AJ Lee The New General Manager Of Monday Night Raw

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Vince McMahon announced on the 1000th episode of WWE Raw that AJ Lee is the new General Manager of Monday Night Raw.

The storyline was setup with AJ saying "Yes, Yes, Yes" during the "wedding" segment with Daniel Bryan but when Slick was about to announce them as "husband and wife," AJ said she wasn't saying yes to him but to another proposal she had from another man earlier in the night. McMahon's music played and he revealed AJ was now "in charge" of the show as the General Manager.

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  • stoney

    Really? Really?

  • Aimthrax

    That’s disappointing.

  • Kristolium

    I like the decision as it is something new and unexepected. Let's hope this turns into an interesting angle.

    • WWFallday

      It won't trust me, she's super wack.

  • Dean

    Raw 1000, one of the biggest celebrations in TV history, and this BS happens?! I have hated the entire AJ storyline from the start, and it makes me not want to stick around for any of the next 1000 Raws. Seriously, if everyone here thought Hornswoggle as the anonymous gm was bad, this is by far much worse.

    • Ken

      Don't let the door hit you in the arse on the way out.

    • billy

      your right. how the hell can aj be gm what has she done other then skip around and have that stupid look on her face. that ruined raw.

    • Patrick Peralta

      Hornswoggle as the anonymous gm was Great…as for AJ as RAW GM YES! YES! YES!.

  • Josh

    They kinda dropped the ball on that one…just saying

  • mehartze

    Now I adore AJ as much as the next guy, but I’m extremely worried if this will cause overexposure. The last thing we need is for her star to fizzle in a month

  • Eloy

    They dropped the ball, IMO… Would have rather seen Hornswoggle honestly. Just think they are going to overexpose her!

  • Blake

    Don’t know which is worse this of hornswaggle

  • bcrescen

    Everyone needs to calm down and let it play out. I’m excited to see how this will go. Remember we all felt this way when Vicki Guerrero became GM and that was a very entertaining storyline.

    • MonstaHeel450

      Speakin of Vicki, wonder what she’ll think of this on Smackdown, knowin she just got beaten by a “little girl”…. again.

    • MonstaHeel450

      Speakin of which, wonder what Vicki 'll think of this on Smackdown, knowing she just got beat by a "little girl"…. AGAIN!!

    • WWFallday

      Are you serious? What was entertaining about Excuse Me this & Excuse Me that, please don't say the whole Edge thing cuz that was a bad move on his part and he's one of the Attitude Era greats. Great GM's were, Stone Cold, Paul Heyman, Stephanie McMahon, & Eric Bishoff, those were great GMs.

  • MonstaHeel450

    GMAJ….. like the sound of that.

  • Its a good thing aj not marrryingg daniel bryan sh should marry cm punk

  • unknown

    i kinda hoped for Kane to come out and him and AJ hook up and become the joker and harley kind of couple. but i still wanna see how this plays out.

  • Logan_Walker

    Im Sorry but i can say that she wont be the manager for long

    • billy


    • Patrick Peralta

      He will be Raw GM as long as Vince wants her to.

      • Patrick Peralta

        I ment she^

        • Logan_Walker

          I'm Sorry But if she plays her storyline thought up by creative Cards right like Vicky G. GM she could run raw for a long time but now with out no knowledge on what Creative have planned at Smackdown they still dont have GM ? AJ with no storyline for gm she is like the Annon GM From Last Year. Total B.S.

  • British bulldog

    Bitterly dissapointed

    • Love AJ, it’s great she’s new GM of Raw. She’s so cute. Trish Stratus is my girl should of showed more of her she’s beautiful, Hott, smart, and sexy. She’s been my favorite since she first came into wwe. Love Trish

  • Wow! That was a game changer there

  • Perry Borden

    AJ? Raw GM? Well things just went from bad to worse for Monday Night Raw, this was for sure a nail in the coffin of MNR. Trust and believe that.

  • wweanimal

    I have no problem with AJ being GM. It's an interesting direction story wise than having some one off superstar who will probably show up only three times at the most a year(Bret Hart, etc.) or having generic heel or face GM # 7320. Let the haters bitch all they want, but AJ has been fairly over lately and of course WWE is going to strike while the iron's hot. Oh and the person who said this will be the "DEATH" of MNR? You are an idiot. End of story.

    • WWFallday

      You obviously didn't watch the WWE when it was the WWF just by your comment, look up RAW 1997 to 2004, then see the difference from then and now.

  • ShortStack

    Give it a chance to play out. How many of you have said that it has become so predictable lately? This was that the best Raw I have seen for a long time. It made me laugh. It made me go, Oh my god did that just happen. It made me care.

  • Joe O.

    Didn’t Vicki announce back on Raw when she was the interim GM for the week that the permanent GM of BOTH Raw and Smackdown would be chosen at Raw1000? Sounds like plans changed again. Thanks creative.

  • Kevin

    It looked to me as if Daniel Bryan was setting AJ up. After the scene where DB was backstage talking to several guys in white coats, I got the impression he was marrying AJ only so he'd have the legal right to have her committed to an institution. I thought that was how this storyline was going to end; the twist of AJ being named the new Raw GM was nice. I never saw it coming. Nice job, Vince.

  • Logan_Walker

    Well Im Sorry to say but what is the story line ? and what i want to know is who will she align her self with ?

  • WWFallday

    Fan of WWF (yeah that's right, not Horse $h!t WWE) since 1997 to 2004 (the Great years) and I gotta say that Raw 1000th was straight hot grabage, what has happened to this great franchise? Not a Cena fan but dude puts in work, i dont really care for him but the rest of the crap thats out like The Miz, D. Bry, CM Sucks, Brodus Clay, Alberto Del Rio and so on, no creativity whatsoever in my opinion. WWE is straight lacking in talent. Back in the day they use 2 have guys like Vader, Goldust, Psycho Sid, Bret Hart, Razor Ramon, etc etc, now u got guyz that cant even come up with good names so they use generic names like Daniel Bryan or Heath Slater, god damn no creativity at all. Why do u guyz think The Rock is back, because they are failing epically every week with the adult crowd and thats where their profit is really at.

  • WWFallday

    These new fans are sooooo delusional, they can't comprehend or even fathom how horrible and terrible this PG era is. Late teens and early adults are what made the WWE money, now it's like they totally turned their backs on the real fans just for a few bucks. Like I stated before there really aint nothing wrong with John Cena but god he needs to make a heel trun, that would definately catch the attention of a lot of fans, they need to get rid of that AJ chick because I seen what se can do on RAW and im not impressed, Lita, Trish, Stacy Kiebler, & Torrie Wilson are 50X better. They need to put as a GM either: Stone Cold, Mick Foley, Bret Hart, HBK, Shane or Stephanie Mcmahon, Paul Heyman, Eric Bishoff, or Edge, Booker T is a good choice for smackdown but AJ needs to disappear. Monday Night Raw supershow needs to go back to RAW is WAR and get back to the basics like creativity in the plot of the storylines, back to the blood, sweat, and tears, back to the way it was period! The Rock is back to help carry WWE in the current funk their in cuz they have lost a lot of the adult viewers and thats where the money is generated, The Rock is the only one at this moment that can bring it back along with Chris Jericho, Kane, Christian, & The Big Show, give Daniel Bryan an actual gimmick cuz I think that guy could be good along with Alberto Del Rio & Sheamus. The also need to take the belt away from Santino!!!!!!