AJ's Message To Stephanie, The Bella Twins Meet Pauly D & Duck Dynasty Star

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AJ Lee's Message for Stephanie McMahon

AJ Lee continued her storyline involvement with Stephanie McMahon after Raw on Twitter:

The Bella Twins Meet Celebs

The Bella Twins met DJ Pauly D and Jep from Duck Dynasty at the Miss USA pageant festivities. Below are a couple of photos:

  • Aaronmbly

    Can they at least get the name right it’s Jep

    • Chris

      Understandable mistake, since he’s the brother nobody cares about. If she screwed up on Jase or Willie, or even Si or Phil, there would be a major issue.

      • Aaronmbly

        Yea I know but it’s duck dynasty great show true nobody really knows Jep it’s all about si lol

        • George

          And that’s a fact, Jack!

  • 1molly23

    Yep, Daniel Bryan and Duck Dynasty – works for me!