AJ Styles Critical Of The Lack Of TV Time He's Had On Impact Wrestling

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- The following is from the official Twitter account of AJ Styles:


  • Fernando

    I bet Styles would have loved to be in that match. He wouldn't earn such money in such little time LOL.

  • Troy

    Get urself 2 wwe

  • H.M.

    It's so saddening to see a guy like AJ Styles rotting in TNA like that with all the talent he has. I am drooling just imagining all the feuds he could have with Punk, Bryan, Jericho, Christian, Ziggler, Miz if he were to ever come to the WWE.

    *sigh* Fantasies :/

  • Robert olley

    Hopefully wwe will give him more time when he eventually signs with them

  • A.J.

    He deserves way more time than that.He is an incredible talent and tna should use him better than that or he should go to wwe.

  • Shawn

    So did Daniel Bryan there’s no reason to be pissy come to wwe developmental nd get called JA style…. Just saying

    • Matt Scott

      You’re not reading it are you? D Bry was buried once in 18 seconds on one show. Styles is basically saying he’s not even getting time on TVs. Bryan is on TV every week and on SmackDown looks to have a promo during the hot hour. Styles isn’t on at all.

  • chrisjacks

    Yeah obviously a really cheesy 10 minute fly on the wall scene with Dixie and Hogan is a bigger draw than one of the best wrestlers in the world today #whatajoke

    • Matt Scott

      God I hate them fly on the wall things. They’re awful!

  • Larry

    AJ is without a doubt the most talented wrestlers in TNA !! He needs to go to WWE!!!

  • jdl

    Yeah, an 18 second match that probably paid more than any one match that AJ has ever participated in over his entire career. An 18 second match that, if the amount of audience response continues, will be better for Bryan's career than anything AJ has done for his. AJ is the most talented fish in a small pond, I love the guy's work, he's fantastic… but until he moves on up to the big leagues he'll have nothing to do but complain about where he's at in his career.

  • stoney

    A hard working and talented gets buied so that one trick pony Eric Bischoff can shove his son down our throats

  • Stan

    What pisses me off is how a douchebag who never paid his dues like Garret Bishoff is getting more air time than a guy as talented as AJ Styles.

  • Yanman

    AJ & Joe to WWE. I’m not completely sold on Bobby Roode just yet. I wonder how Kurt (sane version) and Hardy, RVD, etc. really feel after seeing all of the goings-on in WWE this past week knowing I could have been a major impact player and been part of all of that. Not to knock TNA/Impact completely, but the ‘E’ is hot right now.

  • Aldo T

    This is why TNA doesn't have a chance of competing with WWE.

    They allow any idiot to run around in the back and put in their two cents and push former WWE Talent that want a better schedule.

    I personally refuse to call them "WWE Rejects" simply because they paid their dues.

    Anyways, unless.. Somehow.. Someway.. Bishoff decides to pull his head out of his arse and actually grow a pair and bring up home grown talent, there is no way in hell that TNA can compete with WWE.

    And hey.. Maybe, one of these days, some of the great talent from TNA will go to WWE and run TNA out of business.

    Just saying.

  • Brandon

    It's funny to think that D-Bry's 18 seconds just at WrestleMania got him a large sum of paycheck and "accidentally" over as hell in Miami (YES! YES! YES!) while AJ wrestles in a theme park for 18 seconds total for the past 2 weeks with a lesser amount of money. Hate to say, but TNA is a sinking ship. Step up to your own game AJ. Go to WWE. There's nothing for you to prove anymore in TNA. Hogan, Bischoff and Sting is blinded by Garrett Bischoff and keep pushing him down our throat yet misused one of the best in the world in AJ. #TNAisajoke

  • sdd619

    AJ Styles has done it all in TNA & i think its time for him to move on from TNA. He needs a fresher & larger audience to wrestle in front of AJ does have the it factor.

  • Rick

    So true, I miss the “cross the line” days. AJ, Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, Jay Lethal, Abyss, Americas Most Wanted, Team Canada and MCMG were top of the pile. Bichoff and Hogan ruined TNA like they did WCW. The likes of AJ have every right to be annoyed.

  • Kevin

    Here's an idea: all the good talent from TNA could go to WWE. Then they could rename TNA WWE Hasbeens. Just saying