Abraham Washington Blames WWE Release On Linda McMahon Senate Campaign

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Abraham Washington literally spent hours on Twitter, berating everything involving WWE over his release announced on Friday. Washington blamed his release on Linda McMahon's campaign for United States Senate. The following Tweet is from his Twitter account:


  • VLG

    Well, it certainly looks like he won't find employment anytime soon.

  • CynIsIn

    As much as I don’t like AW’s character, I think right.

  • Van

    I'm not a big fan of A.W,but I agree.actually I blame everything the WWE can no longer do or get away with on Linda McMahon's campaign.it's the reason WWE went PG in the first place

    • WyFo

      No it’s not. WWE or WWF back then was PG before the AE.

      • thebops

        Copy that.

  • Ken

    Amen AW. I really hope Linda loses, and loses bad, and loses so badly and gets so publically humiliated that she never shows her face outside the house for the next fifteen years. It'll take about that long for Trips and Steph to salvage the company's reputation.

    I can understand Vince and Linda urinating all over decades of wrestling territorial tradition to create his own empire, that's fine, but why they'd urinate over their own family legacy is beyond me.

  • PhilT81

    He’s right. She endorsed Mitt Romney and the more I hear about him the less I like him. The Republicans deserve a better candidate than him to run against Obama – as it stands a 2nd term in office for Obama looks a very lucrative wager.

    • n1ck

      Ron Paul can still win the nomination believe it or not

    • thebops

      No it doesn’t.

  • Matthew

    They fired him cause he didn’t want to stay in a shadow screw you PG rating! Romney for 2012 president!!!

  • Ryder

    Typical WWE making dumb decisions Big Show made the a Kobe Bryant joke a few years ago when was rapping against Cena and nothing happens to him but A.W. makes the same joke which is an out dated joke yet he's fired and I can keep going on Mike Tyson is a convicted rapist and he goes into the hall of fame but A.W. make a joke about rape and he's fired. Sometimes I wonder why people still support this company -_-

  • Wwe4L76

    That’s what I have sad for a long time! Linda has destroyed wwe! Thank you linda!!!

  • Mike

    While I admit AW probably wouldn’t have been fired if Linda wasn’t running for Senate, he really only has himself to blame.
    He didn’t need to make the Kobe reference to get across that Titus O’Neil is unstoppable. “Titus O’Neil is like a tornado…unstoppable” would have been just as easy.
    It was probably an ill thought out attempt at drawing extra heat, but he’s doing himself no favors taking to twitter and whinning about it. Accepting he made a mistake and moving on with dignity would be much better for him.

    • Ken

      So, what you're saying is that if someone forces you over a barrel, rather than challenge the injustice it's best to just keep quiet, grit your teeth, and accept it? Is that what you do in your life when someone in authority takes complete advantage of you? Move on with dignity? Is that what the woman in the Kobe Bryant case should have done?

      AW has been shafted completely because of Linda's Senate run, all for the sake of an error in judgement that could easily have been swept under the rug if Corporate made the effort. It's pathetic, and AW has every right to be vocal about it. He may have made a mistake, but WWE Corporate have completely overreacted. All that need have happened was a quiet warning for AW to use better judgement in future.

      The sad thing is, AW isn't the only victim in this. Titus and Darren's push is obviously going to be scaled back since their mouthpiece is gone. Creative will need to spend three months repackaging them, since they never let talent use their own initiative. The fledgling tag team division will then be down a good team, which weakens an already weak division even further, which shafts the Colons and Kofi/Truth, and anyone else who might otherwise have been promoted, like Ascension for example. Admittedly that's along the worst case axis, but it's feasible.
      And all because Linda wants to play big girl games and because Vince's balls have shrivelled and wilted.

      • Kevin

        Vince's balls are in Linda's purse, and she's not releasing them anytime soon. Let's face it: Linda runs the WWE. And she's running it into the ground! TNA really doesn't have to do anything to compete with the WWE; at this rate, the WWE will destroy itself long before TNA has a chance to. Look at the facts: they went PG, dumping the Attitude Era and losing quite a few fans in the process; the Diva Division is, essentially, AJ; the Tagteam Division is all but none existant; their talent is constantly disappointed and losing moral. It's falling apart from the inside, and soon won't be able to stand on its own. All because Linda just HAD to be a politician. I guess they didn't know what else to do with all that money.

    • Kevin

      The problem is that the WWE created A.W. They want people to be larger than life. They train these guys to go out and say things that will bring heat from the fans. They want fans riled up so they'll pay money to see these guys get their a**es kicked. Then the first time they say something like A.W. said, they get fired. That's ridiculous.

  • AW! Ur still fired!

    So his insensitive joke about a real life rape incident had nothing to do with his release. A.W.!!! The WWE gave you a mic to talk during matches. How many WWE Superstars in history can make such a claim?! Thats what you call a push. Thats the confidence they had in you and who would have "thunk'" they actually thought you had the discipline to handle it!!!

    There is no excuse. People from the media and all forms of entertainment are getting fired for judgements their companies deem poor display of character. Don Imus, Mel Gibson, Tiki Barber are just a few who lost there jobs as well as opportunities to public displays of stupidity. Heck, even Kobe Bryant had to pay a $100,000 fine for his use of the word "f****t" toward a ref after what he considered to be a bad call.

    P.S. If AW is smart enough to know how important Linda Mcmahon, then he should of taken it into account in his walk down the ramp! I like him even less for rationalizing his faults

    • Whammaster

      A.W was what the business calls " A Bad Person ", a Heel if you will.

      Now it can be hard to understand, but as " A Bad Person " you make jokes and comments that other people may just find irritating, or out of taste, to the the point that you may actually not like seeing the person come out.

      Very interesting right?

      • AW still fired!

        Wrong!!! The business actually refers to him as unemployed at this time.

    • BlazeKing

      Um… yeah. Why did you feel it was neccessary to type “thunk”?

      • Who Cares?!

        Why did you feel it was necessary to put the question mark outside the quotation marks? I'll assume for entertainment like myself.

        • BlazeKing

          Well see “who cares”, that’s proper sentence structure. Why would I include a punctuation mark in quotations when it was not originally there. Now add the fact that I was typing a question.

          Now to Thebops:

          You see he didnt answer the question. I basically called him out for doing that because AW is a black guy and he assumes he must talk like that because he’s black. There was no reason for it at all. Do you ever think Richard would write something like that? No.

          To your other point: I never like to type out long comments while im on a mobile phone. I dont like using touchscreens for that. But besides that, that question was never answered so im not going to type more questions that wont get answered.

    • thebops

      A completely well thought out and articulated argument and your issue is the fact he said ‘thunk’? *rolling my eyes*

    • BlazeKing

      Ps. like i said in another article…

      The joke mention “unstoppable sex in a colorado hotel”. It never mentioned forceful sex. Unstoppable could also mean the man has enough stamina to have sex about 5 times with different women; consensqlly

      • BlazeKing


        This is why i dont usually like commentating with a mobile. Big thumbs = cringe inducing typos

    • Kevin

      The WWE creates its characters with but one objective in mind: to rally the fans to his or her side. If said character is to be a face, then that talent's job is to make that character likeable enough that fans will pay money to watch him or her perform. If, instead, that character is to be a heel, then it is the talent's responsibility to make that character so hated by the fans that they will pay money to watch him or her get his or her backsides kicked. Brian, aka A.W., was simply doing his job, and doing it well. Did he make an off-color remark? Certainly. Did it draw heat from the fans? Absolutely! So he did the job he was assigned to do in the way he was trained to do it, and he got fired. This sends a strong message to the rest of the talent: do not be TOO good at your job, or you, too, will be on the unemployment line.

  • Kleck

    Sounds like A.W. still endorses her campaign 100%

    • Wwefan4ever

      Yeah he does. He told me while we were riding our dinosaurs together… On the sun

  • Matt

    At least he showed maturity through it all….oh, wait…

  • Terry

    But it wasn’t rape right ? He wasn’t convicted .

  • Deuce

    Please fail to get the votes for Senate again. She already failed once, so let's put an end to the political BS and make sure she doesn't make it into office. Then and only then will WWE ever think about going back to the way it used to be.

  • _JIM_

    Well of course he was fired because of her Senate run. All he had to do was fly straight and he just couldn’t do it. Its only been like 10 days since his last mess over the Kobe joke, and that almost got him canned, so what did he think was going to happen when he used that vote or die for Linda McMahon hashtag. Common sense isn’t one of A.W.’s stronger attributes. Either that or somebody needs to inform him the Attitude Era has been over for quite some time. Especially when the bosses wife is running for Senate and is already taking a beating for her involvement with WWE. #AWBlewIt

  • Eddie


  • ghopkins13

    People have been fired for less, you get a limited amount of chances to get over. He messed up on live tv and he’s paying the price. The tantrum that’s he’s having now isn’t going to help his future endeavors.

  • CptCrunchy

    Yeah I don't even think TNA will want him at this point. He lacks any maturity whatsoever. Tommy Dreamer needs to just spam "Lego Hair" on his Twitter.

  • Jim P

    I think AW is right, but I don't have much sympathy for him at all. Has the business (or at least the WWE) changed? Yes, of course. But he knows that. Everyone knows it. He knew that Linda was running for senate and that WWE was becoming an uptight environment and he failed to adapt. Every other superstar, with the exceptions of Attitude Era Legends like The Rock and Stone Cold when they make appearances, has had to walk that new line and most have managed to do it successfully. There's also the fact that AW was a manager. Talking is a manager's primary job and so when they slip-up on the mic, it calls for harsher judgement. In fairness, I may be biased anyway. I didn't like AW's work. I don't think he elevated the Prime Time Players. I think he stole the spotlight from them and not because he was better than them, but because he was louder, literally, with the mic at ringside. I just hope that none of the splashback lands on the PTP. Like them or not, they're helping to re-establish something that's almost starting to look like a tag team division in WWE.

  • Ethan

    Linda did nothing wrong, wwe pg was to attract a younger audience & AW needs to realize u can’t live in the past

  • Ray

    What ever to conterversy creates cash? Oh wait? Oh yeah.!

  • Synyster

    Ok first Linda is a terrible senate choice, as is Romney for president. Second AW was a terrible character anyway and he should have been fired long ago.

  • James M>>>

    AW is an idiot .

    • Paul

      He is a complete idiot, he wasn’t even a wrestler cutting a promo, he was just a prat with a mic talking through a match. Good riddance to a pain in the ass.

      • BlazeKing

        AW actually is a wrestker. He’s huge under that suit. His arms are waiting to burst out of his blazer.

  • Adam W.

    While looking at his past tweets, he was endorsing Linda's campaign only a few days prior to his release. Although I agree that losing your jobs sucks, he is just being unprofessional, inappropriate and eating sour grapes. AW is calling out people on Twitter, mocking them with vulgar language and inappropriate comments, which is the same reason why he was released to begin with.

  • TNA

    TNA vs ROH

  • TNA

    TNA vs ROH beta then wwe


    Ok…maybe its true about the whole only fired because of Linda's campaign. I can see the argument. But be the bigger man and show professionalism. A perfect example…Finlay. He made a mistake, admitted it, and was rehired by the company a year later. Also A.W. probably only endorsed her because he was being politically correct. Being politically incorrect got him fired.

    A little note to everyone who hates on Linda and Romney…they'd be a heck of a lot better than who we have in office now. Ok, so Romney may not be the perfect choice but he's the only choice we have right now. And lets say the WWE were to give the IWC what they wanted. TV14 instead of PG. You people would still complain and then you'd also blame Vince and Linda when the company went bankrupt and was no more. "Oh they should do this and not do that". Bet all of you who complain have never ran a multimillion dollar corporation before. You may not please everybody but you have to do whats best for business. The McMahon's may not be Saints but their by no means dumb either.

  • Shawn

    As much as I see people comment on how annoyed they get with the product and how they’re “done watching WWE”, lets be real. CM Punk said it best himself in his 2011 pipebomb: Vince will make money despite himself and the spoke on the wheel will keep on turning. Money will continue to be mad and shows will continue to be watched. Like pop culture’s constant change over the years, wrestling just isn’t the same thing it used to be…did I say “wrestling”? I meant entertainment.