AJ Lee Pregnant?, A Brock Lesnar Title Reign, Lashley As TNA Champ, The Rosebuds Revealed

I have been waiting for AJ Lee's WWE return but have been hearing rumors all over that she is pregnant. Are these rumors true and if not, when is she planned to make her return?

I was under the impression that AJ Lee would be back to WWE television some time this summer before SummerSlam in August. I've been told throughout her hiatus she remains in good standing with WWE and has remained in constant communication. With both Emma and Paige coming off to the office as "disappointments," it's only raised the stock of AJ Lee.

As for the pregnancy rumor, one of the last texts I received before going on vacation last week was that AJ was possibly pregnant but that my source "wasn't touching it." Apparently while I was gone someone got on ReddIt and decided to inform the world. I have no idea if it's true or not and the only reason it would even be remotely relevant to any of us would be a possible delay in AJ Lee's WWE return. If she is indeed pregnant, it could be quite some time before she works for WWE again.

How would it work if Brock Lesnar won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam? Would it even be possible for him to hold the title until Wrestlemania 31?

Our top story on Sunday was that WWE was looking to have Brock Lesnar challenge for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam. We later followed up by explaining how a possible Lesnar title reign would be handled. You can read our article at this link.

In short, it would be possible but would also be done in a tactful way that worked around his part-time contract.

What are your thoughts on Bobby Lashley winning the TNA Championship?

TNA had a golden opportunity to reset with Magnus as champion. His reign was horrible and cut short in favor of Eric Young. Unlike many pundits, I was optimistic about Young's reign because I think he's one of the most talented guys in the business. Not only can EY work but he's got a great look and the ability to get over on the mic. TNA wanted to tie his reign in with his new Animal Planet series. Now, it's been reset again with Lashley. No disrespect to Bobby but this just shows me that TNA never learns. They had two guys they could have branded as "their guys" but have instead found another WWE retread to push as champion.

Who are the members of Adam Rose's entourage? Do they cast in every city they visit?

Adam Rose's entourage is a mixture of people. Local call-ins have been used as have staff members and NXT trainers. It all depends on where they are as to who gets used as a Rosebud.

From the Ask WNW vault…

March 2013: Who has a better chance of going over at Wrestlemania 29 – Brock Lesnar or CM Punk? - Pretty much everyone I speak with feels Undertaker is going 21-0 while Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar is more up in the air. I personally feel that both Lesnar and Punk go under and that Triple H avenges his loss from SummerSlam while Undertaker upholds the streak. My preference is for Punk to end the streak although I can see valid arguments from both sides on Hunter vs. Lesnar. Many readers are interpreting my personal preference of Punk “ending the streak” to think I’m saying it’s likely to happen or even being talked about. This is unfounded as I feel Undertaker goes over and that he’s returning to do just that. However, I do think WWE has a unique opportunity and if there is ever going to be a payoff to the streak, this is the year.

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  • Skip Mathias

    CM Punk seems set on sticking whatever he can to WWE. Walks out of the company while still under contract while he still has high stock in the main roster. Possibly getting his wife/girlfriend pregnant while she’s the highest stock in the divas division.

    • Venom

      It does kind of suck that a guy who is a big name and top of the card but decides to leave on his own and continues to get paid while his contract runs out. Same with his gf now wife. At the same time 11 people who wernt used correctly or sat at home for reasons beyond their control and were at the bottom of the food chain and got fired.

      • Bob’s Diner

        Batista will be doing the same right now; he will be getting his downside while going around promoting Guardians of the Galaxy – he won’t be wrestling to earn his money for the next few months

        • david

          But the difference is that it was known he would be taking this time off in advance of him signing.

        • Guest

          Batista is just taking a 2 month break to promote the movie…thats a month left. So wth you talking about??? Smh!

          • Bob’s Diner

            I have no idea what you are talking about. All I know is Batista won’t be wrestling for the next couple of months and most likely still getting paid. Then he’ll come back and continue to whinge about the fans not loving him

      • monty

        when you aren’t used right you would leave too, vince sucks up to cena so much. Punk was champ yet cena was closing the PPV main events. Punk left and got paid for his hard work, and if he wants to come back VInce will do whatever he wants

        that’s what you call your hard work paying off, those other 12 were lazy bums and didn’t make the company any money.

    • Dufus

      Sounds like he stuck it to AJ even more. BADUM TISS!!

  • IncoherentRambling

    I’m sorry, but if they see Paige as a disappointment, it’s because of how they are using her. Same with Emma.

    • J Vomkrieg

      Yep, if you team anyone with Santino they are going to be a joke, and not in a funny way. Emma is awesome, she can actually work and she has that very rare “awkwardly adorable” trait.

      And the weak way they introduced Paige, like she was some kind of shy wallflower almost too embarrssed to be in the same ring as the Great AJ was awful.

      If they wanted her over, they should have had her come out and beat the stuffing out of AJ.

      • david

        I agree. Emma was totally over on NXT but the main audience that didn’t watch NXT didn’t understand what the deal with her was. Hopefully NXT will get more popular. That will help with workers making the transition. Bailey in NXT is a good comparison. She does a good job but with her gimmick if they just throw her on Raw incorrectly she’s going to have a rough time.

        • Bob’s Diner

          But isn’t that the problem? That WWE are relying on the audience being familiar with NXT, when the majority aren’t?

          NXT is supposed to be development but nowadays is more treated like another show like Raw or Smackdown. It’s almost like they need another development before someone is ready for NXT

          • Guest

            Exactly. Thats what I was saying above to J.

          • Bob’s Diner

            I’m with you. What makes it worse is the diehards telling people it is their fault they don’t know who these NXT people are. Nope – it’s WWE’s for not giving me a reason to care. You are absolutely bang on with your post above

      • Guest

        I agree with that with Paige…but the correct way to do it, was her NOT winning the Divas title her first night on the main roster. Cmon now. People hardly new heard. These aren’t the same fans that clamored for you to come to the main roster for years and years. They should’ve brought her to the main roster, and built her up first before she even gets a title shot. Give the audience a reason to get behind her. They never gave them 1…which is sad. I guess they think that the NXT audience is the same as Raw or Smackdown audience.

        It even sounds like they might make that same mistake with a rumor that they might not give the Tag Team titles the The Wyatt Brothers…that The Usos are keeping them warm until The Ascension is called up.

        And thats the same line of thinking that blew up in their face the first time…instead of introducing the superstars to the main roster first, before they get the title. Smdh!

    • Danny_Boy

      Has nothing to do with that, her and Emma aren’t over because they are overrated.

  • pow

    How on earth is Paige seen as a disappointment especially as Aj Lee is still apparently the No 1 Diva.What does Aj do that Paige doesn’t.The crowd are dead when Aj comes out, the only chants she got where for Punk which must have been embarrassing.The Bella Twins where better in the ring than Aj who made mistakes in the ring pretty often.Ajs return will put the Divas Division back .

    • Bon Crue Fadley

      Paige is seen as a disappointment because she isnt as over as AJ Lee or the bella twins or natayla or the Funkadactyls are

      • carlycane

        Maybe. Paige gets reaction, but not enough to be over because of how she’s being booked.
        BTW: Take the Bella Twins and Natalya out of the sentence. Failure to get over were the reasons why neither of them won the belt from Aj Lee.

        • Bon Crue Fadley

          Just because Natalya and the bella twins never won the belt from AJ want because thewy werent over.

          Hell those 3 were getting more publicity from being on total divas than AJ Lee was getting as Divas Champion

          Im sorry but being on total divas got Nattie, the bella twins and the Funkadactyls more national mainstream media publicity than AJ Lee was getting by bivas champ for 296 days.

          Gaurentee you if you put the total divas cast & AJ Lee in the same media press conference. the total divas cast get a Majority of the questions

          • Jason

            But ask yourself. does WWE really want the Diva’s title to be just seen as a prop on a irrelevant scripted TV drama show such as Total divas? That would hurt the credibility of that division and what that title stands for. Its all about what you do in the ring and how much you are devoted to it. not some crappy show that no one likes. This is one of the reasons why not one total diva had that belt since then.

  • david

    One word to fix the divas division and get people talking about it again: Kharma.

    • mike

      In my opinion the fix is Michelle McCool when she was in wwe all divas had to put on decent matches cause she was on a whole other level that made everyone else better also Victoria was good to but she went to tna

      • david

        When Dutch Mantell was involved in TNA he was the agent responsible for the knockouts when the division was really good and getting higher ratings than segments with their male counterparts. They should have him work with some of the divas. There are some talented NXT divas but as we’ve seen their NXT gimmick can be great but might not translate as well when they get called up. I don’t know if the creative team isn’t as involved with NXT as they should be or what but that’s something they need to work on.

  • David F

    I would have no problem with Brock winning title at SummerSlam unless he agrees to work fall ppvs. You need to have your WWE champ on tv in fall especially with Monday Night Football. Hopefully Brock will agree to work some fall ppvs

  • MadDawg

    I fail to see how Paige isn’t over. I can’t speak for TV crowds, but I was there live in Atlanta, and the crowd was pretty hot for her.

  • Diana Cristina Louise

    If AJ’s pregnant she’s a good as fired. WWE fires Divas who have the nerve to get pregnant. Just ask Kharma and Dawn Marie.

    • Mysterion

      Kharma wasn’t fired. She requested her release.

      • david

        Yeah I believe it was a mutual thing and with everything that happened it was completely understandable that she would need some time. But she definitely adds something to the product that nobody else would. I mean everytime I listen to Eva Marie speak I just imagine her in the ring while Kharma’s music hits. Destruction ensues.

    • Jay El Bee

      Ask Kharma what? She didn’t get released until 6 months after her first and only official WWE match at the RR, which happened after she was pregnant.

  • Super Crazy

    So there’s 7 entrants in the title match at mitb. Not 6 or 8 which from memory seems the usual numbers. This match has Brock Lesnar as a surprise entrant and winner written all over it which I’d be totally happy with. None of the other participants feel “right” as winners. Bryan vs Lesnar for the title has a similar feel to Eddie vs Lesnar back at No Way Out in 2004. However, Lesnar would need a long reign and I’m not sure how they’d pull that off?

  • D.L.

    So who are the members of Adam Rose’s entourage? You didn’t reveal anybody, Richard…here, let me help you out. Captain Comic (Garett Dylan) and Tony Briggs are 2 of them. Most of the rosebuds (if not all) are Nxt workers.