Update On The Contract Negotiations Between TNA Wrestling & AJ Styles - Is WWE In The Picture?, Details On A Big Name Diva Looking To Return To WWE - Who It Is & What They Were Told

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Update on AJ Style's TNA Contract

As we've reported previously here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com, TNA Wrestling has inked AJ Styles to a short-term contract extension while they continue to negotiate his new deal. Basically, TNA is offering a "pretty steep" pay cut but they've been doing that across the board so it's not a surprise that Styles is not an exception.

Styles' negotiation power isn't as strong as one might think. We're told that WWE's interest in Styles is "lukewarm" at best. The company has concerns with him being 36-years-old and do not necessarily see him as a "ready made" star. We're told WWE does respect his talent but they view him as a guy they would basically be starting from scratch with.

The interest in Styles would be "much higher" if WWE knew if and when they were launching the talked about revamp of the cruiserweight division. However, with the status of the WWE Network as unclear as ever, there is no confidence in the concept or prospective show actually becoming a reality.

Big Name Diva Looking to Return to WWE

A lot has been written about Kharma's new look and her weight loss. We're told she's been hoping to return to WWE but was told she would have to lose a significant amount of weight before they would consider it. We're told she opted to undergo gastric bypass surgery to assist with the weight loss and had to plan for some time off because the surgery requires a lengthy recovery period.

  • Xavier

    I’d be all for Kharma coming back to the WWE to shake up the Divas division over AJ Styles coming in and being stuck as a mid-carder, I think her impact would be much bigger then anything AJ would be able to do at this point, and with things finally getting interesting within the divas division she could create a huge buzz. She actually never had an official match in the company now that I think about it. The two things that I wish would of been able to play out in the WWE is Kharma & the other being Muhammed Hussan. Hopefully Kharma can return and fulfill one of those.

    • Patrick

      from recent pictures Kharma , she is looking better and lost some weight. I hope she does return to destroy the Bella Twins as she promised as for AJ Style at this time in career…WWE was more interested in him early in his career just before TNA started and he turned them down and went to TNA instead couple months later. If he came in now being in mid-card is a waste of his talents not to mention they are concerned because of his age.

  • Rus

    Do no people in the IWC have no faith in AJ popularity from TNA being enough for WWE to give him a push if he joins. Wasn’t he the face of TNA for a long time. I remember when I watched TNA he was the best wrestler there and even go on a limb to say his in ring ability compares to CM Punk