AJ Styles Signs On To Release Autobiography About His Life

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VIP Ink Publishing announced on Tuesday that AJ Styles has signed a deal for an autobiography. The book is set to cover his life from both "in and outside the ring," including being brought up in a military family that struggled with poverty and alcoholism. Styles' Christian faith will also be highlighted.

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  • jdl

    Somehow I don't think this will be very exciting reading.

    • Ken

      It'll pick up when he starts to cover his sordid affair with Cla… what? What's that?
      That never happened?
      But the envelope… the photos… she said… with the pregnancy…
      A lie? Daniels and Kazarian? Made no sense? Whiny nasal voice worse than Vickie G's?

      I must have slept through that bit.
      Never mind, carry on…

  • Dave

    god first family second? oddball

  • JPC

    Really? ……..Really? ……….Really?…..