AJ Lee Retains Divas Championship

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AJ Lee made Naomi tap out to the Black Widow to retain her Divas Championship.

Vickie Guerrero was at ringside. The match started with AJ and Tamina back-to-back while the other divas surrounded them. At one point, Natalya attempted to lock in the Sharpshooter on two divas. Tamina attempted the Superfly Splash, but was stopped. Natalya, Aksana, and Naomi were all involved in a suplex off the top.

  • Mandy

    AJ should’ve lost but just as well the crowd was dead for this match, they were still reeling from Undertaker’s loss

    • Gary Robert

      Incorrect. AJ has had the belt fora historic run. You don’t give it away in a goofy 30 diva match that gives no real payoff for the winner. When AJ loses, she needs to lose it in a singles match.

  • guest

    At least WWE made the right call in this match. AJ Lee deserved to retain at Wrestlemania. I do see Naomi as the next divas champ tho.

  • jason witten 82

    Was I the only one that noticed aj had her by the arm making her tap while the ref was on the other side of her lol

  • pow

    What a truly pathetic match.AJ wins again YAWN.The crowd just don’t give a dam about her.Hopefully Paige will make her debut soon and beat the mega boring,mega annoying AJ,she can then dissapear with her bf Punk forever.

  • Justin Daniels

    With the way the finish played out, with AJ tapping for her, I can see AJ and Naomi going 1-on-1 at Payback next month. Doing a title change in a match with 14 participants is poor, so I’m glad they booked AJ to win.

    The storyline could use some help, but as far as talent goes, I’d rather her have the belt than some of the others. Helps builds legitimacy, even in such a poorly booked division.

  • Charles

    Would be great if Kharma returned right about now.

    • Stephen Heim

      It would be, but she isn’t near as big as she used to be.