A Revolution Revealed, Big Show's Gimmick Makeover, Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H, Michelle McCool Returning?

After all the hype with the cryptic videos, why was there no 'revolution' as promised on Raw?

The "A Revolution is Coming" viral video campaign was done to reveal the release date of WWE '13. Last night on Raw Supershow the company revealed the cover featuring WWE Champion CM Punk and the release date of Tuesday, October 30, 2012. While the video wasn't mentioned or shown, this was the purpose behind the campaign.

What are the specifications to the "iron clad" contract the Big Show mentioned on Raw?

Big Show was putting over the "new contract" he signed after helping John Laurinaitis beat John Cena at this month's Over the Limit pay-per-view - it was all a work. I did want to take this opportunity to put over the booking of Big Show. While it's clear he took the spot originally slated for Tensai, he's much better being booked as a massive heel rather than a corny babyface.

What is WWE doing with Brock Lesnar and Triple H storyline? Did they drop it?

WWE is selling the angle that Brock Lesnar "quit" and Triple H is "injured." Hunter is advertised for upcoming tapings leading into SummerSlam and Brock is expected back as well where it's rumored the two will face one another in the show's main event. Lesnar grabbed headlines over the weekend after meeting with UFC officials. We have full details on that meeting available here and will be uncovering more later this afternoon.

There was talk that Michelle McCool was coming back when the Undertaker returned. Anything regarding her status?

WWE has been interested in bringing Michelle McCool back but she said in January she has no interest in returning to WWE anytime soon. For all things Michelle McCool, check out here news page here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com.

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  • smark

    I think the reason for them not showing the game trailer is because it had a nov 1 release date now it comes out oct 30

  • Philip Thompson

    I didn't like the way that Brodus Clay, R-Truth and Kofi were destroyed by Big Show last night – but had that been done by fat Albert I'd have been really cross – throwing three good stars under the boss for one guy that I can't even describe as a has-been because he hasn't been anything much.

    • BigMike

      Big Show a Has been? ur in need of serious education son His fiorst match he WON the WCW world title off Hogan and YES he was an asshole for awhile and his weight started to baloon up when his marraige fell apart …….BUT….. once he got over all that and dropped his weight back down somewhat (( lol )) he has been a SOLID worker for the company he is there he shows up he MADE Cody look SO good he has been helping the younger workers in the back and has been a great locker room leader AND he can go in the ring But i do agree he is a better heel …he can be a good face as long as it is done right but he is a great heel and he has very underrated mic skills

      • Spyder

        I think Phillip was referring to Tensai (Fat Albert) as a not even has-been. Re-read the post. He didn't like how Big Show destroyed three good stars, but had it been fat albert that did it, he would have been extremely pissed, due to the fact albert can't even be described as a has-been.

  • James

    Brodus Clay is a insult to true wrestling fans. He gets more screen time than way better and more talented wrestlers like Dolph Ziggler, Tyson Kidd, and many others. Also, bring back Shelton Benjamin. He was so underrated.

    • John

      So true about Shelton Benjamin!!

  • OneShotDeal

    Yes, I agree that Big Show is better used as a heel, his size lends itself to that role. However, was it just me or did his promo to open RAW last night just drag on forever? In my opinion, he'd be much better off just destroying his way through the face locker room (as he began last night) and not talking at all if that's going to be the standard of his promos during this run.

    • H.M.

      Or talk less and kick *** more imo. He definitely has the mic skills but droning on and on can get monotonous. That opening promo while solid for some part was hurt mainly by the fact that it was almost 20 minutes(I counted on my DVR).

  • luke

    i like this big show i just hope he is the one walking away from the cage at no way out. They can give cena the win but big show better win the war

  • Ryan

    Could "The Revolution" be that the Attitude Era is making a comeback? I saw the attitude logo in the right hand corner of the game cover.

    • @KyleGordon91

      The game is rumoured to feature Attitude era stars as its legends, for example The New Age Out Laws and X-Pac have been mentioned.

    • christopher525

      What I find more interesting is the Cobra logo, and seeming Pepsi logo on the upper arms of Punk on the cover.

  • Lenny

    They should have done this with Big Show a long time ago! That “45 seconds” world title reign was the biggest joke of his career! Even worse than sumo-wrestling Akibono at wm. I’m glad he’s being used this way because we finally have a believable dominant heel in the wwe.

  • Hunter

    I thought McCool and UT were expecting a child. Is that not the case? I’d love to see her back, she’s gorgeous and is an entertaining heel

  • Robert olley

    Look at brodus Clays matches in face he is a very good wrestler I describe him as a giant version of taz.

  • Nunzio

    Seriously, why thumb down Ryan, he was making a solid observation. I thought it had something to do with a new "attitude" within the company. By the way, Brock Lesnar is the biggest waste of money in WWE history! He's getting paid 5 million to show up on rare occasions? If he's getting paid 5 MILLION dollars, he should be working every live show, including pay per views and some Smackdowns! At least get your moneys worth Vince! Terrible business decision from a great business man.

  • Chris Corkhill

    Totally agree with James bring back Shelton he was most certainly underrated and under used

  • Mojo

    Michelle McCool is gross. Her chest looks like Ric Flair’s.

  • BigMike

    I could care less if McCool returns; she only got her push because of the Undertaker Nopw I would LOVE for the Deadman to come back

  • MonstaHeel 450

    Because McCool couldnt handle Layla coming back with a vengeance, major push, and a Divas Title so soon. haha. Jealous much?