was gonna be a WWE take on the X division since all the recent success of Bryan and Punk , also having guys like Ziggler,Evan Bourne, Kings of Wrestling, Tyler Black and now Alex Shelly and I'm assuming Sabin isnt to far behind , I see a revolution coming….Morrison needs to get back soon !

  • The Breaker

    If this is true, what a letdown.

  • jdl

    I'm surprised anyone thought that was Morgan's face in the video, my immediate response was "That's Punk."

  • Monty

    I hope it’s Ambrose bringing a stable. Seth Rollins , Kassius Ohno………..?

  • smark

    it might be there trying to trow us off

    • XKonn247

      I’d believe that statement more if it was spelled with some level of legibility.

  • Undertaker8898

    Honestly, do you guys really think this would be for a wrestler. They havent even aired it on Raw and he is supposed to debut next week? Its not for any superstar’s debut. Its either something much bigger, or a letdown like a videogame

    • Eliza

      We never know kharma will probaly return don’t get your hope down yet you really never know it probaly not for a game there just getting a new game out

  • No LISTRN IT IS Matt it says in Wikipedia

    • XKonn247

      The source of all truth.

  • It's Ric Flair returning with Triple H, Batista and Randy Orton. (R)evolution.

    • Callum

      I like your thinking hopefully it is but they have putting Randy Orton in a load of feuds recently and changing everything with him would be wierd!

    • Bryan

      Wouldnt that be something?

    • @KyleGordon91

      I'd rather a video game than that to be perfectly honest

      • OK…. Ric Flair, Matt Morgan and Alex Shelley.

        • Brandon

          That could work. LOL

  • Renegade

    Who is Dean Ambrose? Oh that’s right a wannabe that is a nobody!

  • Who in the hell is dean ambrose

  • dean ambrose SUCK!