Abyss Update (Spoiler)

Just in case there was any doubt, Joseph Park is Abyss without his mask as seen on this week's edition of Impact Wrestling.

Richard Reacts: This is one of those things I was reluctant to post, seeing it as "unspokenly obvious" but just in case there was any question I decided to put it out there.

  • Mike


  • William

    hahaha I think it is obvious, if he had not spoken I wouldnt have known it was him but when he spoke I knew it was him. He kinda looks like that magician atheist bastard (no offense to any atheist bastards out there) Penn Jillette from Penn and Teller.

    • Mike

      That's exactly what I thought too. I wonder if he's patterned his character and mannerisms around that?

      Don't worry by the way, I don't take offense about the atheist bastard comment. What is it Cena says… Rise Above Hate?
      While I don't take offense to it (I mean, really, why would an insult from someone placing his faith in a big bearded fairy sat on a cloud somewhere faze me? See, I can do it too…), I do think it's an inappropriate comment to make on a pro wrestling news site. We're here to discuss aspects of an industry we all follow religiously, not to throw casual trolling comments around. Let's leave that at the door, shall we?
      Live and let live, my friend. Live and let live.

      Did you see what I there by the way?

      • David

        You’re an idiot

    • XKonn247

      You closed minded jackass! Why are atheists “bastards”!? People like you are the reason I can’t religion!

    • Nathen

      that is incredibly rude to say. You wouldn't like if I said stupid theist(no offense to stupid theist) now would you? Being atheist doesn't make one a bastard. I do agree that Abyss somewhat resembles Penn though.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    it will end up being a Jekyll & Hyde situation.

  • Aldo T

    This is childish.. You know.. Fighting over someones religious beliefs.

    Everyone has their own choice of faith, and leave it be and lets have the conversation stay with Abyss and the gimmick that they are trying to play out.

  • Darkstalker

    Ah Religion … the epic battle of mankind about whos imaginery friend is the best …

    @topic. TNA is really … REALLY … running out of storylines … and they didnt have any to begin with …

  • Doug

    You are all stupid. Arguing over TNA

  • Thomas

    Im trying to grasp TNA's view on this whole thing. While it's obvious to anyone that watches TNA that this man is abyss not in character (if you didn't catch on, just hear his voice with your eyes closed and you'll hear it) But Im wondering what is the point of this exactly? Is there gonna be some rebranding of Abyss or something? I'm interested to see where this is coming…though I'm sure like before it'll end with me either being confused or befuddled

  • Kevin

    Are they revamping the Dustin Rhodes/Black Rayne storyline from a few years ago? You know, where Dustin would be interviewed about being Black Rayne and pretend he didn't know who Black Rayne was or what was going on? I hope not. And they'd better do something quick to up their game. These 1.0 ratings can't last much longer. Spike will get tired of it and cancel their contract (or not renew it).

    • john

      How many shows does Spike have right now that get better than 1.0 rating?

  • CMpunk FAN

    I agree with mike…….GASP!

  • No doubt about the publicity thing. Everyone will all over TNA for a while. I rlaely hope it doesn’t go under, because there needs to be somewhere outside of the WWE where wrestlers can get TV time. I would take anything you read on the dirt sheets with a pinch of salt. And TNA already do international tours, so I’m not convinced they’d let their roster disappear on Hogan’s tour. On the plus side, you may get to witness the double tragedy of Hogan vs Flair.