Actor's Son Released From WWE, Big Show At SummerSlam, Disco Inferno Alive & Well

Actor's Son Released from WWE

Jody Kristofferson, who had been working as Garrett Dylan in WWE NXT, has been released from his developmental contract. Jody is the real-life son of actor Kris Kristofferson.

Big Show at SummerSlam Axxess

Big Show Tweeted the following:


Disco Inferno Alive & Well

Glenn Gilbertti is alive and well despite some prankster editing his Wikipedia page to reflect the contrary. Gilbertti has been joking about the rumors on social media.

  • Chris

    Well damn, I was hoping for good things out of Kristofferson. At least he got to appear in the videos building up the debut of the Wyatt Family as an extra.

  • jomo12

    My friend put RIP Disco Inferno on his Facebook page because of a report from a wrestling newZ site he follows… Too bad he doesn’t follow the most legit and accurate wrestling news site out there!

    • Kenneth

      What site’s that? Linky?

      • jomo12

        Either he told me and I forgot or I didn’t ask. Either way, I don’t know which one.

        • Kenneth

          I’m not sure if you got the joke there. I wanted a linky to ‘the most legit and accurate wrestling news site out there’, by which you obviously meant this one.

  • Patrick

    those rumors about Disco Inferno spread fast on Facebook last night during RAW. amazing how fans believed it with out checking to see if it was true.