Actor Terry Crews Reveals That He Is In Talks With WWE

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Terry Crews, star of films such as The Expendables 2, has been teasing a future appearance with WWE. Last month, he tweeted the following, and retweeted a number of tweets with the hashtag #TerryCrewsForWWE:

Crews also appeared at the WWE Be-a-STAR SummerSlam VIP Kickoff Party. Today, Crews was asked on Reddit if rumors of him working with WWE are true, to which he responded:

I'm talking to the WWE about doing somethings. I love the energy and excitement and the live component. It's theater on a grand scale!

  • Blazeking

    In case some people didn't know, Terry Crews used to knock the snot out of people on Tv before. He used to be in an "American Gladiators" type show called "Battle Dome" as a loud mouthed, rich, stylish thug as "T-Money". He was one of the best ones there. No surprise that he made it that far in acting. He honesly just could fit in the WWE if he brought the T-Money character back.

  • Tyler Bowles

    Crews is a BEAST, he proves it in everything he does, including Expendables 1 & 2.

  • JasonGaza

    Crews would be a new Bobby Lash, prob a nice wm28 match with him and kane would be nice

  • Allen

    I'm going to be honest I'd really like to see Crews in WWE. He's got the look, size, and charisma. Even if he's mediocre in the ring he'd be pushed to the heavens (which I realize is both good and bad). Vince does love his mainstream draws and Crews is that and a bit more. I say do what it takes to sign him and hope he doesn't make a fool of himself in the ring.

  • Hardy

    Could work, he has a football background. Plus he can actually act so on the mic he could be great too.

  • Richie

    Cheeseburger Eddie! He’s got the fries that’ll cross your eyes!

  • Blaze

    He was awesome in the White Chicks movie.

    • Moe

      Oh goodness, lets not remember that awful film!

  • Adamtrace

    He’s got the shakes that’ll make you quake!

  • Joe

    He’s got the burgers…….he just has burgers