AJ Lee Returns On Raw And Wins The WWE Divas Championship

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AJ Lee also made her return to WWE on Monday Night Raw and beat Paige to win the WWE Divas Championship for the second time.

Paige was in the ring talking about how she deserves to be champion when AJ interrupted. AJ told Paige that she's right and she proved everyone wrong. Paige said that she wasn't going to give AJ a rematch. Paige eventually agreed to it and AJ pinned her to win. There was a loud "CM Punk" chant during the segment.

  • Vic Jose

    Way to kill anything Paige had done

    • Brandy

      Exactly. Just. Pass AJ the belt because she’s a tie to Punk.

      • kingdook24

        It’s more than just passing her the belt because of Punk. Don’t forget that Punk is not dumb. Simply giving his finance the belt is going to entice him to come back any faster because, whatever were the reasons for why he left, I seriously doubt it was because he was unhappy with AJ’s run as champion.

        His issues with WWE are deeper than that… whatever they are.

    • Avalanchian

      What has Paige exactly done? She’s been booked as a weak champion. She has this big ole scream in her intro and while in matches, but yet doesn’t show any of that in her ring work. Maybe if she was a bit more ruthless it would fit her better.

  • Luke

    I like Paige. She still needs to work on her promos. I only heard her talk a few times and wasn’t impressed.

    • Gary Robert

      Yeah, not very good on the mic and I get the weird feeling that her accent turns fans against her.

      • JAE

        Or turns them on?

      • Xavier

        I actually dig the accent myself but you do make a solid point though

        • Gary Robert

          Don’t get me wrong, I personally like it…and shes clearly flirting with me, but I don’t think the live crowd cares for it.

  • Val Parfenoff

    could this be the beginning of better push for paige?

  • BIG M

    I not sure if this is a situation were their kissing up to AJ in a lame attempt to try and get Punk back or they just thought Paige’s title run was a flop and wanted to get the strap of her quick.
    Either way it looks like Paige is now getting buried and that kinda sucks.

    • Gary Robert

      Gotta remember all the reports are that Vince has soured on Paige and has always been high up on AJ. Or perhaps this was always the plan–just giving Paige a run until AJ came back from her time off.

    • Xavier

      A little bit of both IMHO

  • Gio Camacho

    Was that a double turn, I thought I saw paige act a little heelish

  • David F

    Paige had solid match with Naomi. Give Paige a diva she can work with and it will be entertaining instead of no talent Alicia Fox or Cameron. Paige can now be anti diva and rip on AJ for sleeping her way to top and being a hypocrite

  • Mandy

    I think this was the best decision to make. The WWE needs to give Paige a diva she can work with and build a proper feud for her, that was the biggest setback for Paige who does have the potential in her to go far. I too noticed the fact Paige did seem to have shades of a heel after the fans were rooting for AJ.

  • Gary Robert

    WWE did a poor job with how they handed the belt off to Paige months ago and they’ve done the same thing in how they gave it back to AJ. I don’t mind AJ with the belt, I find her very entertaining…but c’mon, a roll up? Either don’t do the match and let them do a solid PPV match where it changes hands or let them do a decent match on RAW. That wasn’t it. Looking forward to this feud, though. Paige works better than any Diva in recent memory. Perhaps a Submission match at some point between them?

    • Avalanchian

      Well that Paige Turn move she used to win the title wasn’t exactly anything impressive either.

  • Gary Robert

    Just on a CM Punk note…I’d be surprised he didn’t come back at some point simply bc AJ will always be on the road traveling with WWE. You’d think he’d want to be there.

    • Moto212

      Mark my words, you’ll see him at Summerslam staring down Brock Lesnar after brock wins the championship

      • Trapdoor

        That would be fantastic. (& Lesner is definitely a big enough person/WWE star for Punk to be happy going against, surely).

  • kingdook24

    I marked huge when AJ came out. I love me some AJ! The Crazy has returned, and looking hot as ever.

    The Divas division with AJ back, now Paige, Naomi hopefully now that she’s done carrying Cameron, and finally start pushing Natalya the right way, and the Bellas getting better… now we got a true Divas division.

    But honestly, I’m still not truly sold on Paige yet. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a great competitor and she can go. But last night at MITB, I truly felt Naomi carried Paige that entire match.

    • Xavier

      I agree, I thought Noami clearly out performed Paige on Sunday. It’s just a shame that Naomi won’t sniff t be belt now because AJ is back and Vince wants too kiss her ass just do he can try to convince thst quitter to comeback

      • kingdook24

        Don’t get me wrong – Punk did quit on us last January at the Rumble, and Vince will do anything he can to get back Punk. But no one can deny Daniel Bryan being out is a BIG loss, and BNB who was on the verge of being pushed big time…

        Now we have Jericho, AJ and the Miz back. Yes, Jericho is a veteran, over & can work a crowd, and can still work… only back part time. Miz is back & I loved how he made comments about his fall from dissent being a main eventer… only to have Jericho come out, embarrass him, potentially STILL keeping him in midcard… and we have AJ, who by far is the most popular Diva on the roster but is nowhere near as popular as Bryan.

        Just think how CRAZY the pop will be “if” Punk does, indeed, return. I’m wondering who will his quarrel be with/about:

        HHH & Steph… Vince… Batista’s run… Lesnar’s potential matchup w/ Cena at SS, after being gone since atleast April…

        Of course, it’s all wishful thinking. And yes, WWE is doing a fantastic job building new stars after the loss of Punk… Reigns… Ambrose… Rollins… The Wyatts… The Usos… Cesaro… Barrett repackaged as BNB… The future is definitely bright right now.

  • john

    Well done WWE in ruining the Divas Division.Aj will kill it now.Bye Paige.

  • Moto212

    This was great! Paige was bland, playing around with funkadactyls and Alicia Fox, boring. Now the Divas division have that spark again with AJ back in it

    • Rayner Chee-bai

      You do realize that creative nowaday is not that creative?

    • Avalanchian

      I love crazy Fox. She’s entertaining.

  • Patrick

    Paige is better off being a heel. WWE handled her reign as champion poorly. she’s a lot better then what WWE has shown.

  • Paul

    This just demonstrates what I’ve been saying since the Attitude Era. The “Divas” Championship is meaningless. They just pass it around without building any story, because what’s there to say? The Diva’s suck. At shows, when the Divas have a match, everybody gets up to use the bathroom or visit the concession stand. My friends and I call them “beer matches”. Who cares who has the strap or why? The Divas division has never been about actual fighting skill. It’s all a bunch of hair-pulling and shrieking most of the time.

    • kingdook24

      You need to go back & watch Paige vs. Naomi at MITB. Or even better…

      Natalya vs. Charlotte at NXT Takeover.

  • Trapdoor

    Let’s face it: Paige was only holding the title, while AJ was away, so they could feud once she came back. (AJ really needs to put a bit of weight &/or muscle on. You could count her ribs, as she skipped around, made her look ill).