A Revolution Is Coming - Watch The WWE '13 Video Game Trailer Here

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The WWE '13 video game trailer is finally staying up on YouTube. The trailer will be revealed on Monday's Raw Supershow as being behind the "A Revolution is Coming" cryptic video campaign. You can view the trailer embedded in the video below:

  • Michael

    Bout time CM Punk is on the cover!

  • Mike504saintswhodat

    This game looks awesome I can't wait until it comes out. I will be getting a copy as I do every year for my birthday. The grapics look sick and the attitude era looks like it will be alive and well in wwe13. Punk looks to be the cover boy this year which is awesome if you are a Punk fan this proves that he is the number three guy behind Cena and Orton.

  • Darko

    Cool features, but I still think the animations are outdated and too 'animated'/cartoony, the should begin using their UFC design for the characters in the WWE games.. Looking forward to seeing more 🙂

  • Let down 🙁

    • Andrea Christopher

      How is it a let down? It is in the beta stage.

  • Dan

    That looks very interesting.

  • Ryan

    This franchise has needed a reboot for a while. It has become too focused on recreating a WWE show. The last thing this game needs is more realism over better gameplay. If I want to see an episode of Monday Night Raw I'll watch Monday Night Raw.

  • Bill

    ECW chants at the end

  • Daniel Lim'ass

    The Revolution is a new WWE video game? What a let down. Get ready to get booed out of the arena, WWE…

    • Jaryd

      Oh how it is so fun to watch the people who don't like video games be PO'd about it tehehe.

      You can't exactly get upset when they didn't even run it on TV. If it had been important in terms of storyline, they'd of put it on TV. It wasn't, so they didn't.