AJ Styles Addresses WWE Rumors

AJ Styles Tweeted the following on Thursday:

Apparently some are speculating he entered into negotiations with WWE, which isn't true. Styles signed a contract extension with TNA earlier this year and is believed to have agreed to something longer-term considering the company went ahead with plans to put the TNA title on him and have him defend it overseas. We've mentioned numerous times that WWE respects Styles and his talent but there isn't much interest in him for several reasons.

  • Matys

    He responded to a report from Meltzer, where he wrote that AJ turned down an offer from WWE because they just wanted to pay him ~20% of his current TNA deal.

    To me when I read that I just though it’s B.S. because it doesn’t sound real to me.

  • NomDePlume_

    Meltzer isn’t thinking through his fabrications too well of late as evidenced here once again. What he suggested would incriminate WWE with contract tampering. And that, following the lawsuit last year especially, ain’t happening again on VKM’s watch.

    That, or Meltz himself marked over the work of AJ being a “free agent”, which is even funnier if true.

    • Nick K

      Or hes right.

      • Mysterion

        Meltzer is the worst dirt sheet reporter on the web. But for some reason, people take him seriously.

        • Nick K

          And what you’re the authority on this?

          • Mysterion

            No. It’s called general consensus. Google it.

  • smark calloway

    aj just doesnt have a good business head does he ?..he could have totally kayfabed that he has been talking to wwe and that they were interested him,and then he could have asked for a better deal from tna if they wanted to keep him , which im sure they would offer him ( he is their champion after all ) ..but no he blurts out to the world that ” wwe doesnt want me ! “.. good move aj, good move.. you just lost some money there dude

  • jm

    he says dont believe everything onthe net, so shouldnt that include what he writes on the net as well?