Actual Viewership Number For Total Divas, 2014 European Tour Dates, Lame Survivor Series Teams, Kane Interview

- For what it's worth, this week's episode of Total Divas actually did an average viewing audience of 1,255,000 viewers on E. The network issued a press release on Monday, rounding the numbers up to 1.3 million.

- WWE has announced the following dates for their 2014 European Tour next spring:

  • May 14 - Glasgow, Scotland
  • May 18 - Cardiff, Wales
  • May 20 - Sheffield, England
  • May 21 - Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • May 22 - Dublin, Ireland
  • May 22 - Liege, Belgium
  • May 23 - Oberhausen, Germany
  • May 24 - Berlin, Germany

- Dot com has a new article online titled "The 5 lamest Survivor Series teams ever!" Click here to read it.

- Kane did this week's kayfabe Michael Cole interview because "The Authority" is on "vacation. You can watch now at this link.

  • BMGabe

    Guess they never learned how rounding numbers work.

  • ldb

    I love TNA and hope the best for them, but it is dishearten to me to see a tv show about the divas draw better ratings. Come on Spike! try advertising I don’t know…maybe the show that is currently on instead of the completion while the others are on tv. That’s great for your ratings. Hey go buy wwe14 and watch them on Monday instead of TNA. Nice message. TNA needs a tv deal with a company that knows how to properly promote among other things.

  • Just me

    I hope that WWE will come back at the other country’s as well. Like: The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, and many more.I mean: Last April they were in Italy, Russia, Poland en The Netherlands as well. On this list and what i did see on Twitter, the wwe thinks that Europe is only existing in: UK, Ireland, Germany, and Belgium. Probably France and Austria will join this list to.
    It looks like WWE will make the same tour in may, like they do right now, only in a different order. So i don’t get it. Will WWE still announce the other country’s or is this it? Otherwise you will get exactly the same tour in may 2014.