AJ Styles On WWE Building Talent From Scratch, His Relationship w/CM Punk, Rumors Of New Promotion, TNA Exit

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Elto Alexandrov interviewed AJ Styles on behalf of WrestlingNewsWorld.com. The interview was done to promote his upcoming appearance in the United Kingdom for PCW on March 1, 2014. Below is what AJ had to say about the appearance:

ON HIS UPCOMING UK APPEARANCE ON MARCH 1 FOR PCW: I missed out on the opportunity to be up there this year, so I gotta get my fix in. Those UK fans, they are the crazy fans that you want to be in front of… Every show I’ve ever been in, when it comes to the UK, the fans have always been tremendous. That’s why WWE and TNA always go over there, because they know they’re going to get great crowds.

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Below are some excerpts Elto himself typed up:

ON BEING PART OF AN EXTRAORDINARY GENERATION OF INDY TALENT: It just seemed like every guy that Ring of Honor would bring in you could have a great match with… I don’t know why there were so many of us grouped together that had so much talent that can go in there and have outstanding matches. It was just a good time for wrestling, I guess, and a good time for Ring of Honor.

ON WWE’S APPROACH OF BUILDING TALENT FROM SCRATCH: Honestly, I think that’s a bad idea. The great thing about wrestling is you’ve got so many different styles, and at the beginning of TNA, that’s what separated us from everybody else. There were a lot of different styles coming in to TNA, and Ring of Honor was better at this than anybody. When they would bring in talent, it was from all over the country, and the different styles put together [were] a recipe for a great match.

ON HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH CM PUNK: We’re definitely not the best of friends in the world, but when it came down to somebody wearing a CM Punk shirt or anybody else who wrestles for WWE, and I wrestle for TNA, of course I’m going to joke around with the kid about their shirt.

ON BEING RIC FLAIR’S PROTÉGÉ IN 2010: I think the reason why they put me with Ric Flair was, they thought that, just because they didn’t know who AJ Styles was, that no one did, so they wanted to put me with Ric Flair so that I can evolve and be, you know, better for being Ric Flair’s lackey, but I don’t think that worked too well. I didn’t want to be Ric Flair, I wanted to be AJ Styles, but I had fun working with Ric, it was an amazing time.

ON HIS LAST MATCH IN TNA: It’s nice to know that it took nine guys to beat me. That’s not exactly a bad way to leave. I left looking strong and I can live with that, despite losing the title. If I’m not going to be in that company anymore then of course I’m not going to hold on to it… Magnus is a heel, he’s a bad guy, so whatever gets more heat for him, or even for Bobby Roode and Dixie Carter, then that’s what should be done.

ON POSSIBLY RETURNING TO TNA: I left the door open, so if there was an opportunity we can work something out, but I think for now the best thing for TNA and for AJ Styles is to stay apart… Never say never, there’s definitely a chance that I could end up there again, but it depends on how angry they are with me at this point.

ON RUMORS OF A NEW PROMOTION: Well, I can tell you this, Jeff Jarrett is very smart. He knows what works. He started TNA, and people said it wouldn’t last for a month. Well, it’s eleven years now, and they still exist. I think anything is possible, I think Jeff has the ability to make something out of nothing, and if there’s a lot of people involved, it can definitely be big.

  • live1213

    I truly think if AJ don’t get an WWE contract about time his book is out with his tour in France to promote his book it would be to TNA advantage to sign him. Give him his money but put clauses that force him to promote TNA at all times and give him a long term deal. Bobby and James are the future but AJ could be the in betweener for at least 4 years.

  • Lebron James

    I hope WWE changes their mind on A.J Styles. He’d be a perfect addition! He’s only 36 and in phenomenal shape! Please Vincent and Hunter, change your minds.

  • Yeah I gotta believe TNA would, is and should do everything in their power to sign AJ before Jarrett or WWE can. Styles could be looking at quite a bidding war and make more than he did the last time.

  • John

    I really think Styles is holding out to see where the potential Jeff Jarrett promotion leads too before he goes back to TNA. I think Magnus could be a big star for TNA if only they stopped making him look so weak with all the run-ins during his matches! A feud with a returning AJ Styles would get over huge, and it would be the perfect opportunity to put Magnus over clean.