Ahmed Johnson Resurfaces, Now Hiring "Total Divas" Writer

Ahmed Johnson Resurfaces

We often get questions about Ahmed Johnson. The former WWE Intercontinental Champion resurfaced in a new interview at this link. In it, Johnson didn't have kind words for Jeff Jarrett and talked racism in wrestling.

Now Hiring "Total Divas" Writer

We are currently seeking one writer to cover "Total Divas" as it airs on E this Sunday. If you are interested in covering the show for us, please send your name, age and a 300 word sample to me at [email protected].

  • Xavier

    Thanks for posting the link Richard, I was a big Ahmed Johnson fan back in 95/96 as a kid. After hes kidney injury he was never quite the same and really got de-pushed.

  • Ricky

    I loved Ahmed when he debuted, but he was ruined when they turned him heel and he got injured. He could never get back what he had, it’s a shame too he could have been huge.

  • Alexi

    I don’t know why Ahmed is blaming “racism” for what happened in his career because while I am sure there was some, the fact is, while he was good in the ring for a big man he couldn’t cut a promo and he was extremely injury prone.It’s not really appropriate for him to being calling Jeff a racist without really backing it up.