A Step Back For Tensai, Why WWE Blew It With Lesnar’s Return, WWE HoF Doesn’t Need Bruno, The Rock A Bigger Star Than Anyone?

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Give the fact Tensai has been a flip why not take him off television and bring him back as a repackaged A-Train?

WWE has already repackaged Tensai with a gimmick similar to what he had as Albert. He's a comedy guy that isn't going to touch the main event. I've already heavily criticized the lingerie segment on this week's WWE Raw but I will add to something I wrote in the comment section. Matt Bloom worked very hard in Japan as Giant Bernard to erase a lot of the embarrassing angles he did in WWE. So much so there were plans for him to return as a main event guy, remember he actually beat John Cena. This is a step in the wrong direction for Bloom and I'm not giving WWE a pass on the Tensai/Brodus Clay stuff from Raw.

Did it surprise you at all that WWE practically took the same route to bring Brock Lesnar back into the picture as they did with Undertaker last year? On the verge of someone getting future endeavored and then the music hits. Does it seem like recycling here?

This is a great point and further highlights just how bad the WWE creative team is burnt out. WWE brought The Undertaker back last year on the January 30, 2012 episode of Raw as Triple H was giving John Laurinaitis a "performance review." Just as Hunter was about to deliver the pink slip, Undertaker returned (full results here). Fast-forward a year later and it's Brock Lesnar returning for a Wrestlemania program. I'm amazed at the amount of people that gave this week's Raw such high marks. The show was full of lackluster booking and one of the weakest shows I've seen in several weeks. Even with the firepower of The Rock and Lesnar, the show as a wreck with obvious creative blunders.

With all the rumors surrounding Triple H and Bruno Sammartino working out a deal to induct Sammartino into the WWE Hall of Fame, given the fact of all that he did for the industry and the WWE, shouldn't he be the head of a HOF class?

Triple H has worked diligently for months to bring Bruno Sammartino to the WWE Hall of Fame. We reported last week here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium that Triple H hoped to have a deal before the end of the week. I haven't heard an update but Hunter was confident the deal would get done. As for Bruno as the "head of the class," historically speaking he rightly deserves the honor. The problem is the WWE Hall of Fame isn't a monumental shrine for pro wrestling purists as much as it is a promotional mechanism for Wrestlemania. Like it or not, the event is about drawing and making money. Bruno is 77-years-old and the majority of the WWE fan base is unfamiliar with him. I don't understand the company's big push to induct him if it's something he doesn't want. One reader commented he could add prestige to the WWE Hall of Fame. The only way prestige is going to be added is when there is a formal voting process from people outside of the McMahon family.

What message is WWE sending to its locker room when in the last year they have had a guy come back and beat the face of the company (with only one match wrestled prior) and then beat the longest reigning champion of the last two decades without even wrestling a match first?

Vince McMahon doesn't care about the message it sends, he cares about the money he makes. The message is clear, The Rock is a bigger star than anyone they have. It's a good thing too because right now creative is on vacation, did you see Raw? The only reason people are giving this week's show high marks is because of the big names. It was a horrible effort.

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  • IlyasG

    Anybody complaining about the WWE HoF should check this out, you may feel much better http://www.pwhf.org/halloffamers/inductees.asp

  • I think you are too hard on this show Richard. WWE got things accomplished if you look past the odd skits: 1) CM Punk regained whatever he might have lost at the Rumble (he stills looks strong and better than ever), 2) The rematch is already signed, 3) Cena put over CM Punk like no one ever has in a promo, 4) The Shield made their presence felt, 5) WWE has a new angle going with Lesnar, Heyman, The Shield, Maddox, and Vince — this will lead to a huge tag match at WM.

    • Alex P

      I kind of agree with you, but I agree with a lot of things Richard said at the same time. As the Heyman/McMahon segment went on I felt it coming to a very similar solution as the Undertaker return was last year. I was honestly surprised with Brock (I thought it was gonna be the Shield), but it was very predictable and not original. Also, I love the Shield faction and I agree that their presence was felt…but they need to do some wrestling! They came on the scene over 2 months ago and they’ve only wrestled one match (an awesome match at that!). There’s so much talent in that faction, and to have them just attack people week in and week out is boring.

    • Win

      Points 2 and 3 are covered in the first point. The Shield looks like they are going to be in a program with Cena, Ryback, and Sheamus so the last point you made is seemingly invalid as well. So in 3 hours of Raw we find out CM Punk is still a top guy and The Shield has made an impact. 2 things we knew without having to watch 1 minute of Raw last night.

    • Pluto

      I agree with Justin. A lot got done last night, It’s funy how everyone is saying that the Lesnar run in was predictable b/c I didn’t see anyone call that last night except myself on this site. Keep dropping logic & knowledge Justin

    • Jeff Ono

      Lesnar’s appearance was hardly “predictable,” regardless of any premonitions. And even though WWE Creative followed the same script as Triple H-Undertaker last year, I respectfully think that Richard misinterpreted the decision. The Creative team isn’t “burned out,” rather they simply go to the same well when it works. Many of you look at these decisions as a fan, instead of a business executive. Creative is mostly comprised of entry/mid-level employees, who are simply trying to please the McMahon family (to keep their jobs and/or receive a promotion). So if they know that the McMahon’s like something, they will likely pitch it again (after some time). Also, you’re neglecting the fact that WWE Creative likes to create traditions (e.g. having someone get “screwed” at the Survivor Series every year). So, the Lesnar appearance was hardly a botched or lazy decision, even if you IWC wants something different every week. The rest of RAW was certainly weird, even puzzling at times. Lastly, kudos to Cena for giving a nod to The Rock and CM Punk, as well as bringing some intensity (without the lame humor) back to his character. If he builds on it, he and Rock can tell a deeper story about “desire” and “sacrifice” for WWE. I see it as a chance to make it like WM 12 with Michaels and Hart … showcasing the consummate competitors.

  • Win

    WWE showed the importance of an opening act last night when they had that train wreck of a Divas Division have that atrocity of a wrestling match right before The Rock last night. Between the Divas and Tensai I was scratching my head and losing my motivation too watch. While I was looking forward to seeing The Rock with the title in hand and glad to see Lesnar, the program prior to those 2 appearing had me detached from it and channel surfing to kill time!

  • Cody Zeller

    Last nights Raw was one of the best in a long time I thought. I’m shocked Richard is reacting this way to it.

    • Fan

      I’ve been hearing or reading reactions similar to yours. Can you please list what was so great about the show, without including a segment with Punk, Rock, or Brock?

      • Cody Zeller

        So the segments with Punk, Rock or Brock never happened cool. That makes sense. Besides that there was a good match between Sandow and Sheamus, a good match with Orton and Cesaro, Bo Dallas continued to be pushed as a future somebody, Jericho and Ziggler segment the match vs team hell no.

      • Pluto

        The Cena promo was well delieverd. The Sheild beatdown of Cena, Ryback & Sheamus was well done and probably sets up for a huge tag match at EC. Jericho returned and had a nice little segmant with Ziggler, The Clay/Tensai segment was funny as hell. Bo Dallas had a very nice showing against Barrett. Tell me why you think the show was so bad?

    • Rayner Chee-bai

      Poor Tensai. He’s coming to Japan for those crap?

    • Pluto

      It’s all good Cody. Some people are gonna complain just complain. I’m glad I’m not the only one out here who enjoyed RAW

  • patrick

    tensai/clay tag team

  • W

    Wow I actually thought Raw was pretty good. They should have brought HHH out to run Lesnar off but other than tht it wasnt bad. Also, i thought the Tensai segment was funny as hell!! For a three hour show it was better than it usually is. I hope Stonecold costs Pumk the title at EC so they van go on to WM!!

    • Pluto

      Did McMahon & Austin reach a deal? I hope so. i’d love too see Austin/Punk at Mania

  • Nick Insalaco

    i thought the ryback -PTP segment was worse than the Tensai/Clay segment. and wouldnt have remembered that taker returned in a similar segemnt on the night after the rumble if it wasnt for this. it would be bad if they did the same exact thing with taker this year rather than lesnar. i thought this episode was far better than the go home raw hands down.

  • peter

    Richard you have just proved once again that you really don’t know alot about what’s happening in the WWE,and to the people moaning about Raw just switch it off, Raw won’t miss you.

    • Snap

      I actually have stopped watching WWE and, honestly, I’m not going to miss it. As good as The Rock is, not even he can salvage the product. Of course, that’s just my opinion and I don’t expect anybody to agree with me. But after far too many years of watching WWF/E, I’ve just had enough of the (once again, just my opinion. your mileage may vary) substandard product WWE has become.

      • TheShawnReed

        So, you no longer watch, but you spend time on wrestling websites? Sounds legit.

    • Pluto


    • I have said for a long time Richard is not as connected or in the know as he would like to think he is. I would be disappointed if I paid for the premium site and could get the same news elsewhere for free. I very rearley see things on here written more than the 1 line headline written again, no substantial journalism within an article.

  • Matt

    The truth is no matter how much he tries to deny it is that Vince is just another PROMOTER trying to make as much money as he can.

  • Ken

    “The only reason people are giving this week’s show high marks is because of the big names. It was a horrible effort.”

    Yeah, not because they might have actually liked it?

    I don’t like American Idol, but others do and would give it high marks. I don’t think they’re idiots for liking it like you seem to want to infer with your repeated comments here.

  • monty

    i usually don’t like raw but i thought the show was good. things were done to move the story forward, richard you want bad look at TNA. i think sometimes we the core wrestling fans take things too serious. its a wrestling show to entertain and i thought they entertained me enough. orton’s match was excellent, they need to put him back in the Title picture.

  • Gary Robert

    Bloom wants to kill himself for signing that WWE contract. Thats just embarrassing.

  • Friend-o

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    Rumble. It’s just getting off its feet and could do with readers/commenters on
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  • Kliq4life

    does anyone else smell the new NWO?! punk, brock, and the shield?! if they take that stable and learn from the nwo mistakes, theyre gonna wreck the wwe apart! i cant wait

  • Bryan

    Richard, I am sure Vince could not care less whether you are going to “give WWE pass” or not. He does not answer to you. Get over yourself. You had a boss at one point in time of your life. What would have happened to you if you told him “no” when asked to do something? Unless it was immoral, unethical, or illegal you would have been written up or fired.