AJ Styles Discusses Being Held Down, TNA Creative Changes, Being Offered A WWE Deal

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Wrestling News World reader Dan The Cannon interviewed AJ Styles. You can listen to the full interview at this link. Below are the highlights:

On being held down

“I think if you ever give me the ball, I’ll score. But you have to give it to me. I have to play my part as well, I am a company guy. We all wrestle together, we entertain together and we all make money together.

On James Strom

“I can see he is doing what James Storm does best. Guess we will find out where it all leads.”

On TNA’s Twitter push

“I like to get on there and associate and connect with my fans. See what they want. If they don’t like the fact that I wore gloves on the PPV then let me know. I’m trying something new. I see nothing wrong with that, I think it’s something new.”

On storylines in wrestling

“You have to admire how it is done. It was pretty unique and I haven’t seen anything like that before. Storylines need to continue you know. Bobby Roode is one of the best champions in a long time. He has it all.”

On his match with Ken Anderson against Kazarian and Daniels

“I haven’t been this happy about a match in a long time. I think it was outstanding. I think it was one of the better matches of the night. I’m so proud of Ken. We wrestle such a different style than Ken and for Ken to be right there toe to toe with us right along,

right on time is super impressive.”

On slowing down with age

“We, things hurt a little bit longer than they used to. As long as I can get in there and go to work. I know some guys have said that I’ve slowed down since I was in the Ring of Honor or whatever other indy I was in. That’s just working smarter, psychology. It’s about

finding the right time to do something and making it special.”

On his promo to Jeff Hardy

”You know I spoke to Jeff about that. To be honest, I was pretty upset over that. I take a lot of pride in this company. I’ve put my body, my life, my livelihood for this company. But that has been totally squashed and he is kicking major butt right now. He is in great shape and he is in mentally great shape.”

On seeing more submission wrestling lately

“Ever so slightly there are some guys throwing in some submissions. I threw a flying amber ever once in a blue moon. I wish I could do that more but it doesn’t seem to be the case in some of my matches.”

On the new creative team of Bruce Prichard, Dave Lagana and Matt Conway

“Well, Matt Conway, I’ve been working with him. Lagana, I’ve actually communicate with him a lot and Bruce as well. I think the fact that we have been able to communicate is a plus. The lack of communication is what screws things up. Without that you can’t see their vision for what they want. You end up with two different pictures for the same thing.”

On being offered a WWE developmental contract for $500 a week and turning it down

“I could tell you what would have happened. Literally 3 months later, WWE pulled their developmental. I’m sure they would have just dumped my contract.”

  • Dave Barton

    I sure hope I don't sound like a prick, but AJ has been with TNA for so long & been at or near the top for so much of that time…why should he really complain about not getting more focus recently? Let others take their shot at making a name for themselves.

    Likewise, I'd really prefer the legit old timers (Hogan & friends) to stay out of the spotlight as well, but AJ has already done it all in TNA.

  • Nik

    Fair play to him, AJ is one of my favourite wrestlers and every time I read an interview he seems to display an impressive degree of humility, passion and loyalty. I'd love to see him in WWE, but like many others I'm not so sure they'd do the right thing with him, and I'm sure he has enough pull within TNA to ensure that he's always there or thereabouts when it comes to the upper midcard or main event. All told, I'm not a massive TNA fan but this guy and James Storm are enough to make me give it a watch whenever I can.

  • christopher525

    As talented as he is, that last comment shows a big lack of self confidence. I know it's possible he's right, and there's a chance he's just being realistic, but he is one of the best workers in the business, he should have enough confidence that he could either get elevated quick enough or, at least be shipped to the next developmental area they opened up, if there's anyone that could have been elevated quickly it would have been him.

    • jessezachary

      No, he just realizes how retarded WWE can be. The don't know how to use a lot of their new talent, even ones with as much experience as Styles.

  • AJG316

    I wonder if this was an in character interview ??? :/

  • The smelly fart

    I would turn down a Wwe developmental contract also if I were in the positioning of Aj styles. I mean sure $500 dollars a week that's outrageous and more than good money but with him main eventing all over the world and wrestling a bet for over a decade, that's like a slap in the face. I mean understand asking someone like Robbie e, rob Terry,or zema ion to go through the developmental process (not that there bad wrestlers I actually like them all extremely well. But they don't have as much experience as styles)

  • Miles

    He should go to Japan for something new, not wwe.

  • Mark

    Anybody else read this in an AJ Styles accent?

  • Kevin

    Funny you should say that, Mark. I literally heard AJ Sytles' voice in my head as I read his responses. As for the WWE, why do they keep bringing back guys like Jericho and A-Train, when there are so many good YOUNG guys to do the work? Let's let the old guys go and bring on new ones. I say one shot and you're out. If you have a deal with the WWE, then you walk away from that deal, you don't get to come back. You had a chance at the big money, and you thought the grass was greener elsewhere. If you found out otherwise, and want to come back to the WWE, then I say they should quote James Storm: "Sorry 'bout your damn luck."

  • Steve l

    500 dollars a week ismt great money for someone like AJ at his age and experience amd the travel required.