AJ Styles Statement A Work?, Departure From TNA Wrestling In Question

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There is speculation beginning to make rounds that AJ Styles actually re-signed with TNA Wrestling and the statement he issued on Monday was a work.

WrestleZone.com took it a step further and reported via an anonymous source that Styles has in fact re-signed with TNA and his statement was a "blasphemous" work. You can read the WZ report at this link.

At this point I'm unable to confirm the WZ report but I can tell you there are several that were skeptical that Styles was going to walk. The assumption was that TNA wouldn't have gone as far with the Bound for Glory angle we broke before the pay-per-view if it was only for him to leave.

  • Batman

    You never know, could be a work on AJ’s part. “Hey guys, I’ll re-sign, honest, but do this and give me a bit of press worldwide and kick up a fuss about me so that my stock is a bit higher and i’m a bit more noticeable…I promise to re-sign with you.”

    Didn’t Pillman pull a similar sort of card way back?

  • jdl

    This makes no sense as a work in this day and age. If he is back with the company then it’s a new deal they reached recently, and not a rouse. This is the era where there are no true secrets, trying to hide something like this is pointless. Styles more or less is TNA, and leaving the company is a shocker, but staying with it is almost entirely meaningless as it’s just more of the same. Especially after the whole leaving with the title angle.

  • sTiNgfAn1985

    I hope it is, one thing is for sure with this though, if he is back with them then TNA did this right. AJ has been with them for a long time and has always been a go to guy but this is definately the most entertaining storyline that he has ever ran! He really feels like TNA’s top guy now, I have a hard time watching without knowing if he is comming back but at the same time I dont want to miss it either. Wrestling hasn’t made me like that in years but since BFG they have been on.